How to Choose Between Princess and Radiant Cut Diamonds

bride wearing princess cut engagement ring kissing groom

Both the princess cut and the radiant cut are incredibly popular for engagement rings. More alike than some cuts, these two diamond cuts both exhibit a beautiful square shape. One of the main differences between these two cuts is the corner. A princess cut diamond has rough corners that are sharp, whereas the radiant cut has very carefully cut corners. Shape is also one of the main differences between the two cuts; a princess cut is squarer, while a radiant cut is more rectangular.

These subtle differences have a big impact on the popularity of the stones. The princess cut is incredibly popular while the radiant cut is much less in demand. The radiant cut has the ability to reflect more light due to the arrangement of its facets, and therefore, it shines brighter than the princess cut. For women with active lifestyles, the radiant cut is more fitting because it does not contain any sharp corners which are likely to become snagged.

Princess cut diamonds

The princess cut diamond is extremely popular in the engagement ring world. A princess cut diamond engagement ring is the second most popular style of engagement ring offered. Similar to the radiant cut, the princess cut was only recently developed. It was created in 1980 and its overall flexibility in jewelry makes the cut particularly fascinating to buyers.Princess cuts are not only popular but also cheaper than most other cuts of diamonds. This low price can be attributed to the process in which princess cut diamonds are made. Two princess cut diamonds can be cut from the same rough stone, keeping the stone at a high profit, but lowering the waste immensely.

Square in shape, the princess cut may also stray into rectangularity. However, this is at a cost; the more rectangular the princess cut, the lower the overall value of the stone. This cut of stone is particularly susceptible to chipping and inclusions near the corners, and therefore, any princess cut diamond engagement ring should have prongs that securely cover the corners of the stone.

Radiant cut diamonds

Like the princess cut, the radiant cut diamond first became popular in the 1980’s. This ring is a nice middle-ground between princess and cushion cut diamonds, and therefore, the stone complements both round and square diamond settings well. A bowtie effect is more likely to occur in more rectangular radiant cut diamonds. For example, a 3 carat radiant cut diamond would be very likely to possess the bowtie effect due to its large surface area. Therefore, buyers should be knowledgeable about the length-to-width ratio they prefer in order to purchase the biggest diamond with the smallest bowtie effect that they can for their radiant cut diamond engagement ring.

Top settings for radiant or princess cut engagement rings

Although there are clear differences between radiant cut and princess cut diamonds, there are settings that are particularly flattering to either. The engagement ring settings below do really well highlighting the angularity of whichever diamond you choose. But keep in mind this is only a small fraction of our catalog. Try browsing through our princess cut engagement rings or radiant cut engagement rings if you need more inspiration to help you make your decision.

princess vs radiant sleek cathedral solitaire

Sleek Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Sleek Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring combines a classic cathedral setting with the smooth finish of the metal band. The cathedral setting elevates the diamond to give a more regal appearance to the solo stone.

princess vs radiant flourish solitaire

Flourish Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

To give more detail to the overall simplistic design of a solitaire ring, the Flourish Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring features a sleek band that ends with a dramatic flourish to accentuate the diamond.

princess vs radiant nouveau four prong solitaire

Nouveau Four Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Nouveau Four Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring offers one of the most basic designs of engagement rings. Its simple, sleek, and shiny composition make for a timeless addition to any jewelry collection.

princess vs radiant braided solitaire

Braided Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

In contrast, the Braided Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring offers an incredibly detailed braided band that brushes flush up against the stone of the ring. Although this band offers more complexity than a typical solitaire setting, this particular engagement ring remains timeless through its symmetry.

princess vs radiant twisting solitaire

Twisting Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Once again, solitaire rings make perfect settings for the princess cut or the radiant cut. The Twisting Solitaire Diamond Ring is no different. This ring features a twisted band that rises up to the stone in order to bring more attention to its sparkle.

princess vs radiant grace solitaire diamond

Grace Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

For a much more structural look, the Grace Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring shows off sleek accented metalwork within the windows of a cathedral setting for a subtle, but elegant, style.

princess vs radiant diamond

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

The Princess Diamond Engagement Ring features 14 princess cut accent diamonds that rise up to meet the center stone in a regal and beautiful fashion. It is a no brainer that a princess cut diamond would make a valuable addition to this already beautiful ring.

princess vs radiant cathedral pave diamond

Cathedral Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

The Cathedral Pave Diamond Engagement Ring shows off the typical cathedral style ring, but this time, with more sparkle. Featuring 8 accent diamonds, the elevated center diamond is nearly impossible to miss.

princess vs radiant floating split shank diamond

Floating Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

Finally, the Floating Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring features a split shank filled with accent diamonds that splits right at the center diamond. The band of this ring increases the complexity of the ring, adding even more elegance to an already beautiful setting.