How Are Pink Diamonds Formed and Are They Valuable?

How Are Pink Diamonds Formed and Are They Valuable?

As seen in the Pink Panther Diamond, although fake for cinematic effect, pink diamonds are so captivating that it has to be some trick of magic that stones like these can exist out in nature. With their striking color, pink diamonds are a symbol of luxury, romance, and elegance. As a piece in a diamond collection, these loose diamonds garner such a high value that they have the potential to overshadow any other diamonds a collector may own.

How valuable are pink diamonds?

Pink diamonds may go for 20 times more than their white diamond counterparts. Clearly for good reason, celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, and Queen Elizabeth II have been spotted clad in pink diamond accessories.

Pink diamond color intensity

Pink diamonds range from very light pink to a deep, rich Pink Panther-esque pink. Once again, just like other colored diamonds, the more intense the color, the higher the value. Along with the gorgeous pink color, many pink diamonds have additional color components that make each diamond unique. Orange, brown, and purple are very common color modifiers found in natural pink diamonds. Where does this color come from though? Other colored diamonds get their color from certain elements that are present during the formation process, but as far as pink diamonds go, it still remains unclear about where they get their pink color.

Some myths surrounding the pink diamond state that the structure of the diamond becomes deformed when it is forced to the Earth’s surface. The deformation reflects light in such a way that it appears pink, but there has yet to be any evidence supporting this idea. Therefore, unlike other colored diamonds, very little is geologically known about pink diamonds.

mass of pink diamonds

Where do pink diamonds come from?

While the formation of pink diamonds is still hazy to geologists, pink diamonds can be found in a few different places across the globe: Brazil, Russia, Siberia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Canada. Beyond these places, pink diamonds can also be found in the Argyle Mine in Australia. Pink diamonds are not only found in the greatest quantities in this particular mine, but they are also found with the highest quality. Before selling, the workers polish and cut the diamonds at the mine before selling, but these diamonds are so rare to find in good quality that for every one million carats of rough diamonds produced, only one carat is actually sellable. Because of this extremely high rarity level, pink diamonds can earn up to one thousand to one million dollars per carat. This price range varies based on color, intensity, and cut similar to the price variations of other colored diamonds. Pink diamonds have been up for debate in recent years about how long the supply will last. With this questionability in mind, prices might be due to surge as collectors begin to hear of the possibility of supplies running dry. Fortunately for the seekers of pink diamonds, there has recently been a mine opened up in Western Australia that is scheduled to be in operation for the next few years.

Notable pink diamonds

One of the most notable pink diamonds is the Pink Star Diamond which measures in at a high 59 carats. This Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Pink diamond is the largest that GIA has ever graded, making it immensely valuable. Not only is it the largest, but it also has the highest gradings for color and clarity. Because of its closeness to perfection, the Pink Star Diamond sold for over 71 million dollars at auction. Other famous pink diamonds include the Rose of Dubai, a pear-shaped diamond that sold for six million dollars for its 25 carats, and the Graff Pink Diamond that broke records when it sold for 46 million dollars at an auction for its almost 25 carats in 2010. Ultimately, it is highly likely that these will not be the only notable pink diamonds to be discovered. With supplies dwindling, the value will continue to go up and up, allowing more records to be smashed.

Tips for purchasing pink diamonds

When purchasing pink diamonds, the cost is definitely a deterrent for most people, but if affordable, a pink diamond engagement ring would be perfect for the couple looking for a one-of-a-kind ring experience. Pink diamond rings are so incredibly rare that couples would be highly unlikely to come across any other ring that is in the exact cut and style as theirs. That being said, however, finding a pink diamond ring for sale is incredibly rare, and therefore, couples must be willing to spend a substantial amount in order to secure the ring for themselves. Less popular are pink diamond wedding rings and pink diamond promise rings, but they still remain options for those looking for a pop of color.

Because of the stone’s rarity, a woman would especially love to be seen wearing it if she intends to make a statement ring with her engagement ring. The atypicality of having a pink diamond instantly makes her diamond that much more noticeable. A pink diamond engagement ring makes an unforgettable statement in any social setting.