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NYC Winter Holiday Proposal Ideas

Winter Holiday Proposal: Couple proposal in mountains

Summer is fading (rather quickly, it seems), and the ice, snow, and freezing temperatures will be upon us before we know it. And with the cooler weather comes fleece pajamas, pumpkin spice everything, and… the winter holidays! Yay!

The winter holidays bring food, family, gifts, and “new year, new me” promises. But did you know that it is also a great time of year for wedding proposals? Many people in NYC know that it is, and they have every intention of taking advantage of it this year. If you are one of those NYC’ers, and you need a little inspiration for your winter holiday proposal, we have some information that you find useful. Happy reading, and congratulations on taking that big leap!

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Why Are the Holidays a Popular Time for Proposing in NYC?

Each season and time of year has its own allure when it comes to wedding proposals. Valentine’s day, for example, is a day for love and passion. There are a few things that are more romantic than proposing to your special someone on Valentine’s day.

Spring is when the warmer weather returns and everything begins to bloom after a cold winter. Some people even find a special spark of inspiration for romantic gestures around Halloween. There is a lot to be said for proposing just about any time of year.

The winter holidays, however, are the time of year that many people consider to be the most magical. The “holiday spirit” makes many of us feel warm and fuzzy, and love of all kinds is in the air. This is especially true in places like NYC.

Winter Holiday Proposal: Yenny & Edwin

During the winter holidays, it snows (a great deal) in NYC, which can add an extra sense of wonder and beauty to the city. After all, snow might be incredibly cold, but it creates certain feelings of delight to look out over the city and see it blanketed in snow.

Which Places in NYC Are Most Popular?

Many people around the world know about the popular spots and venues in NYC. Many of them are either nationally famous or even world-famous, for a number of reasons. However, some of them are even more beautiful, or most popular, during the winter holiday season. The addition of the holiday spirit makes these places even more special and magical than all other times of the year.

Best places to propose in NYC:

  • Rockefeller Center. Among other amazing sights and venues, Rockefeller Center in NYC is home to the Rockefeller Tree (which is, of course, where the Christmas tree lighting ceremony is held every year), and the Rockefeller Rink. If you are on the fence about where to propose in NYC, consider R.C.!

  • Charles A. Dana Center (Central Park). This is such a lovely place, especially during the winter holidays. They have special holiday treats, various events, and, of course, beautiful decorations, punctuated by the gorgeous white snow. And, truthfully, much of Central Park makes for an excellent NYC proposal. For any Home Alone fans, try proposing at the Gapstow Bridge.

  • The Bronx OR Central Park Zoo. Picture this… a lovely evening walking amongst all the beautiful animals at the zoo, surrounded by evergreen plants covered in snow, and the gorgeous holiday lights are all around you, lit and shining brightly. Elements of nature, plus the emotional uplifting of the season, equals an incredible way to execute your NYC proposal.

If you are still looking for more options, consider checking out some of the best restaurants in NYC! Sometimes, the best nyc proposal ideas can just include a nice romantic meal in a warm restaurant! We recommend film-famous places like The Plaza Hotel, Katz Delicatessan, and Serendipity 3.

Which Engagement Rings Are Popular During the Winter Holidays?

It is true that the type of engagement ring you choose for your significant other depends a great deal on their personal style and tastes. However, for your NYC proposal, you might want to consider one of the options that we have listed below:

  • Princess cut engagement rings. The princess cut stones make excellent engagement rings. And this may come as no real surprise because of the color, but black diamond princess cut stones make an excellent choice for a winter holiday NYC proposal.

  • Custom diamond engagement rings. This is a spectacular proposal ring choice any time of year, because, diamonds. However, imagine how a lovely diamond ring would glitter in the forefront of a picture where the ground and trees are covered in snow!

  • Sapphire engagement rings. A beautiful sapphire ring is reminiscent of the icy ponds that many of us see during the winter holiday season. They are another great compliment to the snowy backdrops of wintertime.

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