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Proposal Getaway Ideas in Africa

Proposal getaway ideas in Africa

Getting engaged is one of the most important and exciting moments of your life. Most people only focus on the ring when it comes to the proposal, thinking it will be the center of attention. Even if this is true, other factors can contribute to ensuring the moment is as magical as possible.

This is where a destination proposal comes into the picture. Going somewhere exciting will ensure that your proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you’re leaning towards this option, consider Africa.

Africa is full of exotic countries where you can choose to get down on one knee and pop the question. It has everything from vast wilderness to stunning private beaches and romantic resorts. If you’ve already made up your mind about heading to Africa, these amazing proposal locations and ideas below are something you must consider!


Seychelles is a hidden paradise. It would make an excellent proposal country. It’s a popular and well-loved honeymoon destination. Here are two options out of many for proposal ideas in this country.

The first is while diving. If you and your soulmate love adventure and new experiences, the Constance Ephelia Resort might be the location you’ve been looking for. Getting engaged while diving underwater in crystal-clear waters among the beautiful fish and marine life is an experience neither one of you will ever forget. Constance Ephelia Resort will help with everything you need to plan the proposal, especially when it comes to asking the question - since you can’t speak underwater.

If going underwater isn’t your thing, what about proposing on the sandy beach itself? The Four Seasons Resort on Desroches Island has 14 kilometers of private golden beaches for you to walk on until you find the perfect spot.



Namibia is a country of wonders, located on the southwest coast of Africa. Here are two incredible proposal ideas if you’re considering a destination proposal in this country.

How about a romantic sunrise hot air balloon flight over the Namib Desert? You can stay at the Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge for a romantic stay, then propose a mile high in the sky. It would be a beautiful experience among the clouds and golden sky.

Or you can choose to propose in a Treehouse at Lion Sands Game Reserve for a more intimate proposal. The treehouse is romantically decorated with fairy lights, cushions, and the wide-open night sky full of stars. The perfect setting for any hopeless romantic.


Tanzania is a country that’s rich in culture and beauty. It has so much to offer, especially in terms of the incredible nature and scenery there. Two popular proposal spots are the Meru Waterfalls and Serengeti National Park.

Meru Waterfalls would make a great destination for your proposal if you and your partner love adventure. It’s a simple climb to get to the falls, and the backdrop would be absolutely gorgeous.

Serengeti National Park is one of the most well-known parks in Tanzania, due to it being one of the oldest. They offer luxury safari lodges and stunning scenery that you’ll never forget.



If you’re looking for an iconic and romantic country in Africa to propose in, look no further than Botswana.

One of the top places in this country is the Okavango Delta. Here you can see wildlife ranging from elephants to zebras. You can go on a mokoro safari and propose there, gliding in a dug-out canoe through the breathtaking channels.

Another great engagement spot in Botswana is on Kubu Island. It’s an enchanting island full of rocks and unique baobab trees. You’ll be surrounded by the sea, and it’s especially beautiful during sunrise and sunset.


South Africa

Getting engaged in South Africa is an experience you’d never forget. Two incredible spots to do this are Table Mountain and Kruger Park.

Table Mountain is in Cape Town, it’s one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It’s the most iconic landmark of South Africa. The views are immaculate, and there are so many spots to choose from to get down on one knee.

Kruger Park is a nature-lovers dream. The sunsets are gorgeous, the nature is raw and untouched, and the sounds of wild animals are never-ending. It’s the perfect romantic setting for such an important moment.


Safety and Travel Tips to Keep in Mind

When planning for a destination proposal, there are a few safety and travel tips to keep in mind. The most important is ring insurance. With something as big as an engagement ring, you want to make sure you’re protected in case anything unexpected happens.

Another tip is to propose as early on in the trip as possible. This will help with the safety of the ring because it’s less time that you have to worry about it, and also you can take the rest of the trip to celebrate the proposal which would make it more fun.


Which is the most romantic place in South Africa for a proposal?

No one spot in South Africa is the most romantic, but Table Mountain and Kruger Park are two incredibly romantic places.

When is the best time to plan a getaway to Botswana?

The best time for a Botswana getaway would be during its dry season. Anywhere between May and October would be a good time. You’ll get the best warm weather during this time.

Is Tanzania a good place for proposing?

Yes, Tanzania is an incredible place for proposing. It’s stunning and romantic at the same time.

Where in Seychelles should I propose?

Two popular places in Seychelles to propose are the Constance Ephelia Resort and The Four Seasons Resort on Desroches Island.