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Non-Traditional Proposal Ideas

Non traditional proposal ideas

Planning a proposal and embarking on the next chapter in your life is an unforgettable moment in your life. You want every aspect of your proposal to be planned out so the important moment is perfect.

While traditional proposals are fine for some, many want a non-traditional way to pop the question. Perhaps something that represents their unique relationship, a place they adore, or a hobby that holds meaning. There are so many possibilities. If you’d like some non-cheesy proposal ideas to help you brainstorm, we have you covered!

Proposal Ideas

We compiled our favorite ideas for non-traditional proposal ideas. Which one is your favorite?

Grocery store proposal: You and your partner head to your favorite supermarket to buy all things you need and like. Perhaps you’re making dinner together later. As you walk through the store, find a quiet spot to get down on a knee to ask your partner to do this with you for the rest of your life. Show your loved one the stunning ring you bought and pop the question.

Proposal for pet parents: If you and your partner have a fur baby (or maybe fur babies), go on a walk as a family and ask your partner to marry you. If you’d prefer a more intimate setting, then perhaps tie a ring or a “will you marry me” sign to your pet’s collar, slyly get your partner to notice your pet, and then pop the question.

Wake up surprise: Sneakily slip the engagement ring on their finger before they wake up and see how long it takes them to notice. Prepare breakfast in bed, delicious coffee, and maybe a celebratory mimosa to celebrate your engagement.

Engagement party: Plan a surprise engagement party and invite all those who are special to you–friends and family. Make sure your soon-to-be new fiancé is the last to arrive. Get down on one knee, pull out your exquisite ring, and ask your love to marry you in front of all the people you love. You have an amazing proposal and then get to celebrate immediately.

Write a heartfelt letter: Sometimes it’s easier to write down your thoughts rather than say them out loud. Write your partner a letter letting them know how exactly you feel and how much you want to spend the rest of your life with them. When they finish reading, get down on one knee, show them the ring and ask them a few simple words, “Will you marry me?” It’s intimate, special, and allows you to say exactly how you feel.

First date memories: Recreate your first date and reminisce about how your relationship and love for one another has grown since that day. At the end of the date, show your partner the ring and ask them to marry you.

Normal picnic (with a sparkling surprise): A stargazing picnic at night in the summer or a lunchtime picnic with charcuterie (and champagne to celebrate). No matter what time of day, you can plan a picnic with your love, explain the gravity of your love, and ask them to spend forever with you.

Hit the beach: If you and your partner love the beach, think about going for a stroll on the beach. Make it a regular affair but ask her if she’d like to do this for the rest of her life and present her with a ring when she says ‘yes’.


Wrapping Things Up

As you plan your non-cheesy proposal, keep the following points in mind:

Sometimes things don’t go as planned for many different reasons, and that’s ok. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be magical. Remember to take it slow, savor the process, and postpone the proposal if needed.

Consider your partner’s mood, health, and stress-levels before you begin to plan the proposal. For example, if your loved one is an accountant, you wouldn't want to plan a proposal near the tax deadline.

Behaving suspiciously will catch your partner’s attention, so try to act nervous or secretive. Avoid acting odd so that your partner doesn’t suspect anything.

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Is it ok to have a low-key proposal?

There are no rules on how to create a marriage proposal. All that matters is that it’s special and meaningful to you and your love. It’s an important, unforgettable moment that you’ll remember forever–no matter how simple or elaborate it is.

What is the most non-cheesy way to propose?

There are too many non-cheesy proposal ideas to list here. The possibilities are endless! To help you brainstorm, think about what you two like to do as a couple, what’s special to the two of you, and where you two enjoy spending time together. Think about the important moments and places in your relationship to help with ideas.

Do women always expect a grand proposal?

No, women don’t always expect a grand proposal. Your proposal should be special to the two of you, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a small or big proposal as long you speak from the heart.