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A Fall Proposal: Tanner & Summer

Autumn Proposal: Four Prong Oval Diamond Ring in white gold

It’s after September 22 in the Northern Hemisphere. That means it’s now the fall season! What the best part of autumn? The pumpkin and apple picking in quaint, charming towns? The cool, crisp air? The pumpkin spiced lattes? However you answered it, I think we can all agree that the fall season is a favorite for many. The changing leaves and cooler temps are reminiscent of the universe going back to balance, including your relationships with your loved ones.

Speaking of love, this #MyWithClarityStory took place at a beautiful apple orchard. Tanner and Summer’s fall proposal happened last year (pre-covid), and it was definitely picturesque!


Tanner and Summer met through mutual friends. Tanner knew Summer really loves fall activities, so when she suggested apple picking, he immediately took the opportunity to make that their proposal spot. The North Carolina orchard of choice is distinctly special because it is on top of a mountain.

How the Fall Proposal Happened

When it was time to go to the orchard, Tanner made sure to hire his best friend (who is a professional photographer) to come along. After walking around the orchard, taking photos for about half an hour, Tanner and his friend came across the perfect spot.

Tanner & Summer: Autumn Proposal: Apple Orchard

Things magically fell into place because at this moment, Tanner’s friend/ the photographer instinctually knew what to do. He told Summer to whisper into Tanner’s ear, what she loves about her partner. As she did that, Tanner was holding the ring behind her and looking at the camera for some great photos.

Once it was Tanner’s turn to do the same, he popped the question.

The Ring

Tanner and Summer's autumn proposal featured our Classic Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring. To add some personalization, a gorgeous oval diamond is the apple-of-your-eye. This best selling and evergreen favorite will last for years to come.

She’s so happy with how the ring looks, fits, everything. We couldn’t be happier with it!


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Photo Credit: Jon Stegenga