Your Guide to Understanding Diamond Videos

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As you look through our site and browse our selection of loose diamonds, you'll notice that many of our diamonds are accompanied by video previews. But as we’ve been talking to customers like you each and every day, we noticed that there were a lot of questions about them. We painstakingly provide videos and education about natural diamonds so you have the tools you need to find the diamond of your dreams, so we wanted to clear those concerns up. Here’s what you need to know about diamond videos you see on the site, what they mean for the featured stone, and how to interpret what you’re seeing.

Are these diamond videos actually of this exact diamond listed?

Absolutely yes! Each diamond video corresponds to that GIA certified diamond, and only that diamond. These precious gemstones are individual, with quirks and characteristics all their own, so they need to be examined individually. And if you don't see a diamond video for a stone you like, you can always request one. Although we're not always able to get a video from our partner cutters, sometimes we can, and it's always worth asking.

What am I seeing in this diamond video?

You're seeing your potential diamond magnified 40x, and at every angle, to get an in-depth and close-up look at its characteristics. These videos are shot in special lighting to let you view the diamond as intricately as possible.

A couple big things you’re seeing in this video are the quality of the cut and clarity. A diamond’s color can be more nuanced, and the special lighting shows this in a way you’ll never see your own stone (more on this later). But at a high level, you’ll see how well the diamond is cut based on how well it sparkles. You’ll also be able to see blemishes, called inclusions, and their placement on the stone.

Is that how gemologists inspect a diamond?

Actually, no. These videos are even more granular than how a gemologist inspects a stone. Experts in the field inspect and grade diamonds with 10x magnification and special lighting, so you’re getting an even closer view of your potential diamond than they do.

How to interpret a diamond video

Keep in mind that they're 40x magnified. A gemologist inspects a stone at 10x, and you'll see your ring every day without any magnification. So don't let tiny blemishes scare you — many that are clear in these videos aren't noticeable in person.

diamond videos magnification guide

Use a gemologist trick to judge inclusions

If the inclusions (natural blemishes or artifacts in a diamond) are making you nervous, use a trick our gemologists suggest with customers. Go to a picture of the diamond instead of the video. Now minimize your screen as much as possible — that's closer to how you'll actually view the stone in person. Can you see the blemish? It never hurts to talk with one of our on-staff gemologists and get their opinion as well.

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Keep in mind the lighting is different

Keep in mind that the videos are shot in special lighting. You'll mostly see your ring in natural light and whatever light you have in your home. Some aspects of a diamond, such as diamond color, are less apparent in natural lighting. Our best advice: Use our diamond videos hand-in-hand with their pictures and advice from a gemologist.

Use our gemologists as a gut check

Are you ready to start shopping? Contact one of our experts today. They can walk you through the features and benefits of any diamond, including its GIA certificate — which lists a diamond's carat size, measurements and ratings on various qualities — so you'll know how to best apportion your budget.

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