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All About Lily Collins’ Engagement Ring

“Lily Collins Engagement Ring

Celebrities are all the fashion inspiration we all look to. They have taken up the role of trendsetters, a part they have played and pulled off well. From apparel to accessories, celebrities shine their spotlight on the latest and trendiest designs, inspiring you to indulge your inner diva. Their engagement rings are no different.

One of the most iconic celebrity engagement rings has been of the “Emily In Paris” star Lily Collins. Channeling her inner Emily, Collins is a fashionista who has never shied away from bold and unique fashion choices — as is evident with the rock on her hand.

Given by her now-husband Charlie McDowell, Lily Collins' engagement ring became the talk of the town as soon as the pictures went public. If you too were enthralled by Collins’ “favorite new accessory”, keep reading to know more about the ring and some of the best alternatives.

What Makes Lily Collins’ Engagement Ring So Special

When it comes to celebrity engagement rings, Lily Collins has certainly made her mark with her unique see-through square-cut ring.

The ring has a square rose cut diamond fully affixed in a bezel setting. The rose cut dates way back to the 16th century, so Collins’ engagement ring joins the club of vintage engagement rings.

One of the most unique engagement rings, Collins’ ring has an exceptional light-pink diamond that weighs around 3-4 carats. Set in a yellow gold band, the stone has no base. Because of the bezel setting and lack of base, the stone looks see-through with an appearance of glass or crystal.

And while the domed top does not generate the brightest sparkle, it is intended to emanate a warm and soft lit-from-within glow that can cast a shadow over any modern-day cut.

The diamond solitaire promises love and the stone symbolizes romance, the foundation for any lasting relationship.

With Clarity Alternatives to Lily Collins’ Engagement Ring

If you are impressed by Lily's engagement ring, we may have a few suggestions that will be to your liking.

Cushion Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Cushion Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

If understated yet attractive diamond engagement rings are what you are looking for, this Cushion Plain Shank Halo ring could be a perfect match. The center diamond is secured by a pave setting and is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, which draws focus to the sparkling stone. A delicate plain shank further accentuates the cushion cut diamond.

You can have the stone in a wide range of carat sizes, from 0.4 Ct to 10 Ct. This cushion cut diamond ring is also available in 7 different metal options, so you can mold the ring in the metal of your choice.

Octagon Halo Engagement Ring

Octagon Halo Engagement Ring

A modern twist to vintage engagement rings, this Octagon Halo ring is understated yet elegant. The central stone is set in a 4-point prong setting surrounded by an octagonal halo of accent diamonds.

The cathedral ring shank is lined with diamonds in a pave band setting and has a hidden heart gallery supporting the central diamond. With the accent diamonds also placed in the prong setting, the metal peeks in between the diamonds.

Available in 1 Ct, 2 Ct, and 3 Ct sizes and diverse metals, the ring will appear distinct based on the metal you choose. So, whether you opt for the classic yellow or choose white gold or platinum, your ring will define your style.

Tapered Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

Tapered Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

Your search for engagement rings for women may end with this one if you like your ring shiny with many diamonds.

The central diamond, which you can choose from a variety of shapes, is surrounded by a modern cushion-shaped halo of accent diamonds. The gallery is completed by a diamond accent set hidden from the front view.

The ring features a delicately tapered diamond pave band and all the diamonds are secured in a prong setting. Choose a metal from 7 different options to get a look of your choice.

Pave Knife Edge Halo Engagement Ring

Pave Knife Edge Halo Engagement Ring

This design modernizes the classic halo, giving it some edge over the traditional look. Featuring a central diamond that can be customized in a variety of shapes and accentuated by a halo of diamonds, the ring has a hidden diamond accent detailing that adds charisma and charm to the entire design.

The diamonds are set in a prong setting and the knife-edged pave band adds further glitter and sparkle to the design — this ring is sure to turn heads.

Available in a number of metal options, you can opt for a classic ring with a gold metal base or an elegant ring with a platinum or white gold color base.

Cushion Cathedral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Cushion Cathedral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Set in a cathedral band, this cushion Cathedral Halo ring accentuates the pointed center stone and adds some bling and sparkle to the band. Secured by a prong setting and set in a halo of accentuated diamonds, the central stone will easily grab eyeballs.

The paved band brings in additional sparkle and shine combined with the accent diamonds. You can opt for the cushion-shaped diamond from carat sizes ranging from 0.4 to 10 Ct and choose from 7 different metal options.

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Diamond engagement rings for women are designed to be as special and unique as the woman you love. While you can refer to celebrity choices for engagement ring styles, it is always better to opt for custom engagement rings that reflect your significant other’s individuality and style.

With Clarity offers you the freedom of customizing your ring, adding the personal touch that every relationship deserves. We also provide a home preview where you get two rings of your choice delivered to your doorstep. Wear them, click pictures, and then decide if they speak to your unique sense of style.

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  • How much does Lily Collins’ engagement ring cost?

Lily Collins’ solitaire engagement ring is estimated to cost anywhere between £50,000 to £1,00,000.

  • What type of diamond does Lily Collins’ engagement ring have?

Collins solitaire diamond ring has a rose-cut diamond.

  • What is the best alternative to rose-cut diamonds?

Cushion-cut diamonds offer a great alternative to rose-cut diamonds. They have more

shine and sparkle and give the ring a little extra bling.

  • Which is better for an engagement ring – 14k or 18k gold?

The choice of metal depends on the look you’re going for, your budget, and how much care you can provide it. A 14k gold band is a good choice for those who want a durable, sturdy, and affordable option. However, 18k gold, while more expensive, offers that vibrant gold look, but it is also more vulnerable to scratches.