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How to Determine Her Engagement Ring Style

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The diamond engagement right style that is right for your partner is something you want to be sure to take your time to determine. This is a keepsake that will be a reminder of your love for each other for the rest of your lives. It’s a treasure that she and others will be admiring day in and day out. You want to be very sure that this ring will never lose its allure and will stand the test of time. But don’t get too overwhelmed! There are plenty of ways you can determine which style is best for your beloved, and we are going to share some of those tips and tricks with you now, but first we want to encourage you to trust yourself. If you are about to propose marriage, it is very likely that you know your fiancé-to-be better than just about anyone. However, we know that style and jewelry are not everyone’s areas of expertise, so here are a few things to consider about your partner when choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Examine her clothing style

Take a look at her wardrobe. Though every woman is unique in the way she expresses herself, there are some generalized categories that can help you narrow down your choices and make sure you get her something that will work with her style. Does she wear mostly sporty, comfortable clothing or does she tend to dress up in skirts and heels? Does she shop in vintage and second-hand stores for those one-of-a-kind pieces or does she prefer more classic, simple outfits from places like Banana Republic or Nordstrom?

Paying attention to these kinds of details can give you a good place to start in determining which general style of ring you should be looking for. Something more simple and versatile would be best for the active, low maintenance girl-next-door. A vintage-inspired ring with some unique embellishments would be ideal for the creative and vintage-loving woman in your life. Your lady may want something flashy and dramatic to match her bold flair. Showing your woman that you’ve noticed the effort she puts into her personal style will mean a lot and will ensure that she loves what you’ve chosen.

Friends & family weigh in

This is an important question to ask the people closest to your beloved. You may know your partner best, but some of her friends and family members may have the perspective you need to make your final decision. Bring them photos of a few options you are considering and let them weigh in! These are going to the people fawning over her once she is ready to show off her new diamond, so you’ll want to be sure they are going to love it. Their huge smiles and exclamations of joy will only make her love it even more! Including them in your decision will also show her loved ones that you value their opinion and respect their role in your partner’s life. You definitely don’t have to make this decision alone and your marriage will be even stronger as a result of your ability to ask for help.

If she doesn't love the ring

With these tips in mind, you are sure to find a diamond engagement right that she will absolutely love. However, you may be asking yourself what happens if she doesn’t. What happens if the worst case scenario occurs? You took your time, observed her style, looked at her current jewelry, and asked her friends and family and she still doesn’t like what you’ve chosen. This is a tough decision to make and will depend largely on this situation and people involved. Definitely ask the jeweler where you decide to purchase the ring about their return and exchange policy just in case. We, for instance, offer a 30 day 100% no questions asked return policy and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects or daily wear and tear. Not all jewelers have this policy, so be sure to ask ahead of time.

Beyond that, the best thing you can do if she doesn’t love your ring is to discuss it with her. Ask her what she doesn’t like about it and figure out together what the best course of action will be. Maybe you exchange the ring. Maybe there are some adjustments you can make to this one that will make it perfect. Try not to take it personally. She is the one that will be wearing it every day for the rest of her life, so it’s important that it’s something she will always love to look at to remind her of you. Work together, and it will certainly work out in the end.