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The Most Unique Celebrity Engagement Rings

Unique Celebrity Engagement Rings

America has an undeniably strong pop culture that we can’t help but buy into. And when it comes to our favorite celebrities, engagement announcements are always one of the more exciting headlines. Beyond the excitement of the initial news, celebrity engagement rings never seem to let us down in terms of style, price, and size. From gemstone engagement rings to vintage engagement rings and everything in between, their taste and budget often result in impressive, unique designs we can’t help but adore.

To celebrate our love of celebrity engagement rings, we took the time to make a list of the most unique celebrity engagement rings of recent years. In this blog, we’ll discuss the best celebrity engagement rings, what makes them so unique and stunning, and how you can get your hands on similar, more affordable designs at With Clarity Jewelry.

Lily Collins

Credit: Lily Collins/Instagram

With a romantic vintage style and solitaire cut, Lily Collins’ engagement ring is a thing of beauty. The Emily in Paris star recently got engaged to writer-director Charlie McDowell while road-tripping in New Mexico, and she was more than happy to say yes to both the engagement and the ring. Featuring a large square 4-carat diamond with a bevel setting, the ring’s yellow gold band promotes an air of vintage, classic style. Ultimately, this solitaire engagement ring left fans in awe thanks to its simple yet elegant design.


With Clarity Alternative: If you love Lily Collin’s ring, then this classic solitaire beauty by With Clarity can serve as a great alternative. It features a gorgeous cushion-cut diamond and a sleek 14K gold band that widens as it reaches the center stone. You can also customize the metal as per your preference to ensure your bride-to-be is 100% happy with its design.

Emily Ratajkowski

Credit: Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

While unconventional, Ratajkowski was recently gifted a large pear and princess-cut diamond engagement ring years after marrying Sebastian Bear-Mcclard in 2018. The London-born model/actress was thrilled when she laid eyes on her new, custom-made ring. Interestingly enough, its gold band was shaped with a torch and hammer in Chinatown by an Israeli jeweler. In turn, this ring is definitely one-of-a-kind.


With Clarity Alternative: With Clarity’s three-stone engagement ring has all the impact of Ratajkowski’s ring at a fraction of the price. Available in 14K white, yellow, and rose gold, this ring’s three diamonds sit atop a lovely, thin band that narrows as it reaches the center, making the stones the real star of the show. With several stone cuts available, With Clarity’s alternative is as unique as you want it to be.

Katy Perry

Credit: Katy Perry/Instagram

There’s something undeniably romantic about ruby engagement rings. Not only are they unique but they also possess a deeply memorable and rich presence. Katy Perry announced her engagement to Orlando Bloom last year and was quick to share photos of her luxurious, deep red ruby engagement ring. Its center stone is a pink diamond and it is surrounded by white diamonds in a flower-like pattern to accentuate Perry’s bubbly personality. Set on a traditional, yellow gold band, her ring is both classic and distinctive much like the entertainer herself.


With Clarity Alternative: Now, while you may not have Orlando Bloom’s budget, With Clarity has you covered with our beautiful Milgrain Flower Halo Ruby ring. It features a unique, halo floral design with glistening diamond petals. At its heart, you’ll find a remarkable deep ruby center that boasts a romantic, vintage feeling that’s perfect for engagement. Finally, the halo floral stone design is set on a 14K gold band that’s customizable according to your metal preference.

Lady Gaga

Credit: Lady Gaga/Instagram

It goes without saying that Lady Gaga is cut from a different cloth. Her unique style and beauty are one-of-a-kind–and so is her engagement ring. Gaga got engaged just this year to well-known entrepreneur Michael Polansky. He surprised her with a 13-carat pink sapphire set on a platinum diamond halo, and let’s just say it’s jaw-dropping, to say the least. Said to symbolize romance and feminine elegance, Polansky felt this particular ring best suited Gaga.


With Clarity Alternative: If you love Gaga’s heart-shaped engagement ring and would like to find a look-alike at an affordable price, check out With Clarity’s Vintage Celtic Heart Engagement ring. Available in three shimmering stone shapes including round, cushion, and emerald, this ring features an elaborate design that stands out from the rest. For starters, the 14K gold band is embellished with dainty, inset hearts leading up to a sleek, Celtic knot design on either side of the diamond. At its center, you’ll discover a large, customizable diamond surrounded by four round, accent stones that tie it all together.

Julia Stiles

Credit: Julia Stiles/Instagram

Although less heard from in Hollywood these days, Julia Stiles’ love life is definitely active. In fact, she recently got engaged and then married camera assistant Preston Cook in 2017. Much like the actress, her ring boasts simple, effortless beauty in a traditional setting. Complete with a round, solitaire diamond on a rose gold band, while her ring is understated, it’s one of those timeless pieces that never go out of style. Sound like something you’d be interested in? With Clarity is happy to offer a much more affordable option with a similar design - the Milgrain Bezel Diamond Engagement ring.

Milgrain bezel diamond engagement ring

With Clarity Alternative: Featuring an 18K gold band, this ring is the ultimate choice if your bride-to-be loves to sparkle. It features a lovely center diamond that can be customized according to your shape preference. The main stone is surrounded by smaller, round, lustrous diamonds set in a unique, milgrain bezel design. With a total of ten bezels stretching along its band, it’s safe to say this ring will shimmer and shine for many years to come.

Choosing Your Engagement Ring

Ultimately, there are many different engagement ring styles from which to choose. Variety is not the problem. What’s important is that you choose a ring that best fits your tastes and style so you can enjoy it for years to come. While the best celebrity engagement rings can serve as an excellent source of inspiration, the ring you choose should be special to both the recipient and your relationship. Luckily, With Clarity makes it easy to both personalize and customize your engagement ring with confidence. If that’s not enough, we also provide free shipping, easy returns, free consultation with diamond experts, and a lifetime warranty.


  • What Type of Engagement Ring is Most Popular Among Celebrities?

As of 2022, both two-stone and oval engagement rings are some of the more popular engagement rings styles among celebrities. Otherwise, pear and emerald shaped diamonds are always in-demand.

  • How Many Carats are The Engagement Rings Worn by Most Celebrities?

While there are several styles that are particularly popular among celebrities, their carat preferences vary greatly. While Amy Adams and Michelle Obama sport 1-carat diamonds, celebs like Jennifer Garner and Beyonce went a much larger route at 4+ carats.

  • How Much Money Do Celebrities Spend on Their Engagement Ring?

According to a recent survey, some of the best celebrity engagement rings cost around $1.3 million.

  • What is The Worth of Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring?

Round diamonds continue to be the most popular Princess Diana’s famous engagement ring featuring a sapphire stone surrounded by 14 diamonds was once worth $36,000 but is priceless today.