What Is a Rose Cut Diamond?

woman holding ring with rose cut diamond

The facets on a rose cut diamond make it differ from other similar, popular cut diamonds, such as the oval and the princess cut diamonds. These diamonds, one type of antique cut diamond, were named for the rose flower, to which they have a resemblance. They possess a flat base, in the spot where the pavilion would be on a round diamond, with the crown formed from a faceted dome. A rose cut diamond loose can possess between three and twenty four facets, each providing a variation of the shape.

People who are familiar with a rose gold princess cut diamond engagement ring are of the opinion that they are perhaps the best choice for engagement rings, but if you need a rose cut diamond ring for whatever reason, then it is important for you to know exactly what you are buying, the history and how well it will fit with your budget.

Origin of rose cut diamonds

Antique rose cut diamonds go back to the sixteenth century and maintained its popularity up until the 20th century. In the early part of the 1900s, the techniques that were used for cutting diamonds became more modern and more sophisticated. These techniques were used to produce more intricate and brilliant shapes. Electrical lighting during those times became more popular and the tastes of customers changed to more sparkly diamond cuts. Cushion cut diamonds were revived, but had a more vintage look and feel. Diamonds, such as is found in a rose gold princess cut diamond ring has a glassy look, because the fewer amount of facets enables it to be less sparkly, but is highly unlikely to be as popular as other diamonds. On the other hand, they can be an excellent alternative for those who are looking for a rose cut diamond engagement ring.

Rose cut diamonds popularity

The popularity of the rose diamond cut is growing steadily for those who are interested in getting an engagement ring that has fewer facets, less sparkle, or shine, but are still not brilliant. Rose cut diamond engagement rings today are somewhat popular, but not as popular as the other cuts. Because the rose has only 24 facets, compared to the round brilliant cut, which has 57, or 58 facets, it means that the diamond has fewer cuts within it to draw the light in and make it bounce. Rose cut diamonds have a flat bottom, without the cone shape that is present on the round, brilliant cut diamond. The rose cut diamond comes with less facets and a flat surface. Engagements are exciting events, and the taste, color and choices of the brides are important. Instead of getting a normal rose cut diamond wedding band, the groom should definitely look into getting his bride’s favorite color. Rose cut diamonds are beautiful in different colors. The rose cut diamond, unlike other diamonds is excellent at displaying colors with the same level of beauty.

The ones that have a lower color-rating can give off more of a vintage look and feel. If there is a flaw within the stone, the rose cut can enhance that flaw, but any imperfection that exist within a diamond can actually give off a more beautiful and antique look. In order to keep the flaws invisible, buyers who are looking for a cleaner cut stone can choose a higher clarity grade, such as a VS1 or VS2. Cushion cut diamond rose gold engagement rings are beautiful, no matter what the size of the carat. Based on the color grade, or clarity of the rose cut diamond, the cost per carat can be somewhat lower than it usually is for other diamonds. Vintage rose cuts can be a bit more expensive than one that is newly cut. Even though the rose cut diamond is shinier and less sparkly, it can be used to make a unique and beautiful centerpiece in an engagement ring as it gives the look of a brilliant, romantic stone.

Popular metal options for rose cut diamonds

Some of the options that are available for rose cut diamonds are oval or pear shaped diamond in metal bezel settings for rings, earrings, necklaces, or any other type of jewelry. The rose cut diamond is designed in different styles as well as metals. They are inspired by eras gone by. Rose cut diamond rings are playful and can be versatile enough to be made into other types of jewelry as well. If your choice is a rose cut diamond ring, then it will show brilliance, while solitaires will bring the focus to its uniquely brilliant look. The women who choose the rose cut diamonds are those who would ask what does rose cut diamonds mean, those women who would like something that is less expensive than traditional rings, but still provides the quality and shine they are looking for in a diamond.