Everything You Need to Know About Green Diamonds

Everything You Need to Know About Green Diamonds

Emeralds are certainly beautiful gemstones. While we don’t dare dispute or disprove that fact, we believe that there is a green stone that will forever give these green glistening gems a run for their hard-earned money. Those stones are green diamonds. Naturally colored green diamonds (not the ones artificially tinted by jewelers) come in such a variety of hues, shades, and clarity grades that people can’t help but take notice. They’re also quite rare, running close in rarity to blue diamonds, like the one which constitutes the legendary Hope diamond.

What causes diamonds to turn green?

Scientists, miners and jewelry professionals worldwide have spent tons of money and time investigating the exact cause(s) for the various colors diamonds inherit as they develop beneath the earth. Electrons that become trapped within radiation-exposed rock formations near the site in which raw diamonds are developing contribute to a natural diamond’s green hue. Don’t worry! The radiation that affects these green diamonds is not harmful; it is a natural form of radiation! Brown-tinted diamonds can also turn green, or reflect a greenish color, if the rough diamond ore manages to reach excessively hot temperatures as they continue to develop.

How popular are green diamonds?

Natural green diamonds are in the top six most popular gemstones available on the market today. They create tight competition for their green counterparts, emeralds. The translucent green of the naturally tinted green diamonds make them more sparkly than emeralds. The variety of greenish hues also contributes to the green diamond’s rising demand and intrigue, which has increased steadily over the last decade or so.

What do green diamonds symbolize?

Color intensity in a diamond refers to the amount of color the stone has, and which color is dominant enough to be labeled as its “primary” hue. Just as clear, or white, diamonds, are classified by their clarity and sparkle, colored diamonds are graded based on the primary color saturation throughout the diamond, as well as the color(s) the diamond’s surface reflect. For example, a green diamond that appears to have little or no other tints at first glance may in fact possess some yellow or gray when examined beneath a jeweler’s lighting.

The exact color label (i.e., Blue-Green, Yellow-Green, etc.) depends on the other colors detected upon further inspection, and the ration of the secondary color to the green tint. The color may also be classified as “light green,” or “dark green,” if no other colors are detected, depending on the green hue’s saturation, and the brilliance of the color when the ring sparkles.

Would your special lady love a green diamond?

Women who like to stretch their dollar tend to love natural green diamonds and green diamond jewelry. Not because the jewelry is cheap; again, the green diamond is among the top six more rare stones in the world. However, compared to a perfectly clear diamond with no imperfections, or the rarest diamond, the pure natural red diamond, the price tags on green diamonds tend to be more reasonable for the average person’s budget. For example, a 1 karat red or clear diamond could easily cost three times, or more, of what a green diamond of the same size costs.

Getting ready to propose? Consider green diamond engagement rings! Ladies who love all things interesting and unique fall quickly in love with green colored diamonds. Like all other naturally colored gemstones, green diamonds come in many different shades and varieties of green. However, unlike jewelry made with other colored stones, green diamonds jewelry rarely appears “faded,” or “watered down.” Also, because green diamonds are among the rarest gems on the market, women who like to stand out in a crowd won’t have to worry about all of her friends sporting the same kind of jewelry she has!

Green diamond jewelry is also an excellent choice for women who admire the qualities and green hue of emeralds, but think that they possess just a little too much “loud” green. Because green diamonds often have an opaque or translucent reflection to their color, many women who like the idea of a green stone, but aren’t crazy about the solid green of the emerald, adore various shades of green diamonds. So, if your lady likes a little touch of green in her life, she would probably love a beautiful green diamond necklace, or a lovely set of green diamond earrings!