All About Salt and Pepper Diamonds

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If you are used to the traditional look associated with diamond engagement rings or typical white diamond earring selections, you may find the look of salt and pepper diamond jewelry surprising. Salt and pepper diamonds are natural diamonds that have heavy black and white inclusions that give them a unique look. The nature of the inclusions within a specific salt and pepper diamond will give the gemstone its unique color. Looking into some salt and pepper diamond gemstones can evoke the image of gazing into a densely populated galaxy. Upon first glance, a salt and pepper diamond may give the impression of a silky gray stone infused with light and dark specks. As each salt and pepper diamond derives its color from the inclusions within it, each of these stones is unique.

Since salt and pepper diamonds derive their color from the inclusions unique to each stone, you can find diamonds that look nearly black. You will also find salt and pepper diamond gemstones that appear anywhere from dark to light gray. There are also those stones that look milky and some that appear nearly colorless. You may also find salt and pepper diamonds with hints of yellow, orange, green, or red.

The color of a particular salt and pepper gemstone will depend upon the mix of light and dark inclusions the stone holds. Salt and pepper diamonds with a speckled appearance hold more inclusions. Galaxy salt and pepper diamonds will generally have opaque minerals like pirate, graphite, or hematite in them. The greater the number of black inclusions your gemstone has the darker the stone will appear. You will want to make sure that a salt and pepper gemstone doesn’t have any inclusions so large that they limit the durability of your stone.

The rarest salt and pepper diamonds are referred to as galaxy diamonds. These diamonds remind one of looking at a galaxy of stars. These stones have a dark gray to black body and are dotted with myriad white specks resembling stars. Although you can find salt and pepper diamond gemstones cut in a wide array of shapes, you will most frequently find them cut in a rose cut as the large surface area of this cut allows you to gain the full appreciation of the unique brilliance of these stones.

Although you may be aware that the value of a traditional diamond relies heavily upon its clarity, with the price of a specific diamond rising as it reaches flawlessness, a salt and pepper diamond relies on imperfections, or inclusions, for its unique look. Although a salt and pepper diamond fails to command the prices associated with high-quality white diamonds, they are still diamonds. Though a salt and pepper diamond will not sell for the same price as a similar-sized white diamond, they are still a valuable gemstone. Salt and Pepper gemstones make a stunning jewelry statement whether you are considering a regal salt and pepper necklace, a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring, or a pair of stunning and unique salt and pepper drop earrings.