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Our Top Preset Halo Engagement Diamond Rings

Our Top Preset Halo Engagement Diamond Rings

What is a halo diamond engagement ring?

A halo engagement ring is a ring with a specific setting where the main stone is encircled by a ring of round micro-diamonds. The circular pattern of micro-diamonds is also called pavé. Pavé is a jewelry term used to refer to a pattern of gemstones placed closely together in order to create a field of brilliance.

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What are the benefits of halo diamond engagement rings?

The number one benefit of a halo engagement ring is that it can make the center stone look larger. As a result, you will be able to save money when choosing the center stone. It has been said the center stone looks up to one-half carat larger with a more intense sparkle. Another benefit of a halo setting is protection. Surrounding stones will offer a buffer for your center stone, which may get damaged with wear.

What should one consider before buying a halo engagement ring?

There are so many things to consider before buying a halo engagement ring, so let us break it down for you. First, get familiar with the halo styles that are available. There are four you could choose from:

A Plain Shank Halo ring, ideal for someone who likes a more classic approach.
A Split Shank Halo ring has a band that splits and creates more real estate for accent diamonds.
A Double Halo ring where there are two halo settings around the center stone.
A Pave Halo ring has accent diamonds that extend halfway down the band for both dazzle and elegance.

After considering the style of halo you would like, it is all about fitting your personalities the best. There are millions of ways to personalize your perfect ring. Preset engagement rings are a great way to find a unique setting that reflects their personality without having to over-analyze each step. You can find preset diamond rings with a flower arrangement, with an angular halo that draws the eyes up and down, with different color gemstones, and set with different metals.

What diamond shapes look best with a halo diamond ring setting?

Although you can have many variations of a halo engagement ring, there is a setting that seems to be more popular. Round and cushion cut diamond shapes tend to look best with a halo ring setting due to their highly customizable properties.

Two loose diamonds: Cushion cut and round cut

How popular are halo engagement rings compared to other ring styles?

Halo engagement rings have increased in popularity in recent years. The “halo craze” has escalated after two of the largest celebrity weddings of the past year included halo-set stones. But you don’t have to have a six-figure budget to find a halo engagement ring perfect for you and your partner. Preset halo engagement rings have proved to be an effective way of taking your budget the extra mile.

Need a place to begin? Here are 8 popular preset engagement rings you can find online:

preset ring Lucida

Lucida Diamond Ring

The Lucida Diamond Ring is a preset engagement ring with a twisting band of diamonds that lead into a halo surrounding an oval stone. As a part of the Aura collection, this ring has accent diamonds to highlight the stunning beauty of the center diamond. With a total of 51 diamonds and a total carat weight of 0.55, you will be sure to steal the show with this twist on a classic look.

preset ring Splendor

Splendor Diamond Ding

The Splendor Diamond Ring is part of our collection of preset rose gold engagement rings in the Lumina Collection. It combines rose gold and classic white gold to support a total of 23 diamonds. The center stone is framed by a half halo on each side with accent diamonds halfway down the band for a total carat weight of 0.85./p>

Spellbound Diamond Ring

The Spellbound Diamond Ring is a preset rose gold engagement ring in our Flora Collection. The setting of this ring has floral patterns within the metal to accent the center stone and halo. With a total of 23 diamonds and a carat weight of 0.65, it is sure to cast a spell on those that choose it.

Splendida Diamond Ring

The Splendida Diamond Ring is a preset diamond engagement ring in our Adorn Collection. Made with classic yellow gold accented with white gold, the diamonds of this ring are sure to stand out. A total carat weight of 0.60, a raised center diamond, and a surrounding halo create a timeless glow.

Resplendent Diamond Ring

The Resplendent Diamond Ring houses a pear shaped center diamond surrounded by a glowing halo. The hidden scrolls raise the center diamond to showcase its beauty while the pave set diamonds along the band add to its sparkle. With a total of 33 diamonds and a carat weight of 0.60, this preset engagement ring is sure to stand out as a unique and classic choice.

Occasia Diamond Ring

The Occasia Diamond Ring is a classic example of the pure power of the halo design. It is a preset diamond engagement ring with an Emerald cut center diamond and accent diamonds halfway down the band. It has a total carat weight of 0.75 and 39 diamonds.

Everlast Diamond Ring

We hope your love is as everlasting as the Everlast Diamond Ring. This preset engagement ring has a Princess cut center stone surrounded with a halo of accent diamonds and small baguette diamonds set along the sides. It has a total of 35 diamonds and a carat weight of 1.30.

Embark Diamond Ring

As you embark on your journey together, the Embark Diamond Ring will symbolize the paths that brought you two together. A halo of round diamonds surrounds a Princess cut center stone for a total of 17 diamonds and 0.65 carats.

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