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Best Engagement Rings for a Cancer

Best engagement rings for a cancer

Many people believe that their astrological chart influences the type of person that they are. This includes their personalities, how they dress, and even whom they should marry. If that’s you or your intended bride, then your choice of an engagement ring should be influenced by her star chart.

If the woman of your dreams was born between June 21st and July 22nd, these are the Cancer dates. charts, you’ll see this represented as a crab, and it’s considered a water sign. People whose sign is Cancer are often called Cancerians to distinguish them from the dreaded disease.

What does the Cancer sign have to do with engagement rings? In short, it allows you to pick something that she’ll love, but that’s also suitable to her as a Cancerian.

Let’s dive in.

Cancerian characteristics


Generally, astrologers think of a Cancerian as a loving, caring person. Women, in particular, love to cuddle up with their loved ones and enjoy family time. The Cancer personality is also sentimental, always remembering birthdays and important family milestones.

Does she like to cook and enjoy sharing the food with you? This is also a Cancerian trait.

On the other hand, when life isn’t going well, your Cancerian can be…well…crabby. Maybe she’ll get grumpy with you or retreat into her secret hideaway. Never mind, she’ll feel better soon if you give her some time alone.

Anyway, her care for you is what caught your heart, right?

We thought so.

Cancerian fashion sense


Of course, most people choose clothing that matches their personalities and interests. Cancerians are no exception to this rule, even though dress codes and the climate sometimes get in the way of that perfect outfit.

Experts say that Cancerians love feminine clothing, along with happy colors like white, pink, or lilac. In the winter, think of the darker pinks and purples instead.

They enjoy feminine fabrics, such as lace, taffeta, or silk. Boho tunics and frilly sundresses also come to mind. And when the weather gets cold, pashmina shawls and padded headbands make an appearance. Maybe even some multi-layer outfits that might include some sparkle and shine.

She doesn’t just act like your sweet lady, she looks like it.

Unique engagement rings for Cancerians


Naturally, you should choose an engagement ring that suits her style and her star chart as much as possible. After all, you’re marrying her for the person she is, and you want the ring to reflect that. Plus, she’ll hopefully wear this ring forever, so careful choices are always best.

Here are some great engagement rings for women that Cancerians would appreciate.

Pave Love Knot Ruby Ring

Pave Love Knot Ruby Ring

Simple, yet elegant and romantic. This ring features a ruby in the center of a pave diamond band. Then, there’s a love knot motif at the base of the ruby, also creating a hidden halo effect. Since your Cancerian is likely “Wrapped Up in You” and loving it, this ring is especially appropriate.

Who doesn’t like a motif that showcases your togetherness?

Besides this, Cancerians are especially passionate about the people they love. Rubies are the ultimate gem of passion, so it’s a natural fit.

You can go with any metal color, but if she likes pink then rose gold could be extra special.

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

This semi-mount features two side stones and a pave shank. Add a custom center stone, and you have the ultimate past, present, and future ring. Since Cancerians are known for their romanticism and commitment, this is a great motif for an engagement ring.

Just as nice is the fact you can choose the shape of the center stone. If she’s super feminine, consider a princess or pear cut. If she’d want something more classic, think about a round or emerald cut.

There are many possibilities.

Vintage Filigree Petal Engagement Ring

Vintage Filigree Petal Engagement Ring

Decidedly romantic, the petal engagement ring features many little details. If your Cancerian likes retro designs, it may be for her. Besides, lacey details like these highlight the sensitivity and romantic flair that make people like her so special. And if she wears a lot of lace, the setting will fit right in.

Here’s the best part: You can also customize this ring. If she likes a particular diamond shape, be sure to check it out.

Floral Halo Cathedral Engagement Ring

Floral Halo Cathedral Engagement Ring

Florals can be understated, just like your Cancerian’s sensitivity and nurturing spirit. This ring celebrates her great personality with a floral setting. Choose a small center stone, or go big. It’s up to you (and your budget). Either way, the feminine design and romantic vibe capture the essence of Cancer. Extra bonus: the vintage touches might make her think about the couple she knows who lived happily ever after.

Modern Fine Line High Hidden Halo Solitaire Ring

Modern Fine Line High Hidden Halo Solitaire Ring

Modern designs can also suit your Cancerian well, particularly if she loves to dress femininely in an understated way (or needs to deal with a conservative dress code at work). Either way, this ring setting delivers with its clean lines and hidden halo. It has an understated drama that showcases her imagination. You also can see the water sign influences, especially with the choice of rose or white gold.


Quick Tips for the Perfect Ring Choice


Even when you find a ring or setting that suits your Cancerian perfectly, there are a few things to consider. For one thing, there’s the price. At With Clarity, we believe you shouldn’t spend more than you can afford, but you also want the best bang for your buck. If your budget is smaller (and she isn’t hung up on the romance of a mined diamond) then a lab-created stone may be the best choice. That’s because they cost less per carat than their mined equivalent.

Second, be sure your Cancerian isn’t turned off to your ring because of metal allergies. If she has sensitive skin, we recommend choosing a metal that’s less likely to cause a reaction. Platinum is usually the best, though rose and yellow gold are typically compatible.

Third, make sure the ring suits her style. You don’t want to give her a ring she won’t like because that might send her into a crabby mood. Instead, pick something that suits her perfectly. If that’s difficult for you, our expert gemologists can help select the perfect setting. Also, you can try our home trial program to be sure it’s perfect.

Lastly, never buy from a fly-by-night operation. You’ll spend a lot of money on a sentimental ring, so be sure there’s a customer-friendly return policy in case something goes wrong. Best of all, With Clarity offers a lifetime warranty and free ring sizing should the ring need some TLC.



Which is the best ring style for a Cancerian woman?

Romantic, sentimental styles are usually the best. Think filigree, milgrain, and florals.

Are vintage-style rings still in trend?

Yes, they are. These often-sentimental styles fit well with the romantic nature of an engagement ring.

What does a ruby ring symbolize?

Ruby rings signify love and passion. For a Cancerian, this also goes with commitment and time spent with family.

What is a baguette diamond accent?

Baguette diamonds are distinguished by their rectangular and elongated shape. They are typically used as accents to highlight the center stone.