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All About Jennifer Lopez's Engagement Ring

All About Jennifer Lopez's Engagement Ring

There's one thing we can always count on to make the news – celebrity jewelry. Celebrity engagement rings, in particular, have long been a source of inspiration for many. It's not hard to see why, as usually, these unique engagement rings are downright stunning.

Diamond engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes, and even colors. Over the years, we've seen a wide variety of engagement rings for women that have been positively breathtaking. However, one icon never fails to impress and has been spotted wearing some of the best celebrity engagement rings we have ever seen.

Jennifer Lopez and Her Five Rings

Yes, you read that right; JLo has had five beautiful engagement rings. Before we dive into her latest diamond engagement ring style, let's take a trip down memory lane.

Her first diamond came from Ojani Noa and was a unique pear-shaped diamond. Her second marriage to Cris Judd began with an emerald-cut diamond ring. Jennifer's first engagement with Ben Affleck occurred in 2002 with a stunning 6.10-carat pink diamond. Marc Anthony proposed with a Harry Winston diamond weighing 8.5 carats. In 2019, Alex Rodriguez popped the question with a 15-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring.

And finally, her long-time flame, Ben Affleck, proposed a second time with an 8.5-carat natural green diamond ring in a three-stone style.

Gaga for Green

We're huge fans of Ben's latest ring. Why? Let's discuss in-depth what makes this ring a showstopper.

It's hard to miss Jen's ring's striking color and whopping carat weight. Just how big is it? The diamond is an 8.5-carat natural green diamond. While it may look like an emerald, it definitely isn't. The bright, verdant color of the diamond makes it incredibly rare and valuable. Not only due to the color but because it is very challenging to find a stone of that size and color in a natural green shade. Known as a fancy diamond, this shade isn't readily available even within that category, taking second place for the rarity of hue. It is believed to have been sourced by Ilan Portugali with Beverly Hills Diamonds.

Ben did an incredible job because JLo has been quoted saying that green is her lucky color.

The center green diamond isn't the only sparkle on her ring. It is flanked by two white trapezoid-shaped diamonds. We love how the unique shape of the trapezoid cut enhances the distinctive style of Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring, which is like no other ring in the world.

Due to its symbolism, the three-stone design is a popular choice for engagement rings. The trio of diamonds could represent that your partner is your past, present, and future, which would be pretty fitting for the second-time engaged (now married) couple. Some individuals also believe it represents friendship, love, and fidelity.

The center diamond appears to be set in yellow gold, while the two flanking stones sit in what looks to be a platinum setting. The band is also likely platinum with its cool, silvery hue. Altogether, it's a jaw-dropping ring fit for a pop princess.

With Clarity Alternatives

Are you inspired by Jennifer Lopez's charming three-stone engagement ring? Here are some alternatives that share some brilliant similarities.

Elegance three baguette diamond engagement ring

Elegance three baguette diamond engagement ring

This dazzling engagement ring has a three-stone design with a large center stone framed by two smaller diamonds. Each of the three diamonds shares a geometric cut similar to Jen's ring and is set in a white gold band. It's a classic style with a modern twist that has us completely in love.

Triangular Three Stone Peridot Ring

Triangular Three Stone Peridot Ring

Does Jen's ring have you green with envy? You can flaunt your own gorgeous green gem with this beautiful Peridot ring. The vibrant center stone is framed by two brilliant triangular diamonds for a striking contrast. The pave diamonds set into the silvery band add the perfect pop of sparkle.

Three stone tapered baguette diamond engagement ring

Three stone tapered baguette diamond engagement ring

We're huge fans of the bold geometric shape of JLo's ring, which is why we love this engagement ring with its center square-cut diamond flanked by two sparkling, tapered baguettes. Round pave diamonds are set in a yellow gold band that is dainty but definitely not understated.

Duet Peridot Ring

Duet Peridot Ring

Peridot makes such an excellent choice for an engagement ring. The green can symbolize your evergreen love, while the three-stone design, featuring two round accent diamonds, represents the past, present, and future. Channel set stones in the band offer a mesmerizing accent.

Princess accent diamond engagement ring

Princess accent diamond engagement ring

We said JLo's ring was fit for a princess, as is this awe-inspiring three-stone ring. Each diamond has a trendy princess cut that positively shines in the light. Channel set accent diamonds in the band offer additional sparkle that further sets off the brilliant center stone.

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The Value of Your Individuality

As Jennifer Lopez once said, "You have to remember the value of your individuality – that you have something special and different…."

This is why we always encourage you to pick an engagement ring unique to you. Celebrity engagement rings are often eye-catching and make for a wonderful source of information. But it's essential to ensure that your ring represents your style and relationship.

What better way than to customize your engagement ring at With Clarity? Build your ring to reflect you and your special love. Then, try it and one other ring with Home Preview to make sure you love your unique piece's fit, feel, and look. If you decide it's not the one, don't fret! Free shipping, easy returns, lifetime warranty, and consultation with diamond experts further make your engagement ring shopping experience a breeze.


  • What is the cost of JLO's green diamond engagement ring?

It’s estimated that JLo’s ring could have cost Ben Affleck up to 10 million dollars. The high price tag is a result of the scarcity of green diamonds larger than 1 carat.

  • Which diamond color is the rarest?

A green diamond is the second rarest of the fancy colored diamonds, red is actually the most rare.

  • Are colored diamonds more expensive than white diamonds?

That depends. Usually, colored diamonds are more expensive than white, but it depends on the color and its vividness. Black and gray diamonds tend to be less expensive while green, yellow, and pink usually cost more than white.

  • What are the top diamond colors for an engagement ring?

Colorless still ranks number one, but if you want a fancy colored diamond engagement ring, often picked colors ranked from most popular to least are: yellow, brown (chocolate diamonds), black, and blue. After Jennifer Lopez’s engagement though, this list could change!