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A Quick and Easy Guide to Engagement Rings for Second Marriages

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Nowadays, it is quite common to get engaged numerous times, but is there separate etiquette to follow when buying a ring for a second engagement? Although there are no hard and fast rules to engagement ring etiquette, couples marrying for the second time might choose a more understated engagement ring or choose to replace the wedding ring and use only the engagement ring. Still, engagement rings for second marriages should reflect the couple and its relationship, and therefore, should push all aspects of the previous relationship aside to focus at the relationship at hand. With that being said, a woman should no longer wear the ring of a former relationship if she chooses to go through with a new engagement. This rule is for respect for the new relationship, closure of the old relationship, and prevention of any confusion regarding the engagement.

Unique engagement rings for second marriages

Getting engaged for the second time may have startling effects on the style of engagement ring, and once again, there is no engagement ring protocol. Since the couple is more likely to be settled into a job or career, a larger diamond may be possible. Additionally, personal taste may have shifted, and therefore, the couple might want to try something completely different. This could mean a different cut, a different metal, a different setting, or a possibly different everything! Some brides feel as if it is time to experiment; colored gemstones are a popular second engagement ring. Most couples getting engaged for a second time feel more open and comfortable with discussing ring choices. With this in mind, more brides will come away from the engagement getting the exact rings they wanted.

Although there is no “most” popular ring style for couples embarking on their second marriage, colored rings seem to make a large appearance. Not only do the rings have one colored gemstones, but some rings may even be bold enough to be multicolored. These rings scream confidence and uniqueness, a quality many older women strive to obtain.

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Alternative engagement ring styles

Maybe couples feel as if the engagement ring for the second time around is too much. For these types of couples, a wedding band seems more appropriate. Many of these bands are untraditional as well. Couples may have bands that interlock to form a heart or other shape that is significant of their romance. They may also opt for a plain metal band and leave the diamonds out of it completely.

Although couples getting engaged for the first time may engrave their rings, second-timers tend to be a lot more in touch with their emotions, and therefore, an engraving can be a small sentiment of their love. Not only can the couples express themselves with engravings, the ring is also guaranteed to be completely original.

On the other hand, second marriages can be simple and straightforward over the extravagance and theatricality of a first marriage. Couples in support of this may opt for a more simplistic ring with minimal accent diamonds to represent their deep, mature love.

How to choose a diamond

For couples wishing to have a flashy diamond on their second wedding ring, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. In terms of what diamond is appropriate, it all comes down to personal taste. Picking out engagement rings for a second marriage can and will be just as exciting as picking out the engagement rings for the first!

However, it is strongly advised to drop any diamond having to do with the previous engagement or marriage. Some superstitious folks may believe the diamond has bad energy, but overall, the old diamond, as a symbol, represents a completely different relationship. Even if both partners are “cool” with the old diamond at the time of the engagement, using an old diamond can signify that an old flame has not yet been put out. If this is the case, the old diamond can become a source of strife and stress between the couple down the road. A new relationship should equate to picking out a new diamond: simple as that!

Shopping for engagement rings for second marriages

A commonly asked question is should the couple shop together for the engagement ring? The answer is… it’s up to the couple! Some couples prefer to keep the thrill of the surprise engagement, while others want to discuss every aspect to make sure the marriage will work. There are no right or wrong ways to go about buying wedding rings for second engagements as long as both sides of the couple are happy with the choice! Be comfortable with your choice and happy about the new future that you are building together. Ultimately, that is the most important factor in your new life together. We are happy to help with providing recommendations and options that best suit you. From custom rings to band and ring sets, we're happy to make the perfect recommendations for you.