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The Rose Gold Buying Guide

The Rose Gold Buying Guide

In the last five years, or so rose gold has taken over. From iPhones with a rosy tint to environmentally conscious reusable rose gold straws, rose gold has certainly become a bit of a household fixture. Despite its new mainstream status, there are still ways to capitalize on the chic subtlety of this precious metal. In fact, a rose gold solitaire engagement ring can be a tasteful statement and—when done properly—allows your diamond to shine like never before.

Your Rose Gold Checklist:

When shopping for a rose gold solitaire engagement ring, there are different nuances to consider than a more standard yellow versus white gold. For starters, you’ll want to ensure that your diamond grade is on the lower end of the color range. A near-colorless diamond works best, as your stone will receive some body color from the rose gold setting (more than white gold, but not quite as much as yellow gold). With something simple like a rose gold solitaire, it’s important to make every detail count. For not all rose gold is created equal! 14k rose gold has a more pronounced rosy tint, while 18k is subtler and potentially more suitable for daily wear—depending on her personality.

Setting: On a solitaire ring, your choice in the setting is especially important as the slightest variation (a four-prong vs. a six-prong) can dramatically change the overall look of the ring. With a rose gold solitaire ring, we also like a bezel setting to accentuate the single stone.

Cut: This should go without saying, but the diamond cut is not the place to compromise. The diamond is still the star of the show, and the setting and precious metal are only meant to accentuate and compliment. A solitaire puts extra pressure on a stone’s appearance, so be sure to opt for a GIA Triple Excellent diamond.

Some of Our Favorites:

engagement ring Sleek Cathedral Solitaire

Sleek Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

The sleek cathedral solitaire ring truly allows the diamond to shine. The cathedral-style head perfectly showcases the stone allowing for maximum sparkle. The 14k rose gold paired with a four prong setting makes this ring playfully conspicuous.

engagement ring Six Prong Cathedral Basket

Six Prong Cathedral Basket Engagement Ring

The sort of fancier older sister to our previous suggestion, this six prong cathedral basket ring features the same 14k rose gold as before, but with a subtle twist. The six prong and basket setting allow for optimal light interaction and maximize shine, while seamlessly securing the stone.

Trellis Princess Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This trellis princess solitaire ring is for those who want to make a bit more of a statement. The princess cut diamond remains the star, however, the band itself certainly has its individual charm. Together, the two create a gorgeous ring that is truly for your lover.

Lily Diamond Engagement Ring

Modernism is famous for its emphasis on nature and bringing the outdoors in, and this round lily engagement ring is a great example of that same attitude existing today. The lily setting is as functional as it is stylistic, as it blurs the lines of where the diamond ends and the setting begins. The result is a beautiful and unique ring with plenty of charm and is sure to be a conversation starter.

Open Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

Taking some styling cues from some of our other favorites, the open cathedral offers a four- prong cathedral setting which allows for plenty of light to illuminate the diamond and showcase its brilliance. The more substantial band also makes more of a statement, but the round solitaire brings it back down to earth—making this ring as perennial as your love.

Scroll Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This scroll solitaire ring is all about balance, as the statement that the band makes is not likely to outshine your diamond. While the simple solitaire may seem like a stark contrast to the band, the rose gold’s slight coloring of the diamond creates an undeniable sense of unity in this ring.

Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring

Simple does not always mean boring, and this round bezel solitaire ring is proof. The bezel setting and suspended diamond do all the talking in this mostly-minimalist ring. Understated and elegant, with a touch of vintage charm.

Diamond Basket Solitaire Engagement Ring

This ring is beautiful at first glance, but it isn’t until further inspection that you recognize the true sophistication of it. The diamond-studded basket perfectly accentuates the center stone, while the larger prongs create space for the accent diamonds to exist.

Classic Four Prong East- West Engagement Ring

Distinguished without being ostentatious, this east-west solitaire ring sets itself apart from the crowd while still retaining an understated elegance. If your love is unconventional, it only makes sense that your ring is too!

Petite Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

A classic silhouette with timeless appeal, the petite solitaire ring leverages its thinner band to put all the attention on the diamond. Due to the sheer simplicity of this ring, the cut of the diamond is especially crucial to bring it to life.