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Our Top 5 Affordable Preset Engagement Rings

Our Top 5 Affordable Preset Engagement Rings

Becoming engaged is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s lives. When you are shopping for the perfect engagement ring that represents your eternal love for each other, finding a ring that’s just as affordable as it is beautiful is not always easy. To save you from a stressful search, we have gathered our top engagement ring buying tips and five affordable preset engagement rings that will delight any loved one and not break the bank.

How to find an affordable engagement ring?

Shopping for preset diamond engagement rings is a fantastic option for saving money and time. Instead of shopping for a loose diamond and ring setting, then paying to have them set by a jeweler, you can buy a preset diamond ring. At With Clarity, our preset rings are ready-to-ship in five Business days, meaning that they are proposal ready within days.

We offer four preset ring collections whose blend of classic and modern designs will enchant any bride-to-be:


Each preset engagement ring in the Aura collection features a romantic halo of diamonds that encircle the center stone, effortlessly making the center diamond appear larger. Pave diamonds adorn stylized bands, and enhance the ring’s sparkle without a hefty price tag.


Classic brides will adore the sleek elegance of the Lumina collection. Each ring offers unparalleled craftsmanship through gentle and twisting bands that lift the center diamond into the spotlight.


The Adorn collection takes a twist on the traditional halo as clusters of diamonds encase the center stone in rich detailing. From delicate milgrain, entwining bands, and open metalwork, each Adorn ring is brimming with graceful accents that are sure to captivate.


Inspired by Mother Nature’s beauty, the Flora collection is embodied by abstract petals, gentle buds, and woven vines. With details at every angle and vibrant diamonds, Flora engagement rings are overflowing with life.

What are the benefits of shopping for an affordable engagement ring online?

Shopping online for engagement rings comes with plenty of benefits:

  • Online jewelry stores have less overhead to pay compared to their brick-and-mortar counterparts. This means that their savings get passed onto you.
  • By shopping online in the comfort of your home, you can browse styles as long as necessary. You also get to avoid pressure from clerks trying to obtain a sale.
  • Online engagement ring sellers have a larger selection of ring styles, sizes, and prices than physical stores since they do not have limited storage.

What are the 4C’s?

Diamond Carat

Familiarizing yourself with the 4C grades of diamonds is essential to efficiently shop for an affordable arrangement ring. The easiest concept of the 4C’s to grasp is the carat weight, which describes how much a diamond weighs. It is too easy to get caught up with buying a large diamond and forgetting about the other C’s. Therefore, for an affordable and beautiful engagement ring, each grade needs to be balanced.

Diamond Color

The second C is the color grade, which indicates how much color a diamond has. The less color a diamond has, the higher the color grade. Due to rarity, colorless diamonds are always higher in demand. Additionally, diamond color can distract the eye, so colorless diamonds will appear to glimmer more than yellowish or brownish tinted diamonds.

Diamond Clarity

The third C is the clarity grade, which refers to the number of imperfections. Specifically, gemstone imperfections are dark marks or cloudy spots. A great choice for a stunning engagement ring within budget are "eye-clean diamonds," which only have microscopic flaws.

Diamond Cut

The most misunderstood C is cut grade, which has nothing to do with the shape of the diamond but defines how well it was cut. A well-cut diamond will allow light to best travel throughout the stone and create a mesmerizing sparkle, while poorly cut diamonds look dull and lifeless. Also, a poorly cut diamond can look smaller than a diamond of the same carat weight. With how drastically a diamond’s cut grade influences the stone’s appearance, cut grade plays a major factor in the price of a diamond.

All of our preset rings come with high quality and well-matched diamonds. Moreover, preset rings also come with a certificate to ensure clarity about the quality of the diamonds in your perfect ring.

How to save more on engagement rings: Diamond Shape & Alternatives

Diamond Shape

The shape of the diamond is another factor that needs to go into consideration when searching for an affordable ring because the shape of the diamond can affect the price of the ring. For example, round, pear, and oval shapes are typically more expensive because, during the cutting process, there is more wastage.

average diamond price chart: g color, VS2 for: round, princess, oval, emerald
See more shapes: Diamond Prices by Shape Chart

Diamond Alternatives

Furthermore, for those looking to save even more money, you can also consider purchasing diamond alternatives With Clarity offers. Whether it be a lab grown diamond or another gemstone such as moissanite, there are plenty of beautiful options that can fit any budget.

Our Top 5 Affordable Preset Engagement Rings

In order to narrow down your engagement ring search even further, explore our most popular affordable preset engagement rings.

preset ring Serendipity

Serendipity Diamond Ring

The Serendipity diamond ring is crafted to enchant wearers and lookers with its twisting split band and subtle accents. The three classic round diamonds that adorn the ring represent a couple’s past, present, and future together. The perfect design to celebrate an everlasting romance.

preset ring Revel

Revel Diamond Ring

Modern brides will be delighted with the Revel diamond ring’s sleek and multilayered design. The band is crafted with splits to create the appearance of several bands stacked together in one ready-to-wear ring. A brilliant round diamond sits at the center of the ring with two petite round diamond side stones for an extra touch of sophistication and glimmer.

Impresa Diamond Ring

The Impresa diamond ring is entirely crafted with delicate designs to be enjoyed at every angle. Milgrain bordered petals, circles, and ovals adorn the white gold band with charming diamonds encased inside for flashes of brilliance. At the center of the ring is a modern Princess cut diamond whose clean lines offer a brilliant contrast against the curves and gentle patterns on the band.

Allure Diamond Ring

For the bride who loves touches of whimsy, the graceful Allure diamond ring is a must. The shoulders of the band feature entwining ribbons that play with negative space. The centerpiece of the ring is a Princess cut diamond flanked by two stunning round diamonds on either side for seamless glamour.

Mira Diamond Ring

With the Mira diamond ring, it is easy to make a statement thanks to its bold presence and golden accents. Wearers will enjoy this ring’s thick band, which has a looping yellow gold design on each side for a pop of color. The center diamond is raised off the band to readily bask in the light, with an additional four round diamonds nestled beside the band to create depth.

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