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How to match jewelry to your diamond engagement ring

How to match jewelry to your diamond engagement ring

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Of course, once a young woman is engaged, it’s assumed that she’ll always be wearing your engagement ring. In addition, most women want to wear other jewelry, whether it’s to work or on date night. That’s why it is so important that her jewelry looks nice with that ring. With that in mind, here are some ways to match your engagement ring for everyday jewelry.

Picking your metals

One of the biggest debates these days is whether you can mix metal colors. For instance, if your engagement ring is set in yellow gold, should you get diamond earrings with rose gold? How about pairing that ring with white gold diamond earrings? Once upon a time, the metal color for your engagement set was considered ideal for your entire jewelry collection.

However, these days wearing mixed metals is very fashionable. Just walk into a typical jewelry store, and you’re likely to find a diamond necklace that has a mixture of gold colors in it. For instance, the section that’s set with diamonds will often feature white gold, but there might be yellow or pink gold detailing. In addition, a diamond heart necklace might come in a different color of gold from your engagement ring. If it’s a gift from your fiancé, then you should wear it with pride.

Matching styles

If you are the kind of person who wants to coordinate those real diamond earrings with your engagement ring, think about its style. For instance, does the ring have vine-type details, similar to our Adorn collection? If so, think about diamond stud earrings with curved gold settings. You might even find something that closely matches the milgrain detailing.

Similarly, if you have a vintage-inspired engagement ring, then some old-world details might be nice. Perhaps a pair of 1-carat diamond earrings, made with emerald-cut diamonds, would be nice. Furthermore, if the ring is a REAL antique then custom diamond pendants that are made to complement it can be a real hit.

What’s the easiest thing for her (or you) to wear every day?

When it comes to everyday jewelry, many people believe that less is more. For instance, many women wear small diamond earrings to work, since they are unlikely to get in the way or draw too much attention. On the other hand, that little bit of jewelry love will make her feel lovely. Similarly, consider a diamond solitaire necklace with the same shape of diamond as her engagement ring. If you also make the diamond solitaire earrings match, it becomes a nice set that is easy to wear.

Of course, not everything that she wears every day needs to be made of a single diamond. Other jewelry types are easy to wear and may even reflect her values. For instance, many Christian women love to wear a diamond cross necklace regularly. We have several examples of this design on our website, so you are likely to find one which suits her style. Another wearable option is the diamond initial pendant. Like crosses, these are a timeless style that can be worn just about anywhere.

When is diamond jewelry a great gift?

Well, any time you want to celebrate. For instance, a lot of men give a pair of diamond huggie earrings as a holiday present. Similarly, any kind of small necklace can be a great choice for birthdays: Consider a diamond letter pendant in her favorite style and gold color. This choice is elegant, yet simple, and she’s sure to show it off. On the other hand, to celebrate a big promotion or an anniversary, a diamond bracelet could be the star of the show.

How much should I spend?

Knowing how much to spend on everyday diamond jewelry is, to some extent, an art. Every couple has a different lifestyle, income, and budget. These circumstances will influence how much you can afford to pay for each piece.

With that said, here are some examples of pricing from the With Clarity catalog. One of the most classic earrings out there is the solitaire diamond stud. We have dainty, round lab-created ones in white gold for under $500. On the other hand, the same diamond type jumps to about $1000 for one-carat lab studs. Both examples are in 14kt white gold. Want mined diamonds? Those prices are around $650 and $2100, respectively.

Let’s look at another example. We have a round solitaire pendant, with a .5 ct lab diamond in 14kt gold for $1160. This price includes a chain, and the natural diamond version costs $1470. If you want several small diamonds, check out the Credence diamond pendant, in the shape of a cross. This one comes with lab diamonds and is only $250.

There are two major lessons to learn from these prices. The first one is that diamond size matters, and it’s more than a lineal difference. Because the Credence pendant has a lot of small diamonds, it doesn’t cost very much. Similarly, it’s cheaper to buy a pair of earrings that has a total of a half-carat (or .25 each) than to purchase that .5 ct diamond pendant. The second lesson to learn is the difference in price between lab diamonds and natural ones.

What are lab diamonds, anyway?

Lab diamonds are just like mined diamonds, in that they are made of pure carbon. They share the same optical and chemical properties, as well. In fact, unless you have special equipment, it’s impossible to tell them apart from mined diamonds. The main difference is how they are produced: one is made in a lab, and the other is mined. And because lab diamonds are man-made, they tend to cost less than their mined counterparts. It’s fine to choose them as a budget-friendly option or to avoid certain ethical issues.

Finally, we’d like to point out that if you’re reading this article because you are looking for an engagement ring that fits her jewelry collection, there are lots of options available. With Clarity offers three basic options: Preset rings, which ship quickly and offer no customization options. Then, there’s the “make your own” ring, where you choose a diamond and a setting, and our jewelers put them together for you. Finally, we will also make fully customized rings to suit her style and your budget. Reach out, and our friendly gemologists will help you make the right decision.


How can I buy diamond jewelry?

The easiest way to buy diamond jewelry is to decide what you want, and how much you can spend. Then, browse our online catalog to see what diamond necklace options are available within your price point.

What’s the best place to buy diamond jewelry?

If you want great value for money on your diamond solitaire necklace, check out online retailers. They have the widest selection and best pricing.

How to clean diamond jewelry.

Many experts recommend cleaning your diamonds with warm soapy water. Feel free to use an old toothbrush on your diamond initial pendant to get all the dirt out of the chain and settings. Then rinse, and towel dry.

What’s the best occasion to gift diamond jewelry?

Any time that you want to celebrate someone special. We have options for every occasion, from a simple diamond pendant to more elaborate diamond necklaces. Diamonds are always a welcome gift.