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Winter Wedding Colors and Jewelry Inspirations

Winter Wedding Color Guide

A wedding is a life-changing occasion, and it’s one of the most important moments in your life. While it’ll be magical no matter what season in which your wedding occurs, there’s something special and enchanting about a winter wedding. If you’re in the midst of planning a winter wedding, then you’re in luck! We’ve got plenty of winter wedding ideas for you including color and jewelry inspirations.

Winter Wedding Colors

There are plenty of beautiful winter wedding color palettes, and hopefully these ideas will help you brainstorm color ideas. Some couples decide to use white, blue, metallic, or earthy colors for a winter wedding. Others choose different shades of red or green, but then pair these with other colors like black or gold rather than together. Here’s a list to get you started:


A classic white palette is perfect for a winter wedding. A white wedding gives winter wonderland vibes full of enchanted beauty and romanticism. There’s a lot you can do with this, and you can even add a pop of color if you’d like.

In terms of jewelry for a white-themed wedding, you can’t go wrong with diamonds. They’re classic, sparkling and dazzle in a winter-wonderland wedding. You can also select lab-created diamonds. They’re more affordable, but are physically, chemically, and optically the same as earth-mined diamonds.

A diamond necklace with a matching tennis bracelet would dazzle on your white wedding day. You can even add some diamond studs or some drop earrings for more sparkle. Glittering diamonds draw attention and make a statement on your big day.

Dusty Blue

Blue is reminiscent of the clear blue skies and a glittering layer of fresh snow making this hue an ideal winter wedding color. You can weave in the blue color in a variety of ways from flowers, to tablescapes to placecards. Another way to incorporate blue into your wedding is with your jewelry. Aquamarine is a great gemstone choice because it looks stunning on its own as well as paired with diamonds. An aquamarine pendant or a pair of aquamarine drop earrings would tie in your wedding color well.

Rose Gold

A rose gold palette infuses your winter wedding with shimmer and warmth, and adds a touch of romance. Including this as a wedding color also works well for jewelry options. You can utilize rose gold wedding jewelry that includes your favorite gemstones. If you’d prefer jewelry without gemstones, select a rose gold cuff bracelet or bangle.

Dark Wine

Red is reminiscent of the holidays, so a variation of red like wine works well for winter weddings. Dark wine hue is one of the most-sought after shades for a winter wedding, if you plan to include this in your wedding jewelry, then consider opting for the wine-colored gemstone rhodolite.It’s a variety of the garnet, and admired for its deep-burgundy color. To add more glam to your wedding, look at dangling rhodolite and diamond earrings.

Winter Wedding Jewelry Tips

  • If you want to mix metals in your jewelry, keep similar tones together. For example, pair rose gold with yellow gold or platinum with white gold.
  • Keep your budget in mind as you select your wedding-day jewelry. Remember that the gemstone and the type of metal can impact the cost.
  • Buy from a reputed brand that offers easy returns/exchange if you’re dissatisfied with the product. Research the warranty, reputation of the company and the exchange/refund policy.
  • As you evaluate colorful gemstones for your wedding jewelry, prioritize quality over the carat weight (hint, use the 4Cs).


  • What is the best color for a winter wedding?
    Wedding colors depend on personal preferences, but there are plenty of winter wedding palettes beyond red and green. Some couples decide to use dusty blue, metallic, white or earthy colors for a winter wedding. Others choose different shades of red, like wine, or green, but then pair these with other colors rather than together. If you go with a white wedding, you can add a pop of color as well or stick with all white for a winter wonderland vibe.

  • Which gemstone is ideal for a winter wedding?
    You have plenty of gemstone options for your winter wedding. Some prefer rubies and diamonds, while others prefer sapphires and emeralds. The truth is, you can pick gemstones to coordinate with your wedding colors or stick with classic, sparkling diamonds.

  • Which is the best jewelry for a winter wedding?
    Bridal jewelry is typically chosen based on the style of dress. If your dress is long sleeved, then you probably won’t need lots of layered bracelets. Instead opt for a cuff, bangle, tennis bracelet or something simpler. Necklaces and earrings are popular types of wedding jewelry and can draw attention to the neck and face. You can select gemstones that compliment your wedding colors (for example, diamonds for a white wedding, aquamarine for a dusty blue wedding palette and rhodolite if wine is your main wedding color).

  • Which is the best flower for a winter wedding?
    Poinsettias are a popular flower choice for winter weddings. While they’re known for their red color, poinsettias come in all sorts of colors. You can also select the flower based on the color you choose for your wedding. LIllies add to the elegance of a white wedding, shades of blue hydrangeas are a beautiful flower for a dusty blue wedding, and various berry-hued roses would stun against a white dress for a wedding with a wine palette.