With Clarity vs. Leibish & Co.

With Clarity vs. Leibish

A quick search online, and you'll be amazed by how many different places there are to purchase fine jewelry. You've likely heard of more prominent names in the industry, such as Leibish & Co., but we're here to tell you that With Clarity is another brand you certainly won't want to miss. Don't just take our word for it; read on to learn more about both companies and see how the two measure up.


About Leibish & Co.

Leibish & Co. is a multinational company, but they're also family-owned, founded in 1979 as a diamond broker. Today, they're an online jewelry retailer and diamond seller specializing in fancy color diamonds and rare gemstones. They're known for their high-end diamonds and luxury gemstones, which are breathtaking (as long as you have the budget to do more than window shop). At Leibish & Co., you can find either loose stones or jewelry already set with gemstones.


About With Clarity

With Clarity has equally excellent quality, but we pride ourselves on our reasonable prices and client-centric shopping experience. We've learned a few things about the online jewelry business from our experience purchasing engagement and wedding rings. The sheer number of online retailers was mind-boggling, and we were startled to find similar diamonds for a much higher price at some retailers than others.

We knew there had to be another way; to offer gems of fine quality at fair prices while making the shopping experience straightforward and genuinely fun. Whether you are looking for loose stones, fine jewelry, or desire to custom design your own piece, With Clarity can help! We know shopping for unique pieces, like an engagement ring, can already be a daunting task; With Clarity desires to make your journey less intimidating.


With Clarity's Customer Experience

The first way we desire to improve the shopping experience is with our prices. Our Earth-mined diamonds are always marked at a reasonable price, offering you quality without a huge markup. Alternatively, we offer a large selection of lab-grown diamonds. They provide all the beauty and strength of a diamond at a budget-friendly price that's easier on your eco-friendly conscience too.

Natural Loose Diamonds (approx. value) 1 CT. Natural 1.5 CT. Natural 2 CT. Natural 3 CT. Natural
With Clarity $3,554 $4,853 $23,017 $31,310
Leibish & Co. $3,575 $8,000 $32,900 $39,900

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Consultations with Jewelry Designers and Gemologists

Once you think you have chosen the ideal gem for you, our consultation with diamond experts can help you solidify your choice. They have the knowledge and experience to guide you in selecting the perfect piece of jewelry. Learn the ins and outs of diamonds in a relaxed and friendly manner that considers your remarkable story and how you want it reflected in your jewelry. This means that our gemologists and design consultants can help you from start to finish, choosing the perfect diamond and then crafting custom jewelry to suit your needs.


Home Preview

But the confidence and comfort don't end there. With Clarity's home preview allows you to try on two rings of your choosing. In an experience unique to With Clarity, you'll be able to receive two rings shipped directly to your home. Feel free to try them out during your daily routine, take a selfie, and admire how each one looks on your finger. If you find that you're not in love, ship them back and browse our expansive selection.


Returns Shipping Warranty Financing Resizing
With Clarity Free within 30 days Free Shipping Lifetime warranty With Clarity Credit Card & Affirm One free resizing within 30 days
Leibish & Co. Free within 30 days Free shipping Lifetime warranty Interest free 6 month installment plan One free resizing within 60 days


Customer Care that Truly Cares


Our customer care will genuinely take care of you when you've finally found your perfect match. We offer a transparent shopping experience regarding sustainability, reasonable prices, and ensuring all of our clients are satisfied. To do this, we offer free shipping, free returns, and warranties. In addition, our free ring resizing and free annual cleanings ensure your gorgeous piece looks and feels as amazing as the day you bought it for years and years to come!

We also love to talk diamonds. If you want to know more about earth-mined vs. lab diamonds, loose stones vs. custom jewelry designs, or anything about our policies, simply reach out via email, chat, or live call. With Clarity provides 24/7 service, unlike Leibish & Co.

As evidenced by our numerous five-star reviews, taking the uncertainty and dispassion out of shopping for an engagement ring is our goal. Pairing you with perfect jewelry is paramount, and improving the journey to your ideal match is our goal.

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Is With Clarity a good brand?

With Clarity is a reputable brand that offers fine jewelry at reasonable prices. They have an A+ BBB rating and numerous five-star reviews.

Does With Clarity sell real diamonds?

With Clarity sells Earth-mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds, all certified. They offer gems at various carat weights and levels of excellence to suit your budget.

What is Home Preview by With Clarity?

Home Preview is unique to With Clarity and allows clients to choose two rings to be shipped to their home so that they may try them on, show friends or family, and test them out before they commit.

Does With Clarity have a store?

With Clarity does not have a physical store at this point in time. Still, they do provide one of the highest quality online shopping experiences.