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Benefits of Buying a Custom Engagement Ring

Benefits of Buying a Custom Engagement Ring

Whether you’ve been dating your intended for several years or a few months, choosing the perfect engagement ring is a major decision. After all, these rings are a big investment, and she will wear the ring for the rest of her life. Besides the amount you can afford to spend on a ring, the two most important decisions are the perfect style, and if you wish to design the ring yourself. In this article, we’ll talk about the why and how of custom engagement rings.

What is a custom engagement ring?

At its most basic, a custom engagement ring is one that has been designed to fit a customer’s exact specifications, and which is unique. In other words, custom-made engagement rings are ones that haven’t been made before. They don’t use a stock ring setting or one that’s typically carried by your jeweler. As a result, a custom ring can include any design elements and in just about any combination. The possibilities are endless.

Custom Ring Design Ideas

For an increasing number of couples, engagement rings represent more than just commitment. Rather, various design elements can reflect the bride’s style, a favorite motif, or some aspect of the couple’s culture. To incorporate these features, custom design engagement rings are usually the best bet. In this case, tell the jeweler what you are looking for, and preferably, provide a picture.

Another source of inspiration for the perfect gold engagement rings is looking at fashion magazines or admiring celebrity rings. While celebrity rings are too expensive for most couples if made with diamonds, certain design elements can often be adapted to your budget. Finally, consider vintage styling. It could be that your grandmother’s engagement ring has a special appeal that you’d like to incorporate. Finally, you can design unique engagement rings with gemstones. Gemstones can be any size and incorporated anywhere in the design.

Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily need to go it alone. If you and your girlfriend like to shop together, consider including her in the design process. This can be as simple as letting her drop hints, then follow up on them, or as involved as showing her the drawings. Including your girlfriend is more important if you’re considering custom gemstone engagement rings, as there are more choices. Most women have favorite gemstones, and others feel strongly about diamond rings.

Popular options for a custom engagement ring

Of course, with so many diamond engagement ring designs that jewelers can create, it’s easy to wonder what your options are. First, you should know that round diamonds remain the most popular option, even for custom designs. This shape is timeless and lends itself to almost endless design possibilities. You can have one set into a ring that includes her birthstone somewhere else in the design. Or consider a truly unique setting, such as one shaped like her favorite flower.

Does your girlfriend find most diamond engagement ring designs boring? Or too modern, for that matter? Consider a custom design that uses the best of her otherwise favorite designs. Perhaps you like the halo on one ring, but the shank on another. Likewise, if there’s something she really likes that isn’t available in your metal of choice, we can do a custom order. At With Clarity, custom-made engagement rings can be cast in white, yellow, or rose gold, at 14K, and 18K purities. In addition, we can make you a ring in platinum. These options allow you to achieve just about any look.

Is a custom engagement ring right for me?

Naturally, even the best custom engagement rings aren’t for everyone. Some customers are best off selecting a preset ring or purchasing a setting and diamond to be assembled. These options are available much more quickly, but they don’t have as much flexibility. With that in mind, here are some situations where going custom is perfect.

Custom Engagement Ring Timeline

Because a custom engagement ring is designed from the ground up, they take much longer to produce. Your jeweler first has to consult with you, then the ring is designed by computer. This will give you pictures of the design. Depending on your specifications, this can take more than one try. Once you think it’s perfect, the jeweler will give you a price quote. After this, we make a mold for the ring using 3D printing technology.

Once you have approved the design, your ring setting is fashioned from this mold using the metal you choose. From here, there’s a lot of polishing to give the setting that mirror shine. Finally, our team of gemologists will set each stone into the setting. Keep in mind, the center stone must be hand-selected by you. We carefully consult at every step, which is why the ring takes time to produce. With Clarity can have a custom ring produced for you in about 3 weeks.

Getting the Design Just Right

For some people, expressing your love with a custom design is the only real option. After all, your girlfriend is unique, right? But sometimes, there’s more to it. Ordering custom engagement rings online lets you achieve a look that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Plus, you get to say, “I designed this myself.” Depending on your relationship, this can be priceless.

Setting an Heirloom Diamond

A surprising number of couples have an extra special diamond or other gemstones that are perfect for an engagement ring. Especially if this is a vintage diamond, there’s a high chance that the shape is slightly irregular. This makes it difficult to set the diamond into a ring, and custom-made engagement rings are definitely the way to go.

Custom Wedding Bands

One of the great things about custom engagement rings is that you can also order matching wedding bands. Or not. Depending on what you want, both aesthetically and otherwise, you can go either way. With that said, certain designs might not stand alone well. You can always incorporate the overall look between those rings. In addition, a stock ring might not “fit” your custom ring. We recommend that you discuss this option with the gemologist during the design process.


How are custom engagement rings made?

Custom engagement rings start with your vision whether it’s inspired by other jewelry or ring designs you have seen or something that you come up with on your own. Once you have something in mind, work with a jeweler and gemologist to bring your vision to life. After your initial discussion, your jeweler will create a CAD rendering or computer-aided design from which a mold is made to cast the metal. Once the metal is cast, the jeweler will set your accent diamonds and center diamond to complete the ring. For With Clarity, this entire process takes about 3 weeks from start to finish.

How long does a custom engagement ring take to make?

Defending on how intricate the design process and crafting process is, a custom ring takes anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to craft and ship to you.

How much does a custom engagement ring cost?

While other jewelry companies may charge a fee for custom design, With Clarity does not charge anything for custom ring designs. The only cost is for the actual ring itself as well as the center diamond or gemstone.

Where to get a custom engagement ring?

Most jewelry companies can work with you to create custom engagement rings. Be sure to work with a jeweler who is reputable and can vouch for the quality of their work and can offer additional services like a lifetime warranty, appraisal to ensure that your custom ring looks beautiful for a lifetime.