Vintage Style Emerald Engagement Rings

Vintage Style Emerald Engagement Rings


There are so many gorgeous options when it comes to modern engagement rings. Nevertheless, there is just something special about a vintage-style engagement ring. Many of these lovely pieces carry a rich history laden with symbolism and stories. They can represent the ability to stand the test of time, as their antique designs have done for decades. 

Whichever design you choose, one thing is for sure – you'll need a lovely stone to match. Emeralds are a popular choice for engagement rings because they're very traditional themselves. Considered timeless, the emerald has been a symbol of growth and life for thousands of years. From Cleopatra's obsession with the gem (maybe she was gifted an emerald engagement ring by Marc Antony) to a more recent antique example of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, it's clear that emerald engagement rings are undeniably captivating. 

History of Emeralds in Engagement Rings 

Emerald mines in Egypt date back to 330 BC, illustrating that the stone has existed for some time. Traditionally, the emerald represents life, fertility, and growth, making them perfect for couples at the beginning of a marriage. They were once sported by Greek and Spanish Royalty and were popular in Art Deco jewelry. 

Throughout history, we've seen some gorgeous examples of engagement rings with this green stone, including the one John F. Kennedy used to propose to Jacqueline Bouvier (now known as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis). Or, Wallis Simpson's 19.77-carat emerald ring given by King Edward VIII. Today, modern celebrities like Halle Berry have continued the trend. The desired qualities of the emerald stone have largely remained unchanged, though various popular settings have come and gone over the years. 

Criteria for Selection

Emeralds invoke nostalgia linked to so many ages and cultures who prized them for their alluring green color. In choosing the divine examples of emerald engagement rings listed below, we closely examined various factors. 

Features reviewed include the design, which also must follow an antique style to keep the overall vibe of the ring vintage. Symbolism is also essential and can be tied to the cut of the stone, specific characteristics, or the story behind the original piece it was modeled after. Finally, the quality and craftsmanship. All the rings use the finest quality material and have the necessary certifications to prove their authenticity and value.  

Five Fabulous Emerald Engagement Rings by With Clarity 

Vintage Inspired Oval Natural Emerald Milgrain Ring with Lab Diamond Halo

Emeralds were hugely popular in Art Deco jewelry of the 1920s and 1930s. Another common feature of the time was channel set gems, which is why this vintage oval emerald framed by channel set diamonds on the shoulders is positively perfect! The pinched band leads to a milgrain-detailed halo of diamonds with a lovely floral motif, which also evokes traditional halo rings of the early 1900s.  

Pear Natural Emerald & Lab Diamond Classic Milligrain Halo Ring 

Do you know the pear shape cut made its debut in 1475? So, it's safe to say that this emerald ring with its center pear-cut stone is truly inspired by history. A dazzling halo of diamonds set in a milgrain-detailed channel further highlights the beautiful shape of the featured stone. Even more, sparkle is added to the ring by the inlaid diamonds that continue down the shoulders of the ring. It's the perfect combination of modern and vintage. 

Natural Emerald Ring With Lab Diamond Starburst Halo 

Delicate and feminine, this vintage round emerald ring returns us to the Regency period. A classic round-cut emerald is nestled into a diamond starburst halo. The diamonds help illuminate the central gem's beauty, making its rich verdant color shine. A pinched shank is all this minimalistic ring needs to help keep it feeling refined and elegant. 

Natural Emerald & Lab Diamond Classic Halo Ring With Studded Split Shank

An emerald is regal and deserves a ring design equally as statement-making. In a blend of contemporary and vintage, the classic green stone is set into a traditional halo of diamonds. Sparkling white diamonds continue to surround the emerald as they flow down the thin, split shank bands' shoulders. Crafted from white gold, it reminds us very much of Jacqueline Kennedy's stunner.  

Natural Emerald & Lab Diamond Classic Studded Knife-Edge Ring 

If you're considering blending the best of modern design with the appeal of vintage style, look no further. A contemporary knife-edge shank sets this ring apart from its peers, giving it trendy vibes. However, the vintage-style emerald standing proudly atop the ring screams classic elegance. Petite pave set diamonds in two rows down the shoulders add sparkle to this ring no matter what decade it's worn in. 

Why Choose an Emerald? 

Emeralds are classic, eye-catching, and invoke a vintage feeling. They're ideal for the individual who wants something a bit different than the ever-popular diamond. They're attributed to fertility, foresight, life, and peace, and they're perfect for couples just beginning their lives together. 

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Emerald 

  • Look for the right color, which is not too light (pale) or dark. You want your stone to look green, though yellowish-green or bluish-green are considered second best. 
  • Opt for an eye-clean stone or one close to it. Emeralds almost always have imperfections, so try and find one that doesn't have obvious inclusion or fractures. 
  • Choose your cut. The emerald cut was developed for emeralds and is the most classic. However, you can find other cuts such as oval, Asscher, pear, round, and marquise. 

Emeralds Make Enviable Engagement Rings 

For a standout ring, a colored gemstone like an emerald is a must. Steeped in history and tradition, an emerald engagement ring makes an instant heirloom piece. Nevertheless, the stone you choose should reflect your personality and style. If you adore vintage design, an emerald may be perfect for you! 


What makes emerald a good choice for engagement rings?

Emeralds tend to stand out from traditional diamonds. A long-coveted ring they, have an intrinsic value that is unlikely to decrease over time. 

Which is the best color for an emerald?

Emeralds should be green and not too pale or too dark. Bluish and yellowish greens are considered second to pure, lush greens.


Is emerald a delicate gem?

Emeralds are softer than diamonds but still rate a 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, making them pretty durable and scratch resistant. The only downfall is their susceptibility to inclusions can make them prone to fracturing. 

Are vintage-style rings still popular?

Vintage rings are still popular because their appeal can be timeless. Rich with history and symbolism, these rings can stand the test of time.