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The Ultimate Guide to Dainty Promise Rings

Dainty Promise Ring Guide

When it comes to jewelry, some of us think size matters - and that’s okay! On the other hand, some women simply prefer a smaller, more meaningful option. If this sounds like the person for which you’d like to buy a promise ring, there are plenty of dainty promise rings from which to choose that will both express your love and attention to detail. In today’s culture, promise rings may seem like a foreign or ancient concept, with many asking themselves, “what does a promise ring mean?” This is a shame considering the thought and meaning behind such a gift. While those in your circle may not subscribe to the thought of gifting someone a promise ring, the practice is still quite prevalent!

So, what is a promise ring? And what does a promise ring mean? Whether you’re seeking promise rings for her or even for him, a promise ring is meant to symbolize commitment. They are an excellent option for anyone looking to take their relationship to the next level without jumping into an engagement. And unlike the restrictions and pressure that come with shopping for an engagement ring, any ring can be a promise ring. From diamond promise rings for her to matching promise rings, the potential is limitless.

If you’re shopping for a ring, you’re likely also wondering what finger does a diamond ring go on and which hand? Luckily, promise rings can be worn on any finger of either hand. Most popularly, they are worn on the middle or ring finger. In terms of style, dainty promise rings are one of the more popular options today in terms of promise rings. With many styles from which to choose, ranging from stone selection to your choice of band, the shopping process can be quite fun. In this blog, we’ll discuss dainty promise rings in detail, as well as share some of our favorite dainty promise rings.

Our Top Picks for Dainty Promise Rings

Unity Diamond Ring

Unity Diamond Ring

The Unity Lab Diamond Ring is a true thing of beauty. Fitted with a .5-carat circular diamond in the center with a line of stones around a relatively thin band. Available in yellow, white, and rose gold, this ring has a traditional feel with just enough sparkle to show you mean business. Ultimately, this is the perfect ring with which to promise your commitment thanks to its customization abilities and the fact that it is handmade for you by expert gemologists.

Using only eco-friendly materials, the customizable ring bands at With Clarity are always cruelty-free and they never go out of style. If your woman appreciates the beauty in simplicity, this is a great option for you to consider, especially if you’re seeking simple promise rings that allow you to focus on the meaning rather than the value.

Classic Amethyst Ring

Classic Amethyst Ring

If you’d prefer to avoid diamond promise rings and go with something that focuses more on the promise ring meaning, the Classic Amethyst Ring is a great choice. Its simple design features a dainty band available in white, yellow, and rose gold, with a horizontal amethyst held by four prongs. Available in .5-2-carats in weight, you can customize this ring however you’d like.

This ring’s horizontal amethyst allows it to stand out from other solitaire promise rings, promoting a distinctive and romantic appearance. And when it comes to gold promise rings, you can’t go wrong thanks to With Clarity’s customization options. With the ability to choose the style of your ring, you can design the perfect promise ring for any woman. Plus, with this ring’s expertly set, semi-precious amethyst, this gift is sure to elicit an excited and romantic response.

Impresa Diamond Ring

Impresa Diamond Ring

If you’re looking for something with vintage-inspired flair, the Impresa Diamond Ring has you covered with a uniquely elaborate design. It proudly boasts a centered princess-cut diamond weighing in at .35-carats. This diamond promise ring also features an additional .15-carats in the form of decorative diamonds on the band. Perhaps one of the more unique promise rings on this list, the Impresa Diamond Ring has a floral-like pattern in the band as a celebration of the elements.

Like With Clarity’s other promise rings, you can choose a white, yellow, or rose gold band. If it’s the vintage style you’re after, rose gold promise rings are the ideal choice. Whether you prefer natural or lab diamonds, the end result is up to you. If your significant other appreciates romance and vintage vibes, we highly recommend this gold promise ring.

Six Prong Moissanite Ring

Six Prong Moissanite Ring

Cute promise rings with a simple, traditional design and a focus on one singular stone are a classic that never goes out of style. For example, the Six Prong Moissanite Ring from With Clarity puts all the attention on its beautiful solitaire moissanite stone. Set in six prongs against a customizable gold band, the Six Prong Moissanite Ring has circular moissanite in the center that is both eco-friendly and expertly set. In terms of carat weight, you have the option between a .5 and 2.5-carat stone–in turn, you get to choose its impact!

If you like the look of diamonds but aren’t as jazzed about the price, moissanite is an excellent alternative. Not only is it highly durable and more affordable, but it also has all the sparkle and effect of real diamonds. When it comes to dainty promise rings, you simply cannot go wrong with this design.

Vita Three Stone Diamond Ring

Vita Three Stone Diamond Ring

Diamond promise rings are pretty much always a good way to go. If this is the route you’d like to take, the Vita Three Stone Diamond Ring not only fits the bill - it surpasses expectations. This gold promise ring features three square or princess-cut diamonds set on a gold band. Unlike the other rings on this list, the Vita has a rather thick band, making it the ideal choice if you’re looking to make a statement. Crafted out of 14K white gold and set by expert gemologists, this ring isn’t only gorgeous–it’s high quality as well.

Available with either natural or lab diamonds and only sourced from eco-friendly materials, this ring is a purchase you can feel good about for more than its meaning. If you’re ready to make a commitment to your partner, this chic, stylish ring represents the beauty of the past, present, and future.

Pave and Milgrain London Blue Topaz Ring

Pave and Milgrain London Blue Topaz Ring

Are you looking for something a little different still? If so, this Pave and Milgrain London Blue Topaz Ring might be just the item you seek. Featuring a round-cut blue topaz available in .5-2-carats, this ring is ideal for anyone who likes to stand apart from the crowd. Because while there’s no real tradition with the look of promise rings, many stick to diamonds. In addition to its impressive semi-precious blue topaz, the band itself is available in white, yellow, and rose gold for a perfectly customized ring.

Around the Pave and Milgrain London Blue Topaz Ring’s band, there are a number of small diamonds extending around its circumference for added sparkle. As you can see, with a unique and flashy appearance, this particular ring is the perfect way to form an everlasting memory.

Narrowing Down the Details

At With Clarity, the majority of our promise rings are available in either white, yellow, or rose gold. In turn, it’s easy to please the ring’s recipient whether they are allergic to yellow gold or they simply prefer the undeniably strong, shining presence of white gold. Depending on their style and tastes, it’s easy to customize promise rings accordingly. If you’re interested in a vintage, romantic design rose gold is an excellent option that leaves a lasting impact.

Beyond varieties of metal, choosing a promise ring also comes down to your diamond preferences. For instance, if you’re looking for cruelty and conflict-free diamonds you can feel good about purchasing, you may want to consider lab diamonds instead of going the natural route. With greater purity and improved quality, choosing lab diamonds goes far beyond saving a few dollars.

What to Consider When Shopping for Promise Rings


When looking for the perfect promise rings for her, whether you prefer cute promise rings or matching rose gold promise rings, you’ll want to choose the right metal for the band. Beginning with the more traditional yellow gold, this metal is recommended if you like the style of more traditional promise and engagement rings. Currently, white gold is the more popular metal of choice, thanks to its affordability and appearance that’s equal to that of platinum. Finally, rose gold promotes an air of vintage romance that perfectly supports a number of diamonds and gemstones.


The right setting is going to depend on your center stone and the style you’re looking to recreate. Traditionally, most of the rings used for romantic purposes have at least four prongs. If the stone is larger in size, you may want to consider adding more than that.


Because promise rings have very few restrictions, you can choose a ring with any gemstone you can imagine. Ideally, you’d want to take your partner’s tastes and preferences into account as well as how much you’re able to spend. Some of the more affordable gemstones include amethyst, peridot, and citrine, while tanzanite, diamonds, and jewelry are on the pricier side.


The first thing you should figure out is how much money you have to spend on your promise ring. Because whether you’re looking for diamond promise rings or more simple promise rings, your budget is going to determine its outcome. If you have a lower budget, rose and white gold is ideal along with a .5-carat stone, for example.

Design Symbolism

While promise rings already possess meaning as a result of their nature, you may wish to take things a step further with a meaningful design or symbol. So, if there’s something special you two share that can be represented in a promise ring, now is the time to use it.


  • How Much Should You Spend on a Promise Ring?

On average, people spend up to $400 on an engagement ring. However, if you have a higher budget, you may wish to choose something a bit more elaborate.

  • Can any Ring Be Given as a Promise Ring?

Unlike the traditions of the engagement ring, promise rings are much looser in terms of how they’re supposed to look. In fact, any ring can be given as a promise ring. It all depends on the person’s taste and style, as well as what you’re trying to communicate.

  • How is a Promise Ring Different from a Promise Ring?

Often confused with one another, engagement and promise rings are quite different in nature. For example, while an engagement ring promises marriage, a promise ring promises commitment and is often used as a step up from dating.

  • Are You Supposed to Wear a Promise Ring until Engagement?

Today, while promise rings are sometimes given as a precursor to engagement, that’s not always the case. And since every relationship is different, there is no one right answer.