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All About Paris Hilton's Engagement Ring

Paris Hilton Engagement Ring

Celebrity engagement rings have long been a source of inspiration for brides-to-be everywhere. They almost always make the headline, whether they're big and bold or dainty and demure. We love taking an in-depth look at all the celebrity custom engagement rings, learning about their symbolism, costs, and much more.

One engagement ring that really caught our eye was Paris Hilton's sparkler. Her engagement ring, given to her by her now husband, Carter Reum, has been the talk of the town since they first made it official. What makes her ring such a showstopper? Let's find out!

Paris Hilton's Perfectly Pretty Ring

Just a few days shy of her fortieth birthday, Paris Hilton got the surprise of her life when her now husband, Carter, proposed. An heiress, Paris can be considered a modern-day princess and is definitely no stranger to diamonds (or engagement rings, for that matter). However, Carter went above and beyond, choosing to go custom with Paris Hilton's ring.

We love the vibe of vintage engagement rings, and while this ring is brand new, its emerald-cut diamond doesn't disappoint. The center geometric diamond is believed to be twenty carats and was cut by French jeweler (and great-great-grandson of Louis-Francois Cartier) Jean Dousset. He agrees that the ring has a vintage feel, stating that the design was inspired by "classical and Art Nouveau era influences."

Alongside the breathtaking center stone are trapezoid accent diamonds in a three-stone design. Jewelry experts had difficulty determining the accent diamonds' carat weight. However, the ring is estimated to have a price tag of 2 to 3 million dollars.

The inspiration was the Grand Palais in Paris, a nod to Hilton's namesake. Three stone rings can also symbolize past, present, and future or love, friendship, and loyalty, which are also beautiful sentiments.

The band is a cool silver, likely platinum, covered in more diamonds. Paris told People that it has "like 15 diamonds going around" and contains a heartfelt engraving of a "P" with a sapphire inside. The massive and beautiful ring is fondly known as "The Paris."

With Clarity Alternatives


Are you obsessed with Paris Hilton's jaw-dropping engagement ring? Then we think you'll love these With Clarity Alternatives. Perfect for any couple looking for something Hilton-inspired, yet unique, and certainly without the 2 million dollar price tag.

Petite Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Petite Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Petite and pretty, this three stone diamond engagement ring carries the symbolism of past, present, and future like Paris's ring. The slender band helps to highlight the beauty of the center-cut diamond flanked by two sparkling, smaller gems.

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

We love how this ring still includes the lovely three-stone design. But, due to the tapered baguette cut of the accent diamonds, the center stone is much more prominent. It has Art Deco vibes, similar to Paris's, and is ideal for vintage brides.

Fine Line 3 Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Fine Line 3 Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

This ring is certainly fit for a princess. A slim line band and a delicate setting are the keys to its unique beauty. Pear-shaped accent diamonds highlight the center gem. Just like Paris's secret "P" and sapphire, a hidden accent diamond is in the gallery of the center gem on this stunning women's engagement ring.

Accent Halo Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Accent Halo Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Love the three stone design but want to ramp up the sparkle? Each side stone has a glorious halo, amplifying the flanking diamonds and the large center stone. A split shank band adds detail and depth. With this ring adorning your finger, you can look and feel like an heiress too!

Vintage Carved Amore Three Stone Engagement Ring

Vintage Carved Amore Three Stone Engagement Ring

Art Nouveau is known for its geometric patterns, making this ring a fitting choice for such inspired brides. A chevron pattern along the band draws your eye to the glittering center stone in a showcasing trellis setting. Two smaller accompanying stones on either side each include a sparkling pave heart accent for enhanced brilliance.

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The Takeaway


While we adore fawning over the best celebrity engagement rings, your engagement ring needs to be uniquely you. What we love most about Paris's ring is that her beau chose sentimental elements special to their relationship. Similarly, your engagement ring should represent the journey of love you and your partner share.

This is where ring customization by With Clarity can genuinely make your engagement ring special and sweet. Worried about picking the "one"? With Clarity Home Preview can eliminate that element of the unknown as it allows you to view and try on two engagement rings of your choice. Free shipping, easy returns, lifetime warranty and consultation with diamond experts further make your engagement ring shopping a joyful experience!


What is the diamond carat weight of Paris Hilton’s engagement ring?

Paris’ Hiltons large center diamond is believed to have a carat weight of 20 carats. It’s unknown just how many carats each trapezoid accent diamond weighs, but they’re pretty impressive

What is the shape of Paris Hilton’s engagement ring?

A three-stone ring has a specific meaning behind it. There is always a center stone, which is usually the largest stone. Paris Hilton’s ring has a center emerald cut diamond flanked by two smaller trapezoid diamonds.

What does a three stone ring mean?

Three stones can symbolize love, friendship, and loyalty. Alternatively, some couples prefer that this design represent the past, present, and future. Religious couples may appreciate that three stone rings can also symbolize the Holy Trinity.

Are three-stone rings more popular than solitaire engagement rings?

Three-stone rings are one of the most popular engagement ring styles. However, solitaire rings are more common due to design or cost.

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