'Guide to Halo Promise Rings'

Guide to Halo Promise Rings

You’ve probably heard the term promise ring, but might not be sure exactly what they signify. Promise rings symbolize commitment and love, and are given to a loved one when they want to take their relationship to the next level. You’ll see plenty of promise ring styles on the market. A popular and dazzling design is the halo setting. Keep reading to learn more about halo promise rings including seeing design examples, choosing metals, and shopping for your perfect ring.

What is a Halo Setting?

In a halo setting, a center diamond is surrounded by sparkling diamonds. This style makes the center stone appear bigger to the eye because the additional diamonds extend the center stone. Halo rings were introduced in the 1920s, and this style has remained a popular choice since then.

Halo Ring Popularity

There are a few reasons for halo ring popularity. As already mentioned, that ring of diamonds surrounding the center stone makes the ring appear larger. Halo rings look glamorous and offer eye-catching brilliance, which adds to this sought-after design. In addition to the round center stone halo, you’ll find other shaped center stones, such as cushion, pear, asscher, and oval. Additionally, you’ll see center stones that aren’t diamonds with a diamond halo.

Halo Ring Designs

While it’s nice to discuss halo rings, it’s more helpful to see some examples of these stunning designs.

Vintage Style Floral Halo Diamond Ring

Vintage Style Floral Halo Diamond Ring

This beautiful halo promise ring has a vintage-inspired halo of four pave diamond petals that highlight the sparkle of the center stone. You can select round, emerald or cushion diamonds for the center stone. The ring's royal cathedral shank features an engraved split detail along the band and scrollwork in the gallery that leads to a classic four-prong setting. This ring features delicate and unique design details.

Fancy Pave Halo Diamond Ring

Fancy Pave Halo Diamond Ring

The shank in this design is adorned with diamonds spaced elegantly half of the way around the band while the unique halo features 4 larger diamonds at the corners to create a sophisticated and modern design. It’s a unique variation of a traditional halo setting. The setting features 0.38 carats of diamond weight. You can choose the cut of the center stone: oval, round, or cushion if you’d like a unique shape.

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Metal Choices

Some people have metals that they prefer or metals worn because of skin sensitivity. The metal you choose also alters the look of the halo ring. Here are some common metal options:

• Yellow Gold: This color of gold is considered timeless, and it’s a popular choice for rings. It’s great for someone with a classic sense of style.

• Platinum: A stunning hypoallergenic option is platinum because it’s sophisticated, durable and its sought-after silvery-white color continues to be popular. It’s more expensive than other metal options.

• White Gold: If you like the silver color of platinum but need to focus on budget, then white gold is a good option. It’s also a popular option that has a shiny luster and is durable.

• Rose Gold: If your style is trendier, then rose gold would be a good choice. This warm, pink-tinted metal’s popularity continues to increase.

Gemstone Options

In addition to selecting which type of gemstone for your ring, you’ll also need to decide if you’d like lab-created diamonds or natural diamonds. Lab-created diamond promise rings are a great choice for those who want an eco-friendly stone. Plus, lab diamonds are budget friendly and offer the same sparkle as earth-mined diamonds.

Promise Ring Considerations

As you browse halo rings and brands, keep the following in mind:

• Research the brand: Take time to research the brand, read reviews, and buy from a reputed brand in case you run into issues or are dissatisfied with your product.

• Whether you choose a lab-made diamond or a natural one, ensure it’s certified by renowned institutes such as GIA and IGI.

• Have your budget in mind as you shop for rings. It’s also important to consider your partner’s likes and dislikes so you can wow your loved one with your halo ring.

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