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Best Art Deco Style Engagement Rings

Art deo style engagement rings

Getting engaged is one of life’s most important milestones. It is the confirmation of a lifelong commitment and the cementing of a deep and lasting relationship. It is a memorable and special moment that is a real turning point for couples. It certainly deserves all the celebration, fanfare, and excitement!

A beautiful engagement centers on getting the perfect engagement ring. The ring is physical proof of commitment, and it symbolizes the everlasting love shared by the couple.

An engagement ring should also reflect the taste and personality of the person wearing it. But with so many designs and styles that have emerged and evolved over hundreds of years, choosing the perfect ring to wear for the rest of your life is quite a task.

Art deco engagement rings have been sought after since they first became popular after World War I. The classic and timeless designs are awe-inspiring, and it’s not surprising that millions of people have chosen them to represent their lives.

If you love the vintage aesthetic and want an attention-grabbing accessory to wear for decades to come, art deco engagement rings are for you!

Art Deco Engagement Rings

Art deco vintage engagement rings were all the rage from 1920 to 1935. The geometric patterns, abstract designs, and contrasting colors took jewelry art to a whole new level after decades of traditional feminine designs.

Art deco came into fashion after the First World War: the age of machines. During that period, strong and symmetrical lines dominated most design elements, from buildings to cars to fashion. It drastically overpowered and took over the nature-inspired motifs and the soft swirls of the previous era.

The symmetric designs and prominent personality of art deco jewelry have never gone out of fashion, making them a timeless hit.

Designs and Shapes

Geometric symmetry is the hallmark of art deco antique engagement rings. This is the era that saw a shift from delicate designs to distinct sharp lines.

Squares, rectangles, triangles, and other perfectly symmetrical shapes shine at the center of these rings. There is no limit to the other design elements: everything from filigree designs to bezel settings are partnered with these geometric shapes.

Most designs revolved around a big center stone surrounded by smaller ones, like a sparking explosion. The stones are cut in modern shapes, like emerald cuts, triangle cuts, and baguettes.

What sets art deco style engagement rings apart is their architecture-adjacent aesthetic, with rigid symmetrical designs that are pure elegance.


Along with antique cut diamonds and vintage diamonds, many other gems can be incorporated into the art deco aesthetic. For example, some minimalist art deco engagement rings only have diamonds, while there are also art deco sapphire engagement rings and art deco emerald engagement rings. Just about all the precious stones are used in art deco designs.

The most popular gems that dominated the art deco era were rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and onyx. Some rare vintage art deco engagement rings also had non-precious gemstones like exotic jade, aquamarine, and coral.

Size and Color

Boldness in terms of size was all the rage in the art deco era. Big rings were fashion statements; the bigger, the flashier, the better!

The main characteristics of art deco are maximum glamor and glitz, and the large, vibrant colored gemstones give art deco engagement rings the perfect sparkle and pop of color. Colorful gemstones are also used to accentuate the big center stones as they run down on either side.

Platinum was the metal of choice in the art deco era. White gold also emerged as a more affordable substitute, and the light metal became quite popular. With white gold and lab-grown diamonds, you can have affordable art deco engagement rings.

Today, platinum and white gold still dominate most art deco engagement rings, but other metals like rose gold, yellow gold, 14k and 18k gold, and silver are also used.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Art Deco Style Engagement Rings

If art deco style engagement rings are what you are looking for, we have a fantastic collection for you to explore. Antique, modern, gold, white gold—we have something for everyone.

Here are our top five picks you will love, too!

Art Deco Solitaire Ring

1. Art Deco Solitaire Ring

Solitaire rings are classic and timeless and will never go out of style. This art deco diamond engagement ring shines the spotlight on an intricately-designed center diamond. The milgrain embellishment and pave and bevel settings give off an incomparable sparkle, and the diamond-studded vintage motifs complete the art deco aesthetic.

Available in seven different metal options (white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold in various karats, plus platinum) and three diamond shapes (round, cushion, oval), this ring has a top-notch vintage vibe that exudes endless elegance. Anyone will be proud to wear this on their ring finger for decades.

Art Deco Leaf Engagement Ring

2. Art Deco Leaf Engagement Ring

This stunning engagement ring hosts a center diamond accentuated by vintage floral motifs with smaller diamonds set in a pave and bezel setting. With milgrain embellishment, the metal peeks between the diamonds to maximize the sparkle and highlight the stones.

The incredibly popular prong setting allows maximum light reflection to boost the diamond’s brilliance. You can choose from three center diamond shapes (round, cushion, oval) center diamond shapes and seven different metals to truly make this ring your own.

Art Deco Geometric Engagement Ring

3. Art Deco Geometric Engagement Ring

Geometry was all the hype during the art deco era, and this ring’s rhombus and circle motifs further push the vintage vibe. The center diamond is highlighted with dazzling details and set in the classic four-prong setting that ensures it is the star of the show.

With a pave and bezel setting and milgrain embellishment, the motifs add a ton of sparkle to the ring. With a drop shape in the front view and scrollwork, the ring has a classic vintage aesthetic that makes it an excellent choice for an art deco vintage engagement ring.

Also available in different shapes and metals, the ring can easily match the personality and meet the specific design preferences of the wearer.

Art Deco Milgrain Engagement Ring

4. Art Deco Milgrain Engagement Ring

This gorgeous art deco engagement ring has a center diamond highlighted by a four-prong setting. It has vintage-inspired oval and circular motifs, and the surrounding diamonds are arranged in a pave and bezel setting and milgrain embellishment along the shoulders. The setting crosses over in the gallery, representing unity and commitment.

Available with different center stones and metals, this ring is a great choice if you’re looking for a timeless design that expresses infinite love.

Art Deco Glamor Engagement Ring

5. Art Deco Glamor Engagement Ring

With a halo design and perfect geometric symmetry, the ring is emblematic of the classic art deco aesthetic. The ring is pure luxury, with a center diamond accentuated by an outer circle of smaller stones and matching baguette diamonds tapering on the sides.

You can get the beautifully sleek band with a symmetrical scroll in seven different colors, so the symbol of your lifelong commitment is entirely yours.

Tips for Buying Art Deco Style Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is something that you will wear and cherish for the rest of your life. It reflects the love shared with your partner as well as your unique personality. It is an important investment, and for this reason, you must keep certain things in mind while shopping for your art deco engagement ring.

  • Buy your ring from a brand that offers hassle-free returns. This transparency and customer-centric policy ensure that the products are legitimate and you will not get stuck with something you do not like.
  • Make sure the diamonds are certified. Look for certification from institutes like GIA and IGI.
  • If you want to buy a ring with a gemstone, consider color and quality grade over carat size.
  • Consider lab-grown diamonds if the budget is tight. They are identical to their natural counterparts, with the same visual, physical, and chemical traits.
  • While choosing the metal, consider the skin sensitivity of the person who will wear it. Platinum is the most hypoallergenic material, perfect for sensitive skin. It is highly durable with a shine that will never tarnish.
  • Your final choice should suit your budget and the wearer’s personal style preferences.


When were art deco engagement rings most popular?

Art deco engagement rings became popular between the 1920s and 1930s.

Are art deco engagement rings still popular?

The popularity of art deco rings has never really waned, and they remain sought-after to this day. They have a vintage and timeless feel, perfect for people who love eye-catching rings that evoke a certain period.

How can an art deco engagement ring be identified?

Art deco engagement rings are identified by their symmetrical geometrical design and larger-than-life character.

How is an art deco ring different from others?

Art deco rings are more geometric, with straight lines and sharp angles that distinguish them from other types of rings.

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