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Emerald Cut Three Stone Engagement Rings to Remind Her That Your Love Is Forever

Your love is perfectly modern, but that doesn't mean you can't be wed in vintage style. If you love to stir a bit of retro-chic into your personal aesthetic, you might want to choose an engagement ring that has an antique vibe. One of those styles is the emerald cut three stone engagement ring, a classic setting that can lend a ring a Victorian or Art Deco look while remaining fresh and contemporary. Here are the essential things to think about when shopping for an emerald cut three stone ring.

What you need to know about three stone engagement rings

Three stone engagement rings — also known as past, present and future rings — are beloved by some brides-to-be for their symbolism. As the name suggests, each stone on the ring represents a couple’s past, present, and future. Gazing at it might inspire the wearer to reflect on good memories, their current love, and all the potential happiness to come. And it doesn't necessarily have to stand for the past, present and future; it can mean whatever you want it to mean — friendship, love and fidelity, for example.

And you likewise have no shortage of options when choosing the stones in your setting — they can be step-cut or brilliant cut, so you'll need to decide which you feel matches your center stone and fits your personal style.

emerald cut three stone engagement rings comparison with brilliant vs step cut side stones

What you need to know about buying emerald cut diamonds

Step cut diamonds are just like they sound — they have sharply angled edges that graduate like steps. As one of the most popular step cuts, emerald cut diamonds excel at showing off clarity because of their large, uninterrupted table. So you'll want to make sure your stone is eye clean, clear of noticeable flaws known as inclusions.

You’ll need to balance the 4Cs of diamonds

Since these diamonds don’t hide inclusions as well as brilliant cuts, it’s highly suggested that you prioritize clarity when you’re balancing the 4Cs of diamonds with your engagement ring budget. Think of these attributes as if they’re on a set of scales. If you put more money into clarity — again, we highly suggest this — then there’s less money to go to color, cut, and carat.

But that doesn’t mean you have to try to buy a flawless diamond. Many of the clarity grades we carry, such as VVS2 and VS1, are generally eye-clean. That means that while they do have inclusions, a gemologist needs special equipment to see them under magnification. So when you look at your diamond as you will each day — with your naked eye — you won’t be able to spot the flaws you see on the diamond’s GIA report.

Emerald cut diamonds show off a little differently

Although step cut diamonds make a beautiful statement, they don't sparkle as much as brilliant cut diamonds because they have fewer facets. Instead, you’ll see that they flash instead of sparkle as light hits their long, wide facets. It might be a different look, but it’s equally captivating.

But you may decide that you don’t want diamonds that sparkle sitting next to your central stone that flashes. So consider our range of settings and pay close attention to the side stones. It’s popular to pair emerald cut diamonds with baguette side stones for this reason. But if you don’t mind the mix of looks, round or pear-shaped side stones are also striking. It all comes down to personal preference.

Your diamond’s ratio changes the look of the ring

As you browse, you'll see that you'll need to decide on the ratio you prefer. Some emerald cut diamonds are shorter and wider, and some are longer and skinnier. A gemologist — like the on-staff experts here at With Clarity — can help you find a stone in the ratio you love.

emerald cut three stone engagement rings diamond shape ratios

But it’s important to note that there’s no wrong choice here. It’s completely about personal preference, and fans of the emerald diamond are split between the longer, skinnier stones and the shorter, wider ones. One of our gemologists may advise against a stone, but only if it falls at an extreme ratio outside of the typical choices you see in the diagram above. Mostly this is because the stones are getting closer to looking like baguettes rather than true emerald cut diamonds.

Top emerald cut three stone engagement rings

We carefully craft a wide range of styles for a reason. One emerald diamond three stone engagement ring will be perfect for one bride-to-be and miss the mark for another. We want everyone to feel like they found the ring, just like you found the one. With our diverse collection, no one ever has to feel like they settled. After all, she’s going to be slipping it on her finger every morning for the rest of her life.

emerald cut three stone engagement rings petite

Petite Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

A petite band and classic three stone setting stylishly accentuate the center diamond, creating an heirloom look. The style is perfect for a center diamond of any size.

emerald cut three stone engagement rings pear

Three Stone Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Two beautiful pear-shaped diamonds offer an elegant variation on a classic three stone diamond setting.

emerald cut three stone engagement rings tapered baguette

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Classic tapered baguettes flank an emerald cut diamond to create this three stone style, while rounded accent diamonds add glimmer to the band.

emerald cut three stone engagement rings accent halo

Accent Halo Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Subtle split shanks connect to accented side stone halos that emphasize your center diamond and create a truly distinctive, vintage-inspired look.

This is a big decision and a big purchase; we get it. Take your time to look over our collection of emerald cut engagement rings, whether or not you ultimately decide to go with the three stone setting. Remember that all of our settings are available in 14k or 18k yellow, rose, or white gold as well as platinum, each of which can change the entire look of your ring. And never hesitate to reach out with questions. Helping people find that perfect engagement ring is why we do this.

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