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Every bride dreams of a ring that sparkles -- and what ring sparkles brighter than a double halo diamond? Double-halo engagement rings feature two rings of smaller stones around the centerpiece diamond, calling even more attention to the shimmer and shine on your bride-to-be’s finger.

If you’re shopping for a double halo engagement ring, you’re in the right place. Here are the top double-halo engagement rings to make your future fiance’s dreams come true.

Is a double halo ring what I think it is?

It sure is: a double halo engagement ring features two rings of smaller diamonds encircling the first. Only, not all double halo engagement rings actually place the second halo around the first! Some have just one halo around the stone on top, and another halo hidden on the side of the ring. This can present some confusion for ring-shoppers, but don’t sweat it. Talk to a loved one of the bride to find out what style of double-halo she actually prefers!

The pros of a double halo engagement ring

Size isn’t everything, especially when it comes to an engagement ring. Ultimately, your engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment to the bride -- but of course, a larger carat never hurts! Each halo in a double halo engagement ring adds up to 0.5 carats to your center stone, meaning two halos could potentially make your diamond look a full carat larger.

For you, the ring-shopper, this could also mean cost savings on a larger-looking ring: smaller diamonds are much cheaper than larger diamonds, so even though two halos can make a 2-carat diamond look like a 3-carat diamond, you’ll pay significantly less for a double halo ring than for a solitaire with a 3-carat diamond at the center.

Not to mention, a double halo engagement ring grabs plenty of attention -- if you or the bride-to-be are into that sort of thing! Nothing sparkles quite like two rings of diamonds around a third, larger diamond. Your future fiance is guaranteed to love showing off this stunner of a ring!

Things to consider before committing to a double halo ring

As we mentioned previously, not all double halo rings include two rings around the center stone. Consider whether you want two rings around the center diamond or a smaller halo hidden along the side of the ring.

Color also matters. All accent diamonds are G-diamonds -- and your center stone needs to be close enough to the accent color to ensure there won’t be noticeable contrast. For the most sophisticated look, we wouldn’t advise going for a K-colored diamond with your G-colored diamonds. Stick as closely to G-colored diamonds as possible with your center stone, and your double-halo engagement ring is bound to impress.

Top double halo engagement rings:

engagement ring Sleek Cathedral Solitaire

Double Halo Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

This double halo cathedral diamond engagement ring gracefully flashes 0.63 carats of diamonds, with pave setting along the sides. Customize your perfect cathedral diamond in round-cut or cushion-cut, then choose your favorite metal. We recommend sleek, sophisticated 14K white gold to complement the color of your accent diamonds!.

engagement ring Six Prong Cathedral Basket

Double Floating Halo Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

Give your center diamond a full look with a split shank and double-halo setting, including 0.71 carats of accent diamonds. This round-cut diamond engagement ring glitters on even the daintiest of hands. Choose a metal to complement the gorgeous color of your accent diamonds: from modern rose gold to extravagant platinum, we’ve got shades to suit every bride.

Contemporary Side Halo Engagement Ring

Looking for a hidden halo of diamonds along the side? This contemporary side halo engagement ring features a vintage, elegant prong and channel bezel set halo design, surrounding a round-cut center diamond, for a grand total of 0.23 carats. We used a pave setting to add even more sparkle to this already-stunning double halo engagement ring!

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