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A Splendid Santorini Proposal: Benjamin & Julia

Santorini proposal: oval solitaire diamond engagement ring

Another photoshoot surprise proposal! Except this one takes place in Europe. Specifically in Santorini, Greece. In a picturesque coastal town called Oia. If you have seen photos of Santorini, expect to see many pictures from this charming village, with its traditional Cycladic houses and cave houses. Read more about this special #MyWithClarityStory Santorini proposal below.


This couple was together about 6 years before Benjamin proposed. Benjamin told us that Julia has always wanted to get married. Moreover, he has always wanted to surprise her.

So why Greece? Benjamin says they planned a trip to Greece together and it's also the country where his great grandfather is from. With only three weeks before their Europe trip, Benjamin decided to take this opportunity to also propose to the love of his life.

Thankfully, he knew what she liked and was scavenging the interwebs for his ideal diamond and ring. The scary part of his engagement ring purchasing journey was never seeing the diamond in person and seeing that the ring would not arrive until after their departure.

However he "took a leap of took a leap of faith and placed the order anyway." We remember when Benjamin made a call to our service team explaining his situation, and we were more than happy to get the job done asap. Benjamin said our ring "came out beautifully" and he was even able to show his parents the ring before leaving.

How the Santorini Proposal Happened

After traveling to other beautiful spots in Greece, they unpacked at a hotel in Oia, Santorini. Their morning started quite normally, except this time they had another perspective of the stunning Aegean sea and mountainous view. After they admired the view for a brief moment, they went to do their photoshoot, scheduled by Benjamin.

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The Engagement Ring

Benjamin and Julia's Santorini proposal featured our Micropave Diamond Engagement Ring, with a 1.90 carat oval diamond. Julia's engagement ring style does a good job of minimizing the appearance of metal by adding 0.14ct accent diamonds to the band. We usually recommend this style to those who enjoy a sparkling, yet simple engagement ring look.

The ring came out amazing and just how I envisioned it. More importantly, She loves the ring...and is constantly getting compliments (even from a jeweler)


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Photo Credit: Tasos