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Tips for a Winter Proposal

Winter Proposal Tips

Winter’s often thought of as a magical, romantic time of year, and many choose winter to propose because of the holidays and family gatherings. If you’re thinking about a winter proposal, we have several ideas to create an unforgettable moment.

Winter Proposal Ideas

Recreate a Winter Paradise:

If you’re not in the mood to travel then bring the winter paradise to your backyard.

  • Hang up fairy/string lights to create a romantic setting.
  • Light a bonfire and snuggle under a blanket.
  • Make a playlist of your significant other’s favorite songs.
  • Enjoy hot chocolate or a favorite cocktail along with favorite food items.
  • Arrange for hot chocolate and your partner’s favorite food items

Plan a Winter Getaway:

  • A weekend away requires some advanced planning. Winter months are the busy season for ski resorts and mountain towns. Book ahead of time and keep an eye on the weather. Traveling in snow can be stressful.
  • Perhaps plan a trip in the mountains at a cozy resort or a romantic cabin in one of your favorite places.
  • Hit the slopes, rent a snowmobile, or plan another wintertime adventure.
  • After playing in the snow, come back to your room to relax, sit by the fire and find the right moment to propose.

Carriage Ride:

  • Cities often have carriage rides, and they set a romantic scene perfect for a proposal.
  • Bring a cozy blanket, enjoy some hot chocolate, and snuggle in the carriage ride through town before you ask for your partner’s hand at the perfect moment.
  • Carriage ride proposals create fairytale-like photos.

Planning the Perfect Engagement Ring

Along with planning a memorable proposal moment, you’ll need to pick out a perfect engagement ring. Luckily, you can shop online for options, and even create a perfect custom ring. Here are some helpful considerations to keep in mind:

  • Observe your loved one’s personal style–do they wear simple jewelry or more extravagant pieces? Do they like a lot of sparkle or prefer a non-traditional look?
  • What types of metals do they wear most often? If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic option with a classic, sophisticated look, then platinum is an ideal choice. It’s perfect for men and women with sensitive skin, and it’s a durable, strong metal.
  • Browse preset and custom engagement ring options. Companies like withclarity.com allow you to create a custom ring. With Clarity expert designers and gemologists blend art, science and technology to bring you the perfect engagement ring. We take any sketch, image, or sample and bring it to life with 3D computer models, 3D printed wax renders, and our eco-friendly gold and platinum metals.
  • Consider a non-traditional, unique engagement ring. Moissanite and colorful gemstones such as ruby, sapphires, and tanzanite make spectacular center stones.
  • Figure out the right ring size–there are plenty of creative and not-so creative ways:
    • Measure another ring that fits the same finger: Take one of your other rings and compare it to the size chart below to find the approximate fit.
    • Use string or dental floss: Take a piece of string or floss and wrap it around your finger (but not too tight). Mark the place where the string or floss meets and measure against the With Clarity size guide to get the approximate size.
    • Head into a local jewelry store: Ring sizing is typically free, so there’s no need to feel pressure to buy anything. It’s very common to pop in, get your finger measured with a mandrel in-store, and then finish buying your engagement ring and/or wedding band online.
  • An engagement ring is a big purchase, so research the warranty, reputation of the company and the exchange/refund policy.

Helpful Hints

A proposal is a life-changing moment, so we compiled some hints to help.

  • Be prepared: If your proposal is outside and it’s cold, pack some extra winter gear. Make sure you both like being in the cold for an outdoor winter proposal. You want to both look stylish for the pictures!
  • Timing is everything: pick a good moment for both of you. Sometimes winter months can be stressful with family and work events as well as holiday celebrations. Picking a time earlier in the day will help your nerves.
  • Ask friends/family for help: They can help with the engagement ring, the proposal brainstorming and pulling off an unforgettable moment.
  • Make a plan for pictures: hire a photographer or ask a friend/family member to capture the moment.
  • Make sure you’re both on the same page: While it’s fun to have a surprise proposal, you don’t want that moment to be the first time marriage has been discussed in your relationship. Consider where each of you are in life in terms of age, career, life plan, mental health, stress-level, etc.


  • Is it ok to propose on Christmas? Christmas is a celebrated holiday where family members gather, and it is also an incredibly romantic time for a marriage proposal. The holiday has special religious and familial meaning for many.
  • Do I have to kneel to propose? Kneeling is a traditional way to propose, but you don’t have to if you picture the proposal another way.
  • Which is the best winter month to get engaged? December is the most popular winter month for proposals.

Do you put the ring on when you propose? Typically the person asking places the ring on once there’s a “yes.” It’s a symbol of their love and commitment.