With Clarity vs. Kay Jewelers

WC vs Kay Jewelers

You have plenty of options to choose from when buying fine jewelry. It helps to know more about different brands before you make a decision to purchase fine jewelry. In order to help, we compared two different brands, With Clarity and Kay Jewelers, and concluded that you should consider With Clarity. Keep reading to learn more.

About Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers sells watches and quality jewelry at competitive prices both online and in its U.S. brick-and-mortar stores. The jewelry store began in 1916 in Pennsylvania, and is now part of Signet Jewelers in Akron, Ohio. In terms of engagement jewelry, you’ll find pre-designed settings and pre-set custom ring options.

About With Clarity

With Clarity specializes in high-quality fine jewelry, including natural diamonds, lab diamonds and gemstones. You can purchase engagement rings, wedding rings as well as other fine jewelry (necklaces, earrings, and bracelets).

The owners of With Clarity, Anubh Shah and Slisha, created the company with the hopes of making the engagement ring buying experience more personal and enjoyable. Anubh wanted to design Slisha’s ring, and discovered that the process was challenging. As a result, they designed With Clarity to utilize 3-D printing technology and the best aspects of online and in-person. The company is rooted in a commitment to transparency, convenience, and high quality without high markups.

High-Quality Fine Jewelry

When buying fine jewelry, especially engagement rings, quality and prices are top concerns. With Clarity hopes to simplify the process by carefully selecting quality items and gemstones. They also vet each step in the process so you can shop confidently and get affordable prices by going straight to the diamond source. With Clarity works with trusted diamond cutters who use ethical practices to source and shape their diamonds. They offer both lab grown and natural earth mined diamonds. Finally, diamonds come with a GIA or IGI certification depending and an inspection by their in-house team of gemologists.

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Test Drive Your Ring

One challenge when shopping online is you don’t get to try on your rings. With Clarity created the Home Preview program so you can see two rings on your hand, take them for a spin for a couple days, and then mail them back. The 3D printed replica rings look just like your “real” engagement rings, but instead of metal they’re made using a white metallic alloy and a round, one-carat diamond simulant. Plus, this program is free!

Expert Guidance from Experienced Gemologists

Another challenge of online shopping is getting all of your questions answered. With Clarity allows you to make an appointment with diamond experts where you can ask questions, see lab diamonds, and feel more confident in your purchase.

Excellent Customer Care

The people you work with at With Clarity don’t receive commission, so anyone you interact with is there to help. You can chat, call, or email with any of your questions. Additionally, our customer care team has gemologists on staff with decades of experience in designing and creating jewelry. They can answer questions about earth-mined and lab-created diamonds to help you find the perfect diamond.


Returns Shipping Warranty Financing Resizing
With Clarity Free, insured returns within 30 days of receipt Free, insured shipping Lifetime warranty With Clarity Credit Card and Affirm One free resizing within 30 days of your purchase
Kay Jewelers Free returns within 30 days of receipt or when your order was shipped Free shipping to a Kay Jewelry Store Guarantee for the diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald gemstone jewelry for a lifetime if they inspect it every six months. Additional protection plans available for purchase. Affirm Contact Kay Jewelers to inquire about resizing.


Wrapping Things Up

Purchasing an engagement ring can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. When you’re considering any brand, take time to research the company, its reviews, policies, and warranties before you make a decision.

To save you some researching time, here are the details about With Clarity. They aim to make the engagement ring buying experience easier and less stressful. They founded the company with a commitment to sustainability, transparent shopping, and convenience. You can look up the company’s BBB A+ rating and read customer reviews for their 4.83 out of 5 rating. They also sell both natural and lab-made loose diamonds, which is unique. With Clarity also offers a lifetime warranty, free and insured shipping, free returns and resizing within 30 days, and financing options.


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Does With Clarity sell colored gemstone jewelry?

Yes, With Clarity sells colored gemstones including sapphire, ruby, peridot, amethyst, aquamarine, black diamond, and blue topaz as well as diamonds (lab and natural). You can find an assortment of gemstone fine jewelry in all types of styles.

What kind of engagement rings are available on With Clarity?

You’ll see a variety of engagement ring styles including halo, solitaire, vintage, side stone, three stone, pave, hidden accents, and settings with color accents. You can also create a custom engagement ring if you have something in mind.

Does With Clarity have platinum bands?

Yes, you can find an extensive assortment of platinum engagement rings and wedding bands at With Clarity.