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Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas That Capture How You Feel

woman admiring her engagement ring engraving

No matter what stylistic choices you make for your engagement ring, it's going to be a meaningful symbol of your love and future together. But some couples like to personalize things even more by adding an engraved message. These can range from a simple and traditional statement of your affection to something quirkier that speaks to the uniqueness of your relationship.

Sometimes finding these words is easy, but not always. If you’re struggling to find the right words for the inside of your band, here are some engagement ring engraving ideas that range from tried-and-true to potentially uniquely you.

A quick note on engagement ring engravings

If you'd like to add an engraving to your engagement ring, you'll want to make sure the band is at least 3mm wide (anything thinner might make the engraving too hard to see), and you'll need to be relatively brief — most rings can hold about 15 to 20 characters. Here are some of the most popular engagement ring engraving ideas.

Your engagement or wedding date

That's an ideal way to denote when your relationship officially moved to the next level. But you can also take the idea of the date and give it a spin. Maybe your first date was especially meaningful to the two of you. Or maybe you both knew it was forever when you moved in together so you want to commemorate that date. Do what feels right for your relationship.

Your name or monogram

People used to believe a major pathway for blood traveling to the heart resided in the ring finger, so a name engraved on a ring worn here was sort of symbolic for keeping someone close to your heart for all time. And while we now know that this isn’t true, we still think it’s a sweet way to keep someone close to you day in and day out. A nickname or pet name is great too.

A word or phrase that expresses permanence

Something like "Forever," "Always," or "For eternity" can signify the enduring nature of a relationship. If you’re considering the eternity symbol, we advise you to contact the company with which you’re shopping. Although that’s a perfect substitute for words, not every company can engrave every symbol. So you’ll want to check that this can be done before making up your mind on this one.

A lyric from a song that means a lot to you as a couple

If you have a song that's "yours," it's a time-honored way to commemorate your connection. But keep in mind that engravings are small and short. After all, you’re working with a limited amount of real estate. So if your favorite line can’t fit, maybe just the title of the song would work as a backup plan.

A reference to your favorite TV show

The couple that binge-watches together stays together — if you have a show you both love, this engagement ring engraving idea will remind you not just of those cozy evenings at home with Netflix but of the fact that you "get" each other. Or maybe you opt for a line that has become a running inside joke between the two of you. It’s not traditional, but it might be just perfect for the two of you.

An inside joke

Another way to exemplify your bond, if this is right for you as a couple, you'll know it. Nothing is off base (although you probably don't want to get too dirty). But hey, if that’s the joke that means a lot to you as a couple, we say go for it. Other than the people bringing this engagement ring engraving idea to life by carving it into your ring, the two of you will be the only ones to know it’s there.

Anything you want!

Your engraving idea by no means needs to be traditional. It just has to be special in your relationship. So that means pretty much anything goes. A beloved shared pet’s name to commemorate the very first family you crafted together works. So do the geographical coordinates of the location of your first date. The only guideline we’d give you is another reminder that you’ll need to ask if the company you’re working with can produce any symbols you might be considering.

"Love" or "I love you"

And of course, there are a few ways you can't go wrong. This one’s traditional and a winner. Broaden this to include “love” or “I love you” in any language. Maybe French for your upcoming honeymoon. Maybe Klingon because you bonded over Star Trek.