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Our Favorite Cushion Ring Styles for 2022

Cushion Ring Styles

When it comes to jewelry, rings can easily be considered one of the most popular options. They come in all shapes, designs, colors, and sizes. It's easy to pair a ring with your favorite outfit or choose a favorite you wear daily. It's not surprising that there are a lot of options for rings.

One of the most important choices is what shape you want your gemstone to be. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or a special piece to add to your collection, it will likely have a dazzling center stone. But what exactly that stone looks like is up to you. You could choose the ever-popular round brilliant or the unique marquise cut.

In our experience, a cushion cut ring is one of the most sought-after (and most timeless).

First, let's talk a bit about a cushion cut. As you may have guessed, it resembles a pillow. It has a square shape but rounded corners and was once referred to as an "old mine" cut. Despite a name change and its availability for nearly two centuries, this gorgeous cut has long been a favorite for its beautiful fire. Today, buyers often love the romantic, vintage feel cushion-cut diamond engagement rings offer.

It was the most popular diamond ring cut for the first hundred years following its arrival. This makes it a timeless choice, perfect for those who want a classic ring. The cut gets its enhanced fire thanks to its ability to disperse light in a chunkier fashion than a round brilliant, making all the colors of the rainbow much more visible.

We also love that this cut lends itself so well to a halo setting, which only adds to the antique ambiance of a lovely cushion-cut diamond ring.

We've mainly discussed the advantages of a cushion cut for a diamond. However, there are a variety of cushion-shaped gems to choose from! Depending on your budget and the occasion you're looking for, you can find everything from precious gems to semi-precious.

  • Cushion Cut Diamonds

Of course, cushion-cut diamonds are a favorite. As mentioned, their fire and light dispersion qualities are excellent. For this reason, they've been popular for over one hundred years, and their reign isn't likely to end soon. Diamonds in this shape make perfect cushion halo engagement rings or cushion cut solitaire engagement rings.

  • Cushion Cut Sapphire

A cushion-cut sapphire is another attractive choice. They also have excellent dispersion, letting all the hues of the stone shine through. Sapphires are considered September's birthstone and the gem for a couple's 45th wedding anniversary.

  • Cushion Cut Emerald

Finally, emeralds are another precious gemstone often seen with a cushion cut. The various facet patterns possible for a cushioned help make an emerald look rich and vivid. We've seen cushion-cut engagement rings featuring an emerald but also earrings, necklaces, and diamonds. May's birthstone is emerald, while the stone is also customarily given for both the 20th and 55th wedding anniversary.

Cushion Cut Ring Styles We Love

We've got your back if you're searching for a gorgeous ring style that features a cushion cut! Cushion Engagement Rings.

Vintage Cushion Engagement Ring

Vintage Cushion Engagement Ring

This cushion engagement ring is purely stunning. A timeless cushion solitaire is framed with leaf-shaped motifs incorporated into the setting and band. Milgrain embellishments and pave diamonds enhance the sparkle of the lovely center stone.

Cushion Solitaire Engagement Ring

Cushion Solitaire Engagement Ring

You can't go wrong with a timeless solitaire ring, and this cathedral setting is perfect for the classic cushion cut. It's simply stunning.

Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

We mentioned that a cushion cut lends itself well to a halo design, and this is a stunning example. The brilliant center stone is surrounded by a modern halo and flanked by elegantly spaced diamonds on the band for an eye-catching look.

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Cushion Moissanite Ring

Cushion Moissanite Ring

This cushion-cut moissanite ring boasts a lovely center stone that is positively mesmerizing. The delicate band is refined and elegant, drawing all focus to the sparkling solitaire.

Cushion Aquamarine Ring

Cushion Aquamarine Ring

We love this example of how gemstones can benefit from a cushion cut, as it enhances their color and sparkle. Baguette-shaped accent diamonds as well as pave set stones on the band give this ring vintage vibes.

Cushion Ruby Ring

Cushion Ruby Ring

How romantic is this cushion-cut ruby ring? Surrounded by a halo of glittering white diamonds that emphasize the ruby's rich color, it's positively mesmerizing.

Metal Options for Cushion Cut Rings

While it's true the center cushion cut stone often takes priority, don't forget to devote some thought to which metal you want your ring created from.

  • Yellow Gold. Renowned for its classic feel, 18kt and 14kt gold options are ideal for everyday wear.
  • Platinum: Modern and sophisticated, platinum is perfect for those with allergies (hypoallergenic) or those who prioritize durability.
  • White Gold: A platinum look-alike, white gold offers a gorgeous silvery-white shine.
  • Rose Gold: Warm and slightly pink, rose gold is versatile, catering to vintage or modern tastes.
  • Sterling Silver: High shine at a more affordable price; what's not to love?

Tips for Choosing a Cushion Cut Ring

  • Remember your budget. When choosing your stone and metal, keep your budget in mind, as these things work together to determine the appearance and value of your ring.
  • Consider alternatives. Lab-diamonds or cushion moissanite are fantastic, affordable diamond alternatives for those with tight budgets.
  • Reflect your style. Many designs incorporate cushion cut stones; choose one that reflects your personal style!
  • Choose the brand wisely. Be sure to check out the return or exchange policy and reviews, making sure you only buy from a reputed brand.


  • Which is the best setting for a cushion diamond?

Most experts would tell you that a halo setting is the best setting for a cushion diamond as it enhances the stone's sparkle and draws attention to it.

  • Which gemstone looks best in the cushion cut?

Cushion cut diamonds are very popular, as are emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.

  • Is the cushion cut a good choice for diamonds?

The cushion cut is a classic choice for diamonds. It has been around for almost 200 years and was the most popular diamond cut for nearly 100 years.

  • Are cushion cut rings in fashion?

Cushion cut rings are considered timeless; they've never gone out of fashion!