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Engagement Rings for Doctors That Won't Pop a Glove

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It’s official. You’ve decided to pop the question to your significant other, but there’s a big problem: You have no idea what kind of engagement ring to get because your future spouse is in the medical profession. While doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals use their hands constantly, it doesn’t mean you have to pick out a boring ring. That said, there are some factors you need to keep in mind when looking for engagement rings for doctors.

Factors to consider when looking for engagement rings for doctors

Doctors — ranging from physical therapists to surgeons — rely on their hands to heal patients.

This means engagement rings for doctors have to be able to put up with latex gloves, constant hand washing — and the ring must not pose a danger (both for the doctors and their patients). You have to think about all the different aspects of engagement rings before investing your hard-earned money on a ring.

The type of medicine your future spouse practices is the first important factor to consider. The right engagement rings for doctors who work in an emergency room are much different than one that works in a clinical setting. Low set engagement rings are best for doctors who have to work fast and can’t risk snagging a big diamond on tools, sutures, or machines. Also, diamonds can break loose from the setting, especially if the ring is accidentally hit against a hard surface.

high vs low setting on engagement rings for doctors

High profile engagement rings (like many princess cut solitaire settings) can snap gloves mid procedure. This poses a risk to patients because the environment is no longer sterile — and it can cost time and money because the doctor has to stop and replace the broken glove. The placement of diamond in engagement rings for doctors isn’t the only thing to consider. The metal you choose for the band must not only be able to withstand wear, but also be resistant to bacteria.

Best metals for engagement rings for doctors

Metal strength varies widely from metal to metal. Silver tends to be the weakest metal and is susceptible to scratches and dings. Gold also tends to be a weaker metal, especially white gold. If you opt for white gold, look for one that’s rhodium plated to make it stronger and more resistant to wear. With Clarity’s white gold engagement rings are all rhodium plated for strength and sparkle. Though this coating does wear off over time, we will “dip” your ring for free so you can feel confident that you’ll have a beautiful ring for a lifetime. (Dipping is the process of adding this rhodium coating to your ring.) Platinum, on the other hand, is a dense metal that is heavier than other types of metals used in engagement rings, but more resistant to scratching.

Best germ-resistant metals

Titanium might be strong, but one study found that it’s less resistant to bacteria than other types of metal. Gold, silver and platinum are better choices for engagement rings, but no metal can resist all bacteria. That’s why doctors must be diligent in cleaning their engagement rings.

Top engagement rings for doctors

You can’t go wrong with any of these engagement ring settings if your special someone is a doctor. They have sleek, smooth edges. The diamonds are relatively low-set so they don't protrude and risk popping gloves. They also have either large, easy-to-clean gaps or tiny ones that dirt can't get into.

At With Clarity, we have a vast catalog of engagement rings to choose from, but if you have any questions, our team of on-staff gemologists are available to help guide you. As a courtesy and to honor those who are on the frontlines, we are proud to offer a discount on all jewelry and ring settings (excluding loose diamonds). Learn more about our ID.me Military, First Responder, Doctor, and Nurse discounts.

Engagement Rings for Doctors Plain Shank Halo

Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The halo protects the center stone and ensures that there are no corners on the top of the ring that would get caught on the wearer or her patients. It's also a low-profile ring, which means the stone sits closer to the finger and won’t pop a glove or snag on other surfaces.

Engagement Rings for Doctors Twisting Vine

Twisting Vine Diamond Ring

The bottom of the basket sits flush with the band of the ring, which makes this a very low profile engagement ring. There's less chance of it getting stuck on clothing or popping a glove because of this structure, but you still get plenty of sparkle thanks to the partial pave band.

Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Trellis Princess Solitaire Engagement Ring

This is a good setting if your future wife is dead set on a princess solitaire ring. Although there are corners and the stone isn't as low set as some others, the sleek band and solitaire setting mean it's very easy to clean, since doctors come into contact with plenty of germs throughout the day.

Engagement Rings for Doctors Cascading Channel Set Diamond

Cascading Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

The cushion cut stone gives the same appeal of the princess without the sharp corners. Of all the diamond accent options, channel set are the easiest to clean because the stones are fitted right next to each other instead of using prongs, so there's less space for dirt and germs to work their way into the setting.

Engagement Rings for Doctors Charm Tapering

Charm Tapering Diamond Engagement Ring

The tapered section of this band, which hold the accent diamonds, is smooth and the diamonds sit flush, which means there's less risk of snagging. That, and it's just a seriously gorgeous setting.

Engagement Rings for Doctors Channel Set Cathedral

Channel Set Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

Though a lot of the diamond's size is masked by the cathedral setting, the almost-flush design leaves fewer opportunities for snagging. The accent diamonds gives a bit of extra sparkle, but it’s still easy to clean.

Engagement Rings for Doctors Flowing Halo Diamond

Flowing Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This engagement ring does have prongs, but the gorgeous pave stones that halo the diamond — and extend down the band — give it a glamorous look while still being low profile. Halos also offer some protection for your precious center stone.

Engagement Rings for Doctors Cathedral Weaved Solitaire

Cathedral Weaved Solitaire Engagement Ring

The thick band on this engagement ring makes it look like a traditional solitaire ring without making it too high profile. The prongs sit flush with the stone, decreasing the chances of snagging. The smooth band also keeps bacteria at bay and makes cleaning a breeze.

Engagement Rings for Doctors Flowing Halo Diamond

Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring

The metal edging on a bezel setting completely surrounds the diamond, both protecting the stone and preventing it from getting caught on sutures. The smooth design makes it easy to clean because there aren’t as many corners and nooks to worry about. Bonus: The modern styling is perfect for those who don’t want the traditional engagement ring look.

Engagement Rings for Doctors Princess Diamond

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

The channel set princess diamonds along the band of this ring are the best of both worlds. They fit perfectly together edge to edge which creates the illusion that your band is made entirely of diamonds and also keeps out dirt and germs.

Pick the perfect low profile engagement ring

We can help you find the best low profile engagement ring for the doctor or medical professional in your life. Our expert gemologists can work with your goals — and your budget — to come up with the best selection of engagement rings for doctors that she’s sure to love.

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