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Double Band Engagement Rings Make More Room for Accent Diamonds

woman's hand wearing double band engagement ring

Double bands on engagement rings just means the setting has two bands instead of one. They are connected, so even though some might appear like they are two separate rings, it’s still one ring.

Double band engagement rings come in many different styles, and they can be matched with many different stones. They can also come in rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold. They can also be platinum or any other type of metal. Here is the difference between each of these three types of gold double band engagement rings.

In its purest form, you will find that gold has a natural distinctive yellow color to it. However, this type of gold is too soft to be used in jewelry. This means that almost all gold used in jewelry is combined with other metals in order to create alloys. The gold will then take on a different hue according to what metal is used.

The most popular colors of gold are yellow, white, and rose, as mentioned above. Sometimes, gold alloys can also be bronze, or even red or lime.

  • Silver, copper, and zinc are most commonly added to gold. This is what makes yellow gold, which you will find many double band engagement rings in. This is the closest resemblance to pure gold. However, it is still quite soft and it can be scratched easier.

  • White gold combines gold with nickel, palladium, and silver. The finished product usually still has a slight yellow tint. This is why most gold jewelry is plated with rhodium. It’s common for people to mistake rhodium with the color of white gold.

  • Finally, rose gold is a mix of pure gold and copper. Rose gold also goes by names such as “pink gold” or “red gold.” The higher the content of copper in the mixture, the stronger the red color will appear.

Variations in double band engagement rings

As you know, double band engagement rings can come all different shades of gold. Some other variations include twisted and curved rings. The most common way that you will see double band engagement rings is definitely a smooth circular finish, similar to a single band, just a duplicate of it. However, every single ring is unique, and there are many rings that have twisted or curved bands. Some rings have both bands curved and twisted, while others have one straight circular band, and one twisted and curved.

This depends entirely on personal preference. The bands can also be plain and simple or set with pave diamonds. The diamonds can be on both bands, or just one. There is lots of room for customization that can be made with this type of engagement ring.

The double band engagement ring does not necessarily mean that the two bands go all the way across the entirety of the ring. Some rings will just have a double band on the front of the ring, and then they will connect into a single band on the back. Double Band Engagement Rings can feature any diamond cut. These include round diamonds, princess cut, oval diamonds, marquise diamonds, pear-shaped diamond, cushion cut diamond, emerald cut diamond, Asscher cut, radiant cut, heart-shaped diamonds, and more.

Popularity of double band engagement rings

Double band engagement rings aren’t the most popular or common choice out there for women, but this doesn't mean that they aren’t desired. Double band engagement rings are very appealing to women who want a more extravagant and unique ring. They are naturally larger than single band engagement rings and will take up more space on the finger, which many women prefer. Some of our most popular double band diamond rings can be found, for inspiration, below.

double band engagement rings floating split shank

Floating Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring contains a deep split shank that is covered with beautiful diamonds. They rise to an under bezel setting which holds and brings attention to the center diamond. It makes the ring appear as if the diamond is “floating,” hence the name.

double band engagement rings split shank trellis

Split Shank Trellis Diamond Engagement Ring

This is another split shank diamond band. It has diamonds going halfway across the band on both sides, bringing more sparkle to the ring. It connects with a trellis design.

double band engagement rings split shank halo

Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This split shank engagement ring is charming and it has a halo design. It highlights 0.28 carats of diamonds leading up to the elegant center stone.

double band engagement rings rising split shank halo

Rising Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring features an intricate and detailed halo design. It has an accompanying split shank that contains 0.43 carats of accent diamonds, stopping at the halfway mark on each side of the ring.

double band engagement rings marquise split shank halo

Marquise Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring features a marquise diamond cut. The pave diamonds split up the ring band as they rise to bring attention to a gorgeous diamond halo.

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