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How to Design a Custom Engagement Ring

How To Design A Custom Engagement Ring

So, you’ve picked the date, settled on the location, and called a family or friend to be your photographer and capture the special moment. Your proposal is really shaping up to be something spectacular! Now, all you need is the ring.

Of course, you want it to be perfect. Despite the wide variety of styles and designs, that can sometimes be easier said than done. Changing trends, more options of stone, and an expansive selection of designs can leave your head spinning! How do you find the most ideal ring that perfectly brings to life every little detail you’ve envisioned?

Thankfully, the solution is simple – customization!

Customization at With Clarity

Customizing your ring can take a beautiful piece of jewelry and turn it into something meaningful and symbolic. An heirloom piece that she’ll cherish forever. With Clarity understands this and strives to make the customization process friendly, convenient, and tailored to you.

You can customize a diamond or gemstone engagement ring. Our expert designers with decades of experience will bring your vision to life. But beyond that, they can ensure your stunning ring is aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. This ensures that your partner can continue enjoying her one-of-a-kind creation for years to come.

Unlike other jewelers who advertise custom engagement rings, we’ll do much more than add an inscription. With Clarity customized rings are built from the ground up. Using a sketch, sample, image, or idea, we’ll create a few models virtually and physically so you can finally see your dream ring brought to life. During the process, you can discuss the qualities of the ring, learn from our experts, and make revisions if needed. In the end, you’ll have the perfect, unique ring for your special someone.

Here’s an in-depth summary of our process:-

Step 1

We suggest doing a little bit of research first. Gain insight into what your partner is looking for in a ring. What are their tastes and design preferences? Consider browsing our selection of breathtaking rings to formulate a plan for your customized ring. Then, create a sketch, write down your ideas, or gather photos of rings you like. In the most basic terms, create a vision board for your custom ring!

Once you’ve gathered these things, send them to us. We’ll use it to build a free quote for your ring. The consultation is free, and there are no minimums.

Step 2

Once you’ve received the quote from one of our friendly staff members and decided that you’re committed to a lovely custom ring, you’ll move on to step two. Our design team will build a 3D model on a computer. The modeling allows you to look at an accurate picture of your future ring from all angles. With your custom ring (virtually) brought to life, you can decide what you want to keep and what you want to change. Maybe you want to enlarge the center stone or possibly swap out traditional pave diamonds for gemstones. Whatever your revisions are, just let us know, and we’ll make it happen!

Step 3

Next, our expert gemologists and design team will collaborate to bring the dream engagement ring to fruition. They’ll craft it out of your choice of high-quality metals, like gold or platinum. Then, they’ll set it with fine gems used for both the accent diamonds and the center stone. Each one is graded and then selected for its excellent quality. Building custom engagement rings are just as exciting for us as it is for the client!

Step 4

Finally, your custom ring will be shipped to your door. You may be surprised to learn that your completed jewelry can be delivered within three weeks from your order date!

The Takeaway

With Clarity is built on trust and our team of experts strives to assist you in every step of the engagement ring customization process. Whether you want to learn more about natural vs. lab-grown diamonds or adjust your initial design, we’re here to help with friendly information and advice. Connect with our gemologists via live chat, email, or phone for a smooth, hassle-free, and convenient customization experience.


What exactly is the CAD design of an engagement ring?

CAD stands for computer-aided design. This blueprint version of your ring lets you view it from all angles while providing exact measurements and proportions. It’s necessary to visualize your ring and provide feedback before actual materials are crafted into the piece.

Can I purchase a custom engagement ring from With Clarity?

You can! First, you’ll need to meet with one of our team members to provide your vision. It can be built on the personality and desires of your partner, ring styles you’ve seen, or a combination of these things. Sketches, images, and descriptions are all welcome! Then, our experts can discuss the durability and soundness of the design before creating a virtual model and providing you with a quote and timeline.

In how much time can I expect my custom ring to get delivered?

With Clarity’s experts will provide you with a timeline upfront. Though your ring can be delivered within three weeks of the order date, keep in mind revisions to the design will factor into the customization process. Because designing a one-of-a-kind ring can take slightly longer, check that the process timeline matches your proposal date timeline before starting the journey.

How much does it cost to customize an engagement ring?

Custom engagement rings come in a range of prices, just like other forms of jewelry. You can find custom rings from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. The price depends on your desires for the ring, such as the size of the gems and the metal used. Because most diamond engagement rings cost anywhere from $750 to $5,500, we recommend making sure you’re truly in love with the design so that it will be worn happily for decades.

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