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Lesbian Promise Rings

Lesbian Promise Rings

Promise rings are a universal symbol of love and commitment. Promise rings aren’t only for heterosexual couples–many same sex couples give promise rings, and some couples get each other rings or pick out a set together. Love is universal, and jewelry gifts, like promise rings, are a meaningful way to demonstrate love, loyalty, and commitment.

Promise Ring Considerations

You have plenty of options for women’s promise rings, so we’ve compiled useful considerations to help you find the perfect promise ring.

First, decide if you both want to wear promise rings. If so, you’ll have to determine if you want matching rings or not. This is completely up to each of you–it’s a personal choice. If you’re picking out the promise ring for your girlfriend, consider personal style and individuality while browsing. Think about the types of jewelry you observe her wearing. If each of you are drawn to a similar style, perhaps you can buy two and exchange them as a symbol of your commitment.

Another consideration is which hand and finger should you wear the promise ring. There’s no hard and fast rule about this. Some wear it traditionally by displaying it on the ring finger on the left hand. Others prefer to wear it on the ring finger on the right hand. Another option is to wear your promise ring on a non-ring finger that you and your partner prefer.

Promise Ring Styles

Jewelry is all about personal preferences no matter the individual or couple. Some prefer simpler designs while others love flashier styles. We’ve gathered some favorite designs to provide you with some options.

Plain Metal Promise Rings

If you’re looking for something simple yet sophisticated, consider a plain metal band. They’re classic, come in a variety of designs, and can be engraved to make it more intimate. Here are some ideas:

Infinity Pendant

Classic Style:

This classic tapered metal band features a domed band with a moderate width. It’s simple, cute, and beautiful–plus it can be customized in a variety of metals.

Cluster Pendant


This scroll band features graceful, romantic filigree curls that offer the simplicity of a metal band with a touch of flair.

Sparkling Diamond Promise Rings

If your loved one prefers elaborate, sparkling jewelry, then you’ll want to look at diamond promise rings. Here are some beautiful options:

Infinity Pendant


This east-west diamond promise ring positions the diamond in an interesting way and is sure to turn heads.

Cluster Pendant


This solitaire ring features two baguettes on either side. It’s a classic style with plenty of sparkle.

Infinity Pendant

Vintage Style:

This design is a vintage-looking milgrain ring that is classically designed with utmost elegance. Its pattern of milgrain setting with a marquise metal shaping and rounds make a stunning promise ring.

Design Customization

In addition to the design, you can customize your promise ring including the metals and type of diamonds you select. Popular metals for jewelry include white, rose, and yellow gold and platinum.

  • Yellow gold: Yellow gold is the familiar, shiny metal that’s popular for jewelry. Yellow gold typically flatters skin with warm undertones. Generally, yellow, white and rose gold cost around the same amount.

  • White gold: White gold is an alloy(meaning a mixture) composed of pure gold and durable metals, such as zinc, nickel. White gold tends to flatter more pale skin with cool undertones. This metal is more affordable than platinum but looks similar.

  • Rose gold: Rose gold is composed of pure gold mixed with copper and silver alloys. Rose gold flatters both cool and warm undertones, and is an affordable choice.

  • Platinum: Platinum is a brilliant, grayish-white color naturally. This metal is a hypoallergenic option and typically flatters more pale skin with cool undertones. Platinum costs more than gold, so keep that in mind while you shop for promise rings.

If you’ve decided on a diamond promise ring, there’s one more decision for you–lab or natural diamond. Lab-created diamond promise rings cost less than natural diamonds and are a good option if you’d prefer an eco-friendly stone.

Promise Ring Shopping Tips

We’ll conclude with a few important tips to keep in mind while you shop for rings with your partner or select a promise ring for her.

  • Shopping together: Some couples choose to shop for promise rings together while others don’t. It’s based on personal preference. If you often make major decisions together, then shopping together could work well.

  • Dating length before buying a ring: Every couple is different based on circumstances and age, so there’s not a standard amount of time to date before giving a promise ring. An average amount of time is one to three years.

  • Buying the right size ring: There are plenty of ways to find out the right ring size if you’re buying a ring for your partner. Here are some ideas: online sizing guides, measuring a ring that fits one of her fingers, and measuring her finger with dental floss while sleeping.

  • Staying in budget: The style of ring, metal choice and gemstones impact the price of the ring. Consider your budget as you shop for rings.

Choosing the right design: Research the symbolism behind the design of the promise ring to make it even more special.


  • What does a promise ring symbolize?
    A promise ring can symbolize whatever you want it to mean. A promise ring is a gift from the heart, and its meaning comes from your relationship as a couple. Some see the ring as a promise to marry one day while others give promise rings to signify love, loyalty and commitment. While the meaning varies, the loving gesture has a great impact.

  • Do both partners wear promise rings?
    It’s common for both partners to wear promise rings. Some partners get matching rings and others have unique promise rings.

  • Can any ring be a promise ring?
    Any ring can be a promise ring. Some prefer more ornate promise rings while others prefer simpler styles.

  • Is a promise ring the same as a Purity Ring?
    Promise rings are different from purity rings. They’re usually decorated with gemstones and are more ornate. Typically promise rings don’t have associations to abstinence.