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All About Blake Lively’s Engagement Ring

Blake Lively Engagement Ring

When it comes to fashion and beauty trends, few things are more inspiring for our culture than celebrities. After all, the world of celebrity involves fancy jewelry, beautiful clothes, and a whole lot of glamour. Besides this, celebrities are people who, for whatever reason, have made it in life. Celebrity engagement rings are an especially well-followed phenomenon.

One of the major tastemakers over the last few years is Blake Lively. She is known for her glamorous, feminine style. When it comes to Lively’s outfits, one of the biggest statements is her engagement ring. Given by her now-husband Ryan Reynolds, it features a very large pink diamond. It is clearly one of the best celebrity engagement rings.

Let’s look at the Blake Lively engagement ring in-depth, then consider how any woman can wear a similar ring.


Blake Lively Ring Features


When you first see Lively’s ring, you will immediately notice the large, oval-shaped pink diamond. This is a light blush color, which allows for a feminine look without making the ring difficult to wear with certain outfits. Weighing in at around 12 carats, this gorgeous diamond is a showstopper. It’s also incredibly rare, because pink or red diamonds are hard to find.

Continuing the pink theme and further emphasizing the color of its central diamond, the ring features a rose gold setting. However, the center diamond is not the only thing that makes the ring special. Rather, this is one of those engagement rings for women with diamonds on the band. To finish the look, Lively has a contoured, diamond-studded wedding band.

In many ways, this ring is incredibly romantic. Not only does the pink theme conjure up images of a pretty princess, but this is one of the most stunning custom engagement rings around. While many diamond engagement rings in Hollywood are as large as possible and can even look bulky, this design avoids both pitfalls. While 12 carats is a big rock, the lightweight band offsets the size of the main diamond.

Finally, many future brides would love to see diamond engagement rings for women that were designed by the fiancé. This ring was designed by Ryan Reynolds and made by celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, a friend of Lively’s. According to lively, they didn’t consult her during the design process, and it’s perfect for her.



Similar rings from With Clarity

Naturally, not everyone can afford a diamond like Blake Lively’s. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t imitate her style for unique engagement rings all your own. It can be anything from a simple oval-shaped solitaire engagement ring to a more elaborate design featuring many diamonds.

At With Clarity, we have several designs you should consider, these cover several styles and price points. Let’s look at a few of them.


Arc Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Arc Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

This ring has a very similar style to Blake Lively’s, in that it features a large oval diamond with a diamond-studded shank. You can get it in any gold color or in platinum. But what makes this ring special is the hidden halo at the base of the center stone, which adds sparkle to the overall look. This diamond ring is a more contemporary version of older engagement ring styles, giving it a timeless look. Don’t want an oval stone? You can also order this setting for round, cushion, and marquise cut diamonds.

Petal Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Petal Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Another ultra-feminine stunner, this setting will remind you of vintage engagement rings. That’s because of the delicate band that includes teardrops with graduated-sized diamonds. You’ll also get a hidden halo for that extra sparkle and a more modern touch. Overall, this look is incredibly feminine. Better yet, you can put a diamond of up to 5 carats in the center. In this case, you will get an overall effect that’s very similar to Blake’s ring because it features a large center stone and very small diamonds on the side.

Pave and Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

Pave and Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

Want a more minimalist design that still mimics Blake’s ring? Check out this model, which features a large center stone with a diamond and Milgrain band. Unlike the other rings discussed so far, this does not feature any form of a halo. Instead, the center diamond stands alone. Then, the ring shank has small diamonds for extra sparkle, while the Milgrain provides some durability. We even have a matching wedding band to complement this setting.

Another thing to love about this ring setting is that it can take several other diamond shapes. And if you want a less-common option, our jewelers can use this design concept to make a custom pear diamond engagement ring.

Petal Hidden Accent Pave Engagement Ring

Petal Hidden Accent Pave Engagement Ring

For something simple yet elegant, check out this one. Here, you have a large center stone, which can be an oval or several other shapes. Then, down the shank, you have a set of graduated diamonds. Surprisingly, the smallest diamonds are the closest to the center stone. On top, there is a cathedral-style basket with a single small diamond on the sides facing away from the band. All that sparkle will make you feel like a princess without breaking the bank.

Pave Prong Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Pave Prong Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Modern glamour is a great description of this ring. It features a knife-edge shank with pave diamonds on each side of the edge, and halfway down the shank. Additionally, there are more small diamonds on the outside of each prong that sets the large center stone. Finally, you have a hidden halo for extra sparkle.

So, if you are inspired by Lively’s ring, yet want something very modern, this is a great choice. Although you can’t get a pear diamond ring from this setting, you can get almost anything else if oval isn’t your thing. Overall, you can get something unique that fits your style.

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The Takeaway


At the end of the day, your engagement ring should reflect who you are as a person, and represents the relationship you have with your forever partner. It should be something that you will love wearing every day for the rest of your life. For this reason, while celebrity ring ideas are great for inspiration, you shouldn’t get a copycat ring just because your favorite celebrity wears it.

Fortunately, there are many options available. Besides the examples we’ve discussed, you can always. At With Clarity, we have the skills and expertise to help you and your partner create the perfect ring. In addition, at with clarity you get the chance to try on a replica engagement ring at home for two weeks before you buy it. This means that if you’re on the fence whether or not a ring will look nice on you, you have a way to be sure risk-free.

Finally, even with good planning, sometimes there are problems. For this reason, you should always choose a company that’s committed to your satisfaction. Free shipping, easy returns, a lifetime warranty and consultation with diamond experts give you the best opportunity for peace of mind. The last thing you want is a stressful transaction.



What is the cost of Blake Lively’s engagement ring?

Experts estimate that it cost about $2 million. The biggest cost would have been that huge pink diamond.

What kind of engagement ring does Blake Lively have?

She has a custom engagement ring with a pink oval diamond and a pave shank.

What is the diamond cut on Blake Lively’s engagement ring?

It is an oval brilliant cut. This is a lovely modern choice that truly flatters her fingers.

What does oval diamond symbolize?

The oval cut is very modern, so it doesn’t have a historical meaning. However, these diamonds are very romantic and very feminine. They’re perfect for the princess in your life.

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