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7 Excellent Proposal Videos to Inspire Your Perfect Moment

7 Excellent Proposal Videos to Inspire Your Perfect Moment

You want your proposal to be perfect. After all, it’s the only one you’ll ever do and the only one your partner will ever have (we hope). No fear, we picked seven excellent proposal videos for you to get inspiration from.

Some get intimidated by going online to see how others have done the job, fearing the example will only make their ideas pale in comparison. To this, we say, nonsense. We can all use these examples to inspire our proposals by taking what we love, discarding what we don’t, and creating a perfect, bespoke memory for our intended.

Read on to see seven examples of memory-making, excellent proposals to get your wheels turning. Once you create the perfect proposal, planning the wedding will be a breeze (we hope).

7 Perfect Proposals to Draw Inspiration From

1. Keeping It Casual: Car Karaoke

When YouTube content creator Tyler Stafford of IroningMyUnderwear wanted to pop the question, he knew just what to do. Disguising the proposal as just another day at the office, he captured the moment he got his beloved’s attention.

Watch the video here.

What we love about this is how Tyler kept his girlfriend so distracted by the sound and fury of their karaoke adventure that even the presence of her brother and parents (flown in from another state) did not tip her to what was going on. When he does pop the question, you can see the surprise and delight on her face.

We also like how well both of them rolled with the technical glitch at the end. Remember: Not everything will go 100% right in your proposal or in your marriage. How well you navigate those bumps will have a lot to do with your marriage’s success.

2. Nerdy Nuptials: Celebrating Shared Interests

Having things in common is how most relationships start, whether it’s music, hobbies, literature, religion, or just people you both know. It was nerdom for Bob and Rich — all kinds of nerdom, but mostly video games and Power Rangers. When Bob decided it was time to make things official nine years after they met, he went deep to craft the perfect celebration of their love and shared passions.

Watch the video here.

What we love about this is how Bob chose a particular part of their shared experience, then tweaked it just a little bit to make it memorable. As they went through their mystery bags, you can see Bob’s anticipation build, paid off by Rich’s face when he sees what’s happening.

It was also lovely how Bob had loved ones standing by, just off-camera, to help celebrate the moment properly after Rich said yes. Not every couple wants an audience for this sort of thing, but Bob knew Rich would and made sure that detail was precise.

3. A Little Perseverance: Laughing and Loving Together

This proposal is a double-whammy. The first is the proposal itself, designed around a trip to the movies with Dominic Mendicino’s girlfriend’s best friend. He arranged for a private screening, convincing Giana she would see a classic film she liked, then played a full video after the trailers ended.

Watch the video here.

The second is the joke of it: a long list of imaginary rejected proposals, all leading up to Dominic coming out from hiding to pop the question for real. To take a gamble on that kind of humor takes real courage and a fundamental understanding of what your partner thinks is and isn’t funny.

Dominic also went all-in for the surprise. Those tickets look official, and he even had strangers sit in the theater before the lights dimmed so Giana wouldn’t get suspicious.

4. Going Full Disney: When Only the Biggest Will Do

Sometimes your love for somebody is so big, you have no choice but to go big with your proposal too. Other times, your partner has watched so many Disney-movie-level proposals on YouTube, you just know you have to pull out all the stops. Bharat provided that for his love Romi, right in the middle of London’s Leicester Square.

Watch the video here.

This proposal had it all. Choreographed dance scene? Check. Massive crowd? Check. Uptown Funk? Check. Confetti? Check. It’s risky to put that much on the line in front of that many people, but the look on Romi’s face proves it was worth it.

We especially like how, when the moment came, it was clear nobody in the world existed for either Bharat or Romi except one another, and nothing mattered more than the shared memory they created together just then. Definitely an excellent proposal for the books!

5. Professional Proposal: A Writer Makes His Pitch

Writer Jason met his intended, literary agent Rachel, at an industry event. When the time came to ask the big question, he knew celebrating their shared love of literature and everyday experiences would hit a home run. He replicated their first meeting circumstances, slipping a surprise into what she thought were her regular duties as a local event.

Watch the video here.

What sells this moment for us is the slow reveal of the surprise. You watch Rachel’s face as it steadily dawns on her what’s happening until she finally abandons all pretense of work.

Like with Tyler’s car karaoke proposal, Jason stuffed the crowd with loved ones to help celebrate but managed to balance it so their presence wasn’t a dead giveaway.

6. Major Production Value: A Personal Video

You can go big by inviting many people to the proposal or practicing a dance for months until it’s perfect. Or you can do like Ian did for his lady love Lizzie and make an incredibly high-quality video for her to view. It gave away the secret early on, but Lizzie certainly appreciated the effort that must have gone into it.

Watch the video here.

It also drew from many of their shared interests — Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and other geeky things — plus he delivered it all at the place where he asked her out for the first time. The private screening showed just how much effort Ian was willing to go to for this memory, which bodes well for the marriage overall.

Also, where did he get a horse?

7. Going All In: Commitment on Another Level

Generally speaking, tattooing the name of your love anywhere on your body is a mistake. Tattooing a marriage proposal on your body usually escalates that mistake from terrible to catastrophic, but Vinnie went for it to create a lasting memory for Brooke, his tattoo artist girlfriend.

Watch the video here.

This one is short and sweet, but its permanence in the face of risk makes it equally memorable. Luckily, Brooke didn’t hesitate in inking her response where it needed to go.

Final Thoughts

Not everybody wants a proposal story with a flash mob, a hot air balloon, a horse-drawn carriage, or a one-man-band. Not everybody wants a quiet, personal moment casually at home. The real trick is finding out precisely what your partner wants in a proposal and then handcrafting that proposal to suit. We hope the examples here have inspired you with some ways to make your excellent proposal happen.

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