Emerald vs. Cushion Cut: Which One Is for You?

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It used to be for many optimistic brides-to-be that the cushion cut was the cut. However, the emerald cut may be changing that as emerald cut diamonds are gaining popularity by the day. So what should you do? Do you go for the diamond you thought you always wanted or the hot new thing that seemingly every celebrity is wearing? Before you make your decision, allow us to make sure you’re properly informed and that the ring you end up with is the perfect one for you.

For starters, we should mention that emerald cut diamonds, and cushion cut diamonds don’t have a whole lot in common other than one key similarity: you’ll end up spending roughly the same amount for a high-quality diamond in either cut and won’t have to pay a premium just for a different shape

What’s the Big Difference Between the Two?

Where cushion cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds highly distinguish themselves is in their utilization of brilliant cuts and step cuts, respectively. Looking at the aforementioned cuts is a great decision starting point because this distinction dramatically alters the look of a diamond and how it will wear on your finger. Brilliant cuts, which can be found in a cushion cut diamond, have fewer inclusions, which provide the stone to sparkle. The brilliant cut, as the name suggests, sparkles like no other. That said, if you’re looking for flash, the emerald’s step cut is for you. The step cut has more prominent inclusions that make for more eye-catching flashes of light and will add some hidden charm to your ring. What’s truly special about the emerald step cut is the impressive hall-of-mirrors effect when light shines through it.

How do I pick a complementary metal color for my emerald or cushion cut diamond?

While an emerald cut diamond will show more inclusions, a cushion cut will show more color. This is important to note if you are considering a yellow or rose gold band, as your diamond will interact more with bolder colors. Our recommendation is to pair cushion cut diamonds with white gold and platinum bands to balance out the color in a cushion cut.

What cut would compliment me?

An extra tip when deciding the cut is by looking at your hands. Do you want to lengthen the look of your hands? An emerald cut ring has a more angular design that will help elongate the look of your hands, whereas the softer shape of a cushion cut will not.

Need Some Help?

Maybe the popular cushion cut diamond ring you always wanted has some tough competition now, or perhaps your mind is all made up! Well, if you are still unsure, please contact our expert gemologists. They can look at specific diamonds with you and review other factors like hand shape and setting style that may factor into your decision. In the meantime, here are some of our favorite emerald and cushion cut rings.

Three Stone Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

A three stone variation of the emerald cut, this ring is a modern and elegant homage to a classic silhouette. With the emerald cut growing increasingly popular, this is sure to set you apart.

Tapered Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

With a minimalist band and an eye-tricking floating cathedral setting, this emerald cut ring proves that less can be so much more. The white gold band adds character without drawing attention away from the stunning solitaire, which is gently hugged by a four-prong setting.

Petite Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

A twist on the classic cushion cut diamond ring. The 18k rose gold band will lightly tint your diamond without taking away from any of its brilliance and offers a change of pace that will look great today—and every day.

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Sometimes, it’s all about the sparkle factor. The 18k white gold band is sure to make your center stone and accent stones pop, while the baguette stones act as leading lines toward the gorgeous cushion cut center diamond.