How to Choose Between Cushion Cut and Asscher Diamonds

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With similar outlines, it is no wonder that the cushion and asscher cut diamonds are constantly compared with one another. For the untrained eye, the two diamond cuts might even be confused. However, cushion and asscher cut diamonds differ in one important aspect: sparkle. With a different arrangement of facets, the two diamonds have strikingly different appearances and luster.

The asscher cut diamond is a variant of the beloved emerald cut diamond. With this in mind, this cut of diamond has truncated corners to finish off its square shape. The asscher cut diamond originated in 1902 by Joseph Isaac Asscher’s grandson. The cushion cut diamond, on the other hand, can be either square or rectangular and its corners are rounded. This diamond cut gets its name because the finished product resembles the cushion of a pillow. Although this is the typical form, cushion cut diamonds come in several different variants which may affect the stone’s shape or the arrangement of its facets.

Because of the many variations this diamond cut has, the sparkle may also change. Some cushion cut diamonds have a higher intensity of sparkle than others due to the different arrangement of facets. For example, some “chunky” cushion cut diamonds may show less sparkle than the incredibly reflective and sparkly “crushed ice” diamond. Overall, however, the cushion cut diamond was originally developed for the intent to increase the intensity of sparkle.

Cushion cut diamonds

Although the name of the cushion cut is relatively new, the actual cut dates back to the nineteenth century as the “mine cut.” This name stems from the Brazilian mines from where these diamonds were usually found.

Due to the symmetry, this cut is a perfect choice for any modern or elegant bride as a cushion cut diamond engagement ring. Most popularly, cushion cut diamonds are paired with a halo setting or in a solitaire setting in order to show off their romantic nature. When buying a cushion cut diamond, it is suggested that the buyer knows their desired length to width ratio he or she wants before looking, as some cushion cuts are more rectangular than others.

Asscher cut diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds tend to have more sparkle than asscher cut diamonds. Asscher diamonds are not lackluster though; Asscher cut diamonds have a clearer sparkle while cushion cut diamonds are incredibly brilliant. Due to the difference in type of sparkle, asscher cut diamonds may display more of their imperfections than cushion cut diamonds because the brilliance of the cushion cut sneakily covers up the subtler imperfections.

Diamond cut differences in colors

In terms of color, the sparkle also plays a role in masking a more yellowish-tinted diamond. Therefore, if comparing diamonds of a similar color and clarity, the, say, 2 carat cushion cut diamond will appear less yellow than an asscher cut diamond of the same grade because of its brilliance. Asscher cut diamonds, in turn, show more of the color of the diamond, giving cushion cut diamonds the advantage once again.

With all of this being said, cushion cut diamonds are the way to go if the buyer is seeking out brilliance and intensity of sparkle, but if the buyer prefers a softer glow for the stone, then the asscher cut diamond is the perfect choice. It is all about preference! Good choices for a cushion cut diamond ring or asscher cut diamond ring include:

cushion vs asscher Widening Side Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Widening Side Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The Widening Side Halo Diamond Engagement Ring has a side halo that will frame the rectangular or square shape of the diamond perfectly along with a plain shank.

cushion vs asscher Tapered Diamond Engagement Ring

Tapered Diamond Engagement Ring

Tapered ends fit with accent diamonds elevate and emphasize the stone in the Tapered Diamond Engagement Ring.

cushion vs asscher split shank pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Split Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

For added sparkle around the band, the Split Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring encrusts both sides leading up to the center stone in accent diamonds for an elegant and unforgettable split shank.

cushion vs asscher Tapered Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Tapered Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

In a more contemporary style, the Tapered Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is complete with a trendy petite halo setting with twisted accent diamonds.

cushion vs asscher Twisting Vine Diamond Ring

Twisting Vine Diamond Ring

The Twisting Vine Diamond Ring features entwined meal and accent diamonds on the band for a simple but sparkly engagement ring.

cushion vs asscher Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

The Princess Diamond Engagement Ring lives up to its name as it is an engagement ring fit for a princess. The accent diamonds climb up the sidestone setting to give the ring an elegant and regal look.

cushion vs asscher coil accent diamond engagement ring

Coil Accent Diamond Engagement Ring

For the bride seeking out a ring that is a little bit more unusual, the Coil Accent Diamond Engagement Ring shows off a smooth coil pattern on the band. With the addition of accent diamonds over the coil, the uniqueness of the ring seems to pop even more.

cushion vs asscher Three Stone baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Stone Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

The Three Stone Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring features baguette-shaped diamonds flanking your center diamond on either side to finish off the entire ring with a graceful sparkle.

cushion vs asscher Infinity winding Diamond Engagement Ring

Infinity Winding Diamond Engagement Ring

For a timeless, seemingly infinite look, the Infinity Winding Diamond Engagement Ring contains accent diamonds most of the way around the band in a pattern that mimics the shape of the infinity symbol to stand for eternal love. This ring is the perfect opportunity to show off as a diamond cushion cut engagement ring or an asscher cut diamond ring!

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