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The Secret Glamour of the Hidden Halo

The Secret Glamour of the Hidden Halo

For some, your engagement ring should be eye-catching from the first glance. It should sparkle, catch the light just right, and attract the attention of every set of eyes in the room. What about those who want a ring that’s more than initially meets the eye? Something that carries its intrigue discretely but rewards those that dare to take a closer look? For those kinds of engagement ring shoppers, there is the hidden halo. Choosing a hidden halo ring is like buying one engagement ring and getting a second for free! If you’ve already been captivated by the allure of the hidden halo, keep on reading to find out if it’s the perfect fit for you.

So What Is a Hidden Halo?

A hidden halo is a type of setting in which the center diamond rests just atop a halo of accessory diamonds. The result is a ring that wows when viewed from above but is also certain to leave a lasting impression when viewed from different angles. The hidden halo is the perfect ring for the bride-to-be who wants something understated but still loves some secret charm.

A Hidden Halo for Every Taste

Fortunately, hidden halo settings are offered in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Brides that want to keep things simple may opt for a solitaire with a hidden halo, while those looking to make a bigger statement might reach for a ring with pave diamonds. And for those hoping to turn the wow factor up another notch, we’ve even got hidden halos with their own hidden halo. Whatever your taste, there’s certainly no shortage of options—meaning you’re sure to find the hidden halo that matches your love story.

Color Is Key

Because diamonds tend to show more color when viewed from the side as opposed to the top, you’ll likely want to stay away from low color diamonds for your center stone. Opting for a higher color center diamond ensures that your center diamond won’t appear yellow next to the diamonds in your hidden halo when you’re showing it off, and the consistency in coloring across all your stones will add even more pop to your ring. Learn more about diamond colors here.

Some of our Favorites:


Crown Diamond Engagement Ring

A shining example of a hidden halo, this diamond engagement ring employs several sizes of accent diamonds to support the main diamond. As a result, this ring has a completely different look when viewed from different angles. Any side is its good side!


Pave Love Knot Diamond Engagement Ring

The love knot design offers a unique and structural twist on a standard silhouette, and the pave diamonds on the band guide the eyes toward the dazzling stone at the center. The hidden halo has two jobs in this instance, as it is not only a gorgeous detail but also appears to hold the entire ring together.


Contemporary Side Halo Diamond Ring

With several dimensions of diamonds, the contemporary side halo diamond ring is everything we love about hidden halo engagement rings with an ultramodern twist. The ring functions as one single unit and the disc-shaped setting offers a touch of space-age inspiration.

high setting engagement rings Diamond Basket Pave

Diamond Basket Pave Engagement Ring

While we praised our last entry for its solid setting, this ring’s strength is in the delicacy of the setting. The basket beneath the hidden halo also guarantees that your ring will shine from every angle, and the perfectly integrated micro-pave on the band makes it seem as though the pave diamonds gradually sink beneath the precious metal surface.

Three Stone Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

This structural masterpiece offers two hidden-in-plain-sight halos that complement but don’t distract from the meticulously crafted band carvings. While certainly not for every bride-to-be, this ring is perfect for someone who wants something unique and true to their story.

Underhalo Classic Diamond Engagement Ring

While much more simple than our previous favorite, this underhalo classic engagement ring is no-less striking. With .30 carats of pave set accent diamonds in the band and the hidden halo, this is a simple ring that loves to sparkle. The white gold band further contributes to the pure elegance of this ring, with the whole package being a timeless statement.

Oval Gallery Halo Diamond Ring

A sleek, structural underhalo peaks out from beneath the ovular center diamond—urging the viewer to take a closer look. The hidden halo, pave setting, and oval-shaped center stone come together and the result is a dazzling diamond engagement ring with multiple stories to tell and enough shine to last a lifetime.

engagement rings Diamond Basket Solitaire

Diamond Basket Solitaire Engagement Ring

Perhaps the best use of the word “hidden” on this list, the diamond basket on this engagement ring is imperceptible without viewing from a side angle. The clean band allows the pave basket to shine even brighter without ever taking the attention away from the gorgeous solitaire.