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Proposal Getaway Ideas in Asia

Proposal Getaway Ideas in Asia

You know we're all about the engagement ring when it comes to proposals. However, we'd be remiss if we overlooked other essential elements of such a special day. Such as where and how you pop the question! A romantic getaway can be the perfect occasion to ask for your partner's hand in marriage.

Which is where a destination proposal comes in. Whisking your significant other away to a magical location can make your proposal an occasion she'll never forget. Asia is filled with romantic locales that create the most beautiful backdrop for getting down on one knee and proposing. If you've made up your mind about jet setting to Asia, then you may want to consider these special locations for breathtaking proposals.

The Most Romantic Proposal Getaways in Asia

Many of these are known as the top wedding and honeymoon destinations, making them particularly well suited to a romantic engagement.


The breathtaking beauty of the Maldives is unforgettable, especially when it's the backdrop for your marriage proposal. Lovebirds flock here for their honeymoon, so you'll be in good company. And there are so many options for a proposal it's hard to choose just one!

Book a sunset cruise on a chartered boat, available at many resorts throughout the Maldives. It's the perfect way to enjoy the natural beauty and get the most unobstructed view of the sunset. Start your journey off with some bubbly or splurge for a private dinner for two. Then, when the sun turns the sky, the most lovely shades of pink, red, and orange pop the question!

Adventurous couples may want to propose underwater with a snorkel or scuba trip on the Banana Reef. It will be a unique proposal experienced by few and something she'll never forget. We recommend taking extra precautions with your sparkling ring so that passing marine life doesn't think it's a tasty treat.


Nestled in the Indian Ocean, Bali is an unforgettable tropical locale. Propose under the moonlight on a beach or in the candlelight in a cave; there's a myriad of choice destinations for you to choose from.

A candlelight Jimbaran dinner proposal is private, romantic, and luxurious. The beachfront escape offers a four-course dinner that can be enjoyed before you pop the question. Her face will shine brighter than the flickering dozens and dozens of candles that surround your elegant villa.

Or, take her on a thrilling helicopter ride to view Bali from the best angle. You'll see the most stunning beaches and lush jungles. Near the end of the ride, when she is nearly swept away by the beauty of the island, is a great time to ask for her hand, cementing it as one of the most memorable moments in her life.


Dubai is known for its exquisite venues, making it one of the most elegant places to propose.

Beaches are popular proposal spots, but have you ever considered a desert proposal? A safari ride into the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is reminiscent of José Bastón's magical proposal to Eva Longoria. It's ideal for animal and nature lovers with a heart for conservation and protection.

Set her heart a flutter with a thrilling trip in a hot air balloon. A refreshing morning balloon ride presents a softer side of the Dubai desert. The gentle light is the perfect setting for a heartfelt proposal. Just as the sun rises over the Hajar mountains, you can ask the most important question in your relationship thus far.


We love this magical corner of the world for its adventure, food, and natural allure. Take your beloved to one of these spots, and you're sure to get a yes!

Koh Chang is tucked away from the hustle and bustle, making it utterly romantic and private. White sand beaches, indescribable food and drinks, and a gondola trip through a mangrove forest can be the ideal proposal set up for an adventure-loving couple.

Couples who prefer the finer things in life may want to consider the elite Cape Nidhra hotel. A tranquil and private oasis on the beach makes you feel like royalty as you indulge in food, wine, and guest services. After a couples massage at the spa and just before a beachfront dinner, consider asking for her hand from the comfort of your own posh villa.


Could Japan be replacing Paris as the capital of romance? It has hip, modern cities and amazing natural scenery, ideal for couples of all tastes and personalities.

A proposal in front of the Wedded Rocks couldn't be more perfect. These natural rock stacks in Meoto Iwa in Mie Prefecture are joined by a shimenawa rope. They form the most magical backdrop for an otherworldly proposal.

Or, trade a natural landscape for a more man-made one with the ultimate modern proposal in front of the Tokyo Tower. Tokyo's version of the Eiffel Tower lets guests go all the way to the top to view the incredible city below. As long as your significant other isn't afraid of heights, it can be a magnificent place to ask for her hand in marriage!

Tips for a Destination Proposal

If you're thinking of a destination proposal, you should consider the fact that you'll need to travel with the engagement ring. In most cases, this means taking a few extra precautionary steps.

Ring insurance. It's a good idea to secure coverage for your engagement ring. In the unfortunate event that the jewelry is stolen, an insurance policy will mean you're still protected.

Don't wait. Instead of saving your proposal for the last day, consider proposing early. You won't have to stress for days about keeping the ring safe and can enjoy your trip with your beloved.

Stay calm. Don't draw attention to yourself while traveling or proposing. If you're acting suspiciously and stressed, it may make you a target for theft.

Keep discreet. There's no reason to tell the front desk host about your proposal plans. Don't overshare on social media either, as your geotagged location can make you and the engagement ring easy to find.

As long as you take the right steps and choose your proposal destination wisely, your biggest concern will be whether or not she'll say yes and not the safety of the ring.


Which is the most romantic spot in the Maldives for a proposal?

There are many romantic places in the Maldives to propose, many of them being resorts. One of the most romantic is Baros Resort.

Where in Japan can I propose?

Japan boasts many proposal locations, such as the Wedded Rocks, the Tokyo Tower, Lake Mashu, and the Seven Waterfalls of Kawazu.

Is Thailand a good place for a destination proposal?

Thailand is an excellent spot for adventurous couples. The hustle and bustle can be a lot, so make sure you plan ahead when it comes to the perfect venue.

Which are the top 3 places in Dubai for a proposal?

The top three Dubai proposal locations are The Burj Khalifa, The Desert Conservation Reserve, and the Dubai Miracle Garden.