Journey pendants: What makes them so special?

Journey Pendants

You’re probably aware of the concept behind journey pendants, but might not be familiar with the term. A journey pendant is a necklace that represents the journey in your relationship and how far you’ve come together. Or how far you two will journey in your future together. Each stone of the necklace can represent special moments, dreams, adventures and milestones that occur in life.

History and Popularity of Pendant Necklaces

Journey necklaces come in a variety of designs and styles. They’re a contemporary design that has gained popularity in recent years. You’ll spot these because they’re typically in an “S” shape with the smallest stone on top and the largest at the bottom. The shape represents the winding journey, and you’ll find designs in white, yellow, or rose gold as well as platinum. You’ll see diamond versions as well as colored gemstones.

What Makes Journey Pendants Special?

Journey pendants are special in their unique design as well as their symbolism. You can customize the necklace to represent what you want to convey–either as a gift to yourself or to someone else. They’re a memorable gesture of love with personal meaning and sentimental value. Plus, the design is versatile enough to be worn for all occasions–from work to a picnic in the park to a night out with friends.

Popular Journey Pendant Styles

As mentioned, there are so many different designs for this necklace, so here are some of the categories to help you brainstorm ideas.

  • Geometric shapes and patterns: This design is common with a stack of stones in an “S” shape or straight line in a variety of stones and metals. Some have metal accents woven into the design while others place the focus on the gemstones. Round cut stones are common, but some necklaces have other cuts, such as princess cut. You’ll also see stacks with borders in diamonds or other gemstones.
  • Nature-inspired designs: Journey pendants also have nature-inspired designs, such as a wave or teardrop backdrop adorned with gemstones. Perhaps the necklace is a branch where each leaf is a step of the journey.
  • Use of birthstones: Many journey necklaces utilize colored gemstones. Perhaps your necklace represents family and each stone is a family member’s birthstone. If you want to showcase one birthstone, ombre journey pendants make stunning necklaces. You have endless possibilities with all of the gorgeous colored gemstones available.


How to Choose the Right Journey Pendant?

If you’re selecting a journey pendant as a gift, take note of what type of metal they wear the most. Maybe they wear a mixture or only stick to one type of metal because of sensitive skin (platinum is a great hypoallergenic option). If your loved one despises rose gold, then you don’t want to give her a rose gold necklace! Also take note of their jewelry style…do they wear more minimal pieces or prefer more glitz? Some careful observations can provide clues to help you find the perfect gift.

How to Care for Your Journey Pendant?

Journey pendants are sentimental pieces that you want to keep safe and clean. Store the necklace in a safe place separately from other jewelry. That way your necklace can’t scratch other stones or be scratched by other pieces. If you’re cutting grass in the summer or running a marathon, leave your necklace at home to protect it from dirt and grime. If your necklace does need cleaning, use a soft-bristled brush (like a clean toothbrush), warm water, and gentle dish soap to gently remove dirt and grime that can become trapped in the gemstone settings. It’s also a good idea to have your necklace checked periodically by a professional jeweler to ensure the stones are secure and the prongs haven’t worn down.

Parting Thoughts

Each of us is on a unique journey, and you can honor your journey together or your own path with a journey pendant. Journey pendants come in so many unique looks and designs that would make an unforgettable gift for a loved one (or for yourself!). From glittering diamonds to colored gemstones, each necklace is unique and carries personal meaning. You can customize these necklaces in so many different ways to symbolize your unique journey.



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What exactly is a journey pendant?

Journey pendants come in different shapes in sizes, but a common design is an “S” shape that represents the journey you and your loved one take together. This can represent your past, present, and future, or symbolize the journey that you’re embarking on together. This necklace can also represent your life’s journey to symbolize the winding road you’ve taken and all that you’ve gone through.

On what occasion can I gift a journey pendant?

Journey pendants make an excellent gift for a special event, such as Valentine’s day, anniversary, wedding, birthday, graduation, or mother’s day, or would make an amazing “just because” gift to demonstrate your love. They’re also a great gift to give yourself as a reminder at how far you’ve come and the bright future you have in store.

Is it possible to customize a journey pendant?

Yes, it’s possible to customize journey pendants to make the necklace as unique as your life together. Some select specific gemstones (birthstones) to represent their journey while others customize the pendants by selecting the style, metal, etc. Some even create a custom design that they’ve envisioned. You have plenty of pendant options!