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All About Demi Lovato’s Engagement Ring

Demi lovato engagement ring

When it comes to fashion, beauty, and trends, celebrities have consistently been one of the biggest sources of inspiration. People care deeply about what the celebrities whom they admire do and wear. Whether it’s a stunning outfit or an engagement ring, everyone wants to know the details.

Demi Lovato is a 30-year-old American singer, songwriter, and actor. She has never failed to impress her millions of fans worldwide. Demi Lovato has also been a mental health activist for years now, making people feel less alone and being a source of strength for those struggling.

When the icon got engaged to Max Ehrich in 2020, everyone was impressed with her engagement ring and wanted to know the details. Even though the couple has now split, the sparkler still manages to grab attention. After all, diamonds always have a long-lasting impression

Let’s discuss in depth what makes Demi Lovato’s engagement ring such a showstopper

Details about Demi Lovato’s Engagement Ring

Cut of Diamond

Demi Lovato’s engagement ring is an impressive emerald cut engagement ring. An emerald cut is where the diamond is elongated, usually in a rectangular shape, with parallel step cuts. Emerald cuts have clipped corners.

Carat Weight of the Diamond

The exact carat weight of the diamond is unknown, however, many experts have estimated the sparkler to be between seven to 10 carats. This could have cost Ehrich upwards of $850,000 or even more depending on the exact carat weight.


The diamonds of the engagement ring seem to be set in platinum. This gives them an extra bright sparkle.

Metal and Band Style

The diamonds appear to be set on a platinum or white gold band. The band is a simple yet classic one. All the focus is on the diamonds.


Demi Lovato’s emerald-cut engagement ring is a three-stone ring. These have a specific symbolic meaning. Each of the three stones represents something important - the past, the present, and the future of a relationship. The center stone represents the present, while the other two stones symbolize the past and future.

With Clarity Alternatives


If you are inspired by Demi Lovato’s engagement ring, we’ve put together a list of some incredible With Clarity alternatives.

Tapered cathedral solitaire engagement ring

Tapered Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

This classic solitaire setting has ends that curve slightly up toward the center diamond (select 0.25 to 10 carats).

Twisting solitaire diamond ring

Twisting solitaire diamond ring

This elegant setting is a classic solitaire with a modern twist. It places the spotlight on the pear-shaped center stone with a criss-cross patterned band that rises to the center stone. Select your center stone–from 0.3 to 10 carats.

Petite three stone diamond engagement ring

Petite three stone diamond engagement ring

This classic three-stone ring accentuates the center pear-shaped diamond. Its petite band and the setting’s style makes it perfect for a center diamond of any size (0.25 to 10 carats). The two accent diamonds total 0.20 carats. Three stone rings are popular engagement rings because they signify the past, present, and future of your loving relationship.

Vintage Carved Amore Three Stone Engagement Ring

Vintage Carved Amore Three Stone Engagement Ring

If you prefer a vintage-style engagement ring, consider this three-stone ring. It has a beautiful trellis setting that showcases its sparkle. The outer two diamonds each have a diamond pave heart on the side of them, which leads into a chevron pattern on the band.

Petite Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Petite Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

This is a classic three-stone engagement ring. The large center diamond is the main focus here with the petite band. The two accent diamonds on the side are 0.20 carats.

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While celebrity engagement rings can be a source of inspiration, ultimately the most important thing is that your engagement ring needs to be unique to you.

Only you know what your personal preference and style are. You are the one who will be wearing this ring every day, so it’s important to ensure that your sparkler is a representation of your relationship. This is where ring customization by With Clarity comes into the picture.

When purchasing an engagement ring, only buy from a brand such as With Clarity that gives you the option to Home Preview any two engagement rings of your choice. With Clarity has free shipping, easy returns, and a lifetime warranty. Additionally, you can have a consultation with diamond experts to help make your engagement ring shopping experience a breeze.


Why are emerald-cut diamonds popular?

Emerald-cut diamonds have so much beauty and more brilliance than many other cuts. They have a unique shape and allow for large diamonds with many carats.

What does a three-stone ring mean?

A three-stone ring has a specific meaning behind it. There is always a center stone, which is usually the largest stone. Then there is one stone, normally smaller than the center one, on each side of the center stone. The center stone represents the couple’s present, while one of the side stones symbolizes the past and the other stone represents the future.

What was special about Demi Lovato’s engagement ring?

The size of Demi Lovato’s emerald-cut engagement ring made it such a showstopper. It almost took up her entire finger. On top of that, the symbolism behind the three-stone ring made it even more special.

How many carats is Demi Lovato’s engagement ring?

Demi Lovato’s large engagement ring is estimated by experts to be between seven to 10 carats.

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