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Asscher Cut Engagement Rings That Channel the Art Deco Movement

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The Royal Asscher Diamond Company, founded in 1854 by the Asscher family in the Netherlands, is responsible for the now-famous asscher diamond cut. This cut was invented in 1902 and is frequently used for diamond engagement rings today. Asscher cut engagement rings sport square-cut diamonds with many large step facets. Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are perfect for someone who loves bling and sparkle. This cut is ritzy without being gaudy. Like other popular engagement rings, asscher cuts may be incorporated into a halo ring design, or be combined with rose gold for a trendy look. Asscher cut solitaire engagement rings and asscher cut halo diamond rings are popular for their extraordinary shine and visual shape.

Asscher cut diamonds, with their unique blended shape, are at an all-time high demand, especially in engagement rings. Today’s brides want a ring that is as unique as she is, which makes the asscher cut diamond the natural choice for stylish, individual rings for the special woman in your life.

Asscher cut ring settings

Pave settings, like with the emerald and princess cut diamonds, are flattering for asscher cut diamonds. Pave settings accentuate the step-patterns in the facets, as well as the square-ish shape of the diamond. These particular settings allow for creative freedom with the metal work in the ring bands, and suit just about any gemstone shape combination.

Cathedral settings are elaborate, regal and exquisite. They suit the unique flair of asscher cut diamonds, because these settings offer a wide range of looks, from the simply elegant to the elegantly complex. Elevated cathedral settings allow more light to refract in the asscher cut diamonds, bringing more attention to the stone’s sparkle and reflection qualities.

Channel settings are another good choice for asscher cut diamond engagement rings. These settings do not rely on prongs, and therefore are great for letting in more light and bringing out more of the sparkle, similar to the cathedral settings. Channel settings also allow other shapes and cuts of diamonds to pair with the asscher cut diamond, because as a unique setting, they complement the uniqueness of the asscher cut, as well as other diamond and gemstone cuts, which helps create some amazing and unique custom-made engagement rings.

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Asscher cut vs princess cut

The princess cut diamond was discovered and created during the 1960’s. The asscher diamond, as previously mentioned, was created later, as a combination of the princess cut diamond and the emerald cut diamond. This unique combination creation makes the asscher and princess cut diamonds easily interchangeable. However, there are many defining features that make these two stones quite different from one another, as well.

The formation and cut of these two diamonds are fundamentally very different. Because both are unique to each stone, the facet shapes and patterns are also different. The facets of the asscher cut diamond are more linear, more similar to the emerald cut diamonds, than the princess cut diamonds.

Another major difference between the princess cut and asscher cut diamonds is their shine and brilliance factor. Despite their familial similarities, they each belong to different “cut” groups. The “step cuts,” to which the asscher cut diamonds belong, have a lower brilliance ratio than the “brilliant cut” group, to which the princes cut diamonds belong.

Asscher cut diamond price

Asscher cut diamonds of VS2 clarity quality tend to be less expensive than other cuts of diamonds, even the cuts from which this unique cut was derived. For an Asscher cut diamond that is about ¾, or .75 carats, the price range runs anywhere from $2,800-$3,200 per carat. For 2 carat asscher cut diamonds, the VS2 categorized stones could range between $15,000-$16,000 per carat. While the larger carats are, indeed, a bit pricier, the price range itself for the asscher cut diamond is narrower than many other diamond cuts, and starts with a lower amount than most of the others.

Diamond buying tips

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If you’re looking for a completely colorless diamond, be sure to thoroughly examine your asscher cut diamond before purchasing it. With all the deeply set cuts in the diamond, any hints of colors are more easily noticeable in bright light than they would be in other diamond cuts. While 100% colorless asscher diamonds exist, they are harder to detect with the naked eye, and may require the help of jewelry professionals to find.

Any flaws in the natural stone are more easily detected in the asscher cut diamonds, as well. Like the colorless diamonds, flawless asscher diamonds can also be found, but not without a good bit of research and shopping around on your part, as well as an in-depth discussion with a local jewelry retailer or jewel professional.

Asscher cut diamond wedding bands

With relationships to both the emerald cut diamond and the princess cut diamond, the asscher cut diamonds pair well with both shapes, as well as serves as a gorgeous solitaire for wedding bands. Since the asscher diamond has such a sophisticated appearance, it makes beautiful, vintage-looking rings, which are very popular choices for wedding bands and wedding ring sets for modern brides.

Asscher cut diamonds also work well in many ring settings, including pronged and cathedral, as we previously mentioned, solitaire, bezel and split-shank settings. Therefore, it’s easier to find the perfect engagement ring and wedding band with asscher cut diamonds.

All metal types look excellent with asscher cut diamonds, including rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum, as well as silvers and white gold, which are common choices for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Top Asscher engagement rings

Asscher diamonds have an architectural look that conjures the Art Deco era, but that doesn't mean you have to lean into this when choosing an engagement ring setting. Here are some of our top designs, some of which play up this vintage-style feels, others that go another direction entirely.

asscher cut engagement rings French cut pave diamond

French Cut Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring’s most prominent feature, its center stone, is accentuated by a classic style: French set diamonds on the band. With all its simplicity and classic charm, this ring does not sacrifice beauty, and contains enough diamonds to catch any woman’s eye. This ring is perfect for a woman with a love of both sparkle and elegance. This ring stands out from others by seamlessly combining simplicity and sparkle.

asscher cut engagement rings princess diamond

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

Similar to the french cut pave diamond engagement ring, this ring features accenting diamonds. These accents climb to the center stone, adding a unique movement to the ring. The shape and height of this ring will stand out on someone petite. Aptly named, this asscher engagement ring will suit a princess—someone classy and poised. The clean lines and smooth movement of this ring make it stand out among other choices.

asscher cut engagement rings princess accent diamond

Princess Accent Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring takes the time-tested design of the Princess Diamond Engagement Ring (above) and elevates it to a more complex design, making it perfect for a woman with an eye for detail. The center stone and two surrounding princess cut diamonds draw the eye first. The diamonds along the band give the ring a vintage look, tying it to more traditional styles. Tradition and detail are balanced in this design, making this ring unlike any other classic or modern style.

asscher cut engagement rings duet pave

Duet Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

A classic with a modern twist, this ring features a center asscher diamond, accentuated by two rows of smaller stones. The design is both aesthetically pleasing, as it is neatly symmetrical, and totally unique, unlike any other engagement ring design. This fresh design is perfect for a modern woman on a mission.

asscher cut engagement rings tapered cathedral

Tapered Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

The setting on this Asscher cut engagement ring lifts your central stone to the sky where it can catch the most light and sparkle to its full potential. But we also love the tiny details on this ring, like how the band tapers delicately as it approaches your Asscher diamond to subtly point attention to the star of the show.

asscher cut engagement rings infinity winding diamond

Infinity Winding Diamond Engagement Ring

A more complex band design draws the eye from the center asscher diamond, all the way around the band. The intertwined infinity band can symbolize the infinity of love, making this a perfect engagement ring for a woman who is sensitive, nostalgic, and nuanced. The complexity of design and the multitude of diamonds make this ring a standout from simpler rings.

asscher cut engagement rings graduated pave

Graduated Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

The center asscher stone in this diamond engagement ring is not the main focus of the ring, but rather a core piece in a carefully balanced design. This ring is a show-stopper, ideal for a confident woman with a love of bling. Floating diamonds ascend to the center stone flawlessly, and the contrast between the round and square cuts give this ring a distinctive look not found on any other asscher engagement ring.

asscher cut engagement rings three row diamond

Three Row Diamond Engagement Ring

Like something straight out of a roaring twenties wedding, this engagement ring boasts three rows of accent stones on either side of the center asscher cut stone. The thickness of gem-filled band stands off of the finger and catches the light. This engagement ring is perfect for someone extroverted and talkative—these diamonds speak almost as loudly as she does.

asscher cut engagement rings cathedral channel set

Cathedral Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

A refreshing return to an old favorite, this ring has only a few accent stones, making the center asscher stone the focus of the piece. The traditional cathedral style and the even, inlaid rows of diamonds make this ring perfect for a simple engagement and wedding, for a woman who exudes the maxim “simple yet elegant.” This ring has all the timelessness of a family heirloom with the advantage of being picked just for her.

asscher cut engagement rings twist diamond

Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

On this ring, a narrow band twists up to the center stone, giving it a unique movement and height. This ring is perfect for the Audrey Hepburn type, as it is small and unassuming while simultaneously being glitzy and attention-grabbing.