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Practical But Beautiful Engagement Rings for Teachers

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An engagement ring is one purchase that a woman will wear every single day for all, or at least a majority, of her life. Most women prefer not to take their engagement rings on and off throughout the day, so picking a ring to match her lifestyle is of great importance. A woman who leads a very active lifestyle, for example, may want to steer clear from a ring with a raised diamond in fear of damaging the precious stone. Although profession is commonly overlooked, the same typically applies to women who tend to help people on a daily basis in their jobs. Teachers, for instance, may require special assistance in picking out the best engagement ring for them. So engagement rings for teachers best suited to their work may steer away from the classic gold to prevent scratching and opt for platinum instead. Regardless of the multitude of choices, from recess and playtime to dinner dates and romance, a teacher needs a diamond engagement ring that will last 24/7.

How to choose a style when you're looking at engagement rings for teachers

A teacher should consider picking practical engagement rings, like one that is easy to clean. Whether she be a preschool teacher or a college professor, there always seems to be an opportunity for her to get her hands dirty. As far as easy cleaning goes, there are a few settings recommended for the messier jobs. A combination of a solitaire diamond with a prong setting is a recipe for easy clean-up. Accent diamonds usually have much more space for dirt and grime build-up, and therefore, with this simple setting, the everyday dirt has a much harder time of accumulating on the ring. Resistance against the paint from art projects, the grime of a chem lab, or the sweat from grading all of those undergraduate essays make this particular style a perfect engagement for those working with their hands.

Perhaps a simple style is not what the bride desires, what other options are available for teachers? By combining a princess cut with a channel setting, the accent diamonds lie flush up against one another. With little to no gap in between the diamonds, dirt cannot find its way into the crevices of the ring. Although this ring is much more complex and extravagant than the solitaire style, it is equally easy to clean, making it one of the best engagement rings for teachers.

How to choose a setting style for a practical engagement ring

For the teachers working with smaller children, a smoother setting is preferred. The last thing the teacher wants to be thinking about is whether or not her engagement ring will scratch or harm a child. To combat this fear, the bezel setting is a fantastic option for teachers because the metal completely surrounds the center stone for a smooth texture and no sharp edges. Additionally, this setting prevents scratches and other damage from happening to the stone. As an added bonus, the bezel setting makes the stone appear larger on the hand: perfect for that teacher’s salary!

The bar setting is another smoother setting appropriate for people who constantly use their hands. As far as ring settings go, the bar setting is unobtrusive and also makes for easy clean-up in the way in which the stones are arranged; there is little space between each accent diamond and the center stone.

Less about practicality and more about appropriateness, it may be inappropriate or undesirable for a teacher to wear a flashy engagement ring. If this is the case, a more simple and understated engagement ring might be the right choice. This obstacle is lot more easily tackled as it depends more on taste than it does on practicality. Only wearing wedding bands for teachers would be an easy choice. The wearer can still flash her shine and style, but she can do it in a much subtler way.

Top engagement rings for teachers

Best Engagement Rings for Teachers Under Bezeled Accent Diamond

Under Bezeled Accent Diamond Engagement Ring

The Under Bezeled Accent Diamond Engagement Ring is a good choice because of the smooth bezel setting and the minimal space between accent diamonds. This ring is smooth and easy to clean.

Best Engagement Rings for Teachers French Cut Pave Diamond

French Cut Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

For another east to clean ring, the French Cut Pave Diamond Engagement Ring also has accent diamonds arranged extremely close to one another. If the dirt cannot get in, the ring is exponentially easier to clean.

Best Engagement Rings for Teachers Plain Shank Halo Diamond

Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is a low set, smooth ring. Although it still remains easy to clean, this ring is for the teachers looking to show off their diamond with more sparkle and shine.

Best Engagement Rings for Teachers Infinity Winding Diamond

Infinity Winding Diamond Engagement Ring

Although there are 42 accent diamonds in this engagement ring, the Infinity Winding Diamond Engagement Ring still remains easy to clean because of the close setting of the diamonds. Additionally, this gives a simple sparkle that is complex enough to keep the wearer interested, but it will not disrupt the classroom.

Best Engagement Rings for Teachers Braided Row Diamond

Braided Row Diamond Engagement Ring

Finally, the Braided Row Diamond Engagement Ring is a little more difficult to clean than the others, but overall, it still remains set low enough to keep out of the way of a busy, messy classroom. Plus, its braided accent diamonds add extra shine to a generally simplistic ring.

Engagement rings are a beautiful and special piece of jewelry that holds great meaning. Take the time to carefully select and care for the ring so that she can wear it for a lifetime, whether it's at work or home.

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