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Romantic Cushion Cut Engagement Rings for Every Type of Special Someone

woman holding coffee cup wearing cushion cut engagement ring

The cushion cut is a variation of the square cut with rounded corners. Cushion cuts look similar to pillow cuts, giving them their name. Though less brilliant than round diamonds, they have better fire, making them popular choices for diamond engagement rings. Cushion diamonds can be incorporated into classic or contemporary ring styles. The versatility of this diamond cut makes it a popular choice. Cushion engagement ring styles range from rose gold cushion cut engagement rings to halo engagement rings.

Top cushion cut engagement rings

With their rounded edges, cushion cut diamonds took what we loved about the princess cut and made it, well, a little more feminine and delicate. But these gorgeous and often romantic-feeling stones are just as arresting on their own in a solitaire as they are in a sleek, modern setting. Don't believe us? Just check out the different styles, all set with cushion diamonds, below.

cushion cut engagement rings grace solitaire

Grace Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This cushion cut engagement ring is a simple style with a modern finish. The single-diamond design in a solitaire setting is accented by the twisting detail of metal in the cathedral windows. This twisting design distinguishes this ring from other more typical solitaire styles. The balance of a simple finish and tiny details makes this ring perfect for someone elegant, with an eye for intricacy.

cushion cut engagement rings tapered halo

Tapered Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The ornate twisting band is the focus of this cushion cut engagement ring. The band, studded with accent diamonds, twists around the elevated center stone, creating a faux-halo look. The curve of the twist contrasts with the square cushion cut diamond, creating a balanced look. With one large center cushion diamond and many accent diamonds on the band, this design is ideal for someone who wants a simpler look with lots of gemstones.

cushion cut engagement rings plain shank halo diamond

Cushion Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This is a classic ring fit to become a family heirloom. A narrow, basic band lets all the focus rest on the center, where a cushion cut diamond is surrounded by a halo of accent diamonds. The halo makes the center stone appear larger, and the design overall is sparkly and glitzy, perfect for someone who loves to be a show-stopper.

cushion cut engagement rings twisting vine diamond

Twisting Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

The square cushion cut diamond is emphasized in this ring by the twisting, accented band leading the eye to it. The soft line of the twisted band offsets the center stone. Many accent diamonds on the band keep it from being boring, while the overall design is simple. This ring would suit someone contemporary and polished.

cushion cut engagement rings split shank squarish

Split Shank Squarish Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring has great dimensionality, but unlike other cushion cut halo engagement rings, the emphasis is not all on the center stone. The accented, split shank band adds complexity to the design, distinguishing it from other similar rings. This ring is a combination of a classic halo style and a fresh modern look, perfect for someone with a modern flair.

cushion cut engagement rings pave halo

Cushion Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Like other cushion cut halo engagement rings, this one uses the halo to accent the center stone. This ring also sports an additional layer of sparkle with its accent stones on the band. Fancy and sophisticated wrapped into one, this ring is perfect for a classy woman who loves a good party.

cushion cut engagement rings floating twist

Floating Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

Modern but not trendy, this ring upgrades the classic twisted band. The shape of the twist is more curved and contemporary, studded with round accent diamonds. These curves are balanced by the square shape of the cushion cut center stone. Combining shape and motion, this twist engagement ring is fun and beautiful, perfect for a woman who is cheerful and spunky.

cushion cut engagement rings braided halo diamond

Cushion Halo Braided Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

A central pear-shaped diamond gets a romantic boost from pave set diamonds in a sparkling halo, and a diamond-accented gold band. The look isn't just an elegant classic. We also love how the halo gives your central diamond, with its delicate point, protection so it stays as perfect as the day you propose for a lifetime.

cushion cut engagement rings cathedral halo

Cushion Cathedral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Slightly less assuming than other halo engagement rings, the smaller center cushion diamond is emphasized by the halo and accent stones on the band. The narrow band and the cathedral setting elevate the center stone without looking clunky. Sparkly yet simple, this ring is perfect for someone with simple and elegant aesthetic.